Aspero Classic 2.0 Review

After getting off to a solid start with the original Classic, German brand Aspero are revisiting the template with the new Classic 2.0 – a revamped edition of their flagship boot.

Launching at the start of the year, the Aspero Classic 2.0 has been met with a warm reception by boot fans, with the limited release numbers put on the German market snapped up suitably quickly.

But will the Classic 2.0' improve on it’s predecessor, or will it make the same mistakes?

Comfort & Fit – 4/5

Aspero Classic 2.0 Review - suede heel

As we mentioned when we gave our first-impressions of the' Classic 2.0, the super-soft nappa leather of the original classic seems to have been roughed up a little, giving it more ' the feel of a classic leather football boot.

That’s not to say the boot is any more difficult to break in, though; the more flexible soleplate and 3D Air Mesh that line the entire inner of the boot still ensure an easy break-in.

Worth noting, however, are some minor ‘hot spots’ on the heel; the new suede patch on the heel tab is stitched on either side, meaning it can rub depending on the shape of your foot.

Feel & Touch – 5/5

Aspero Classic 2.0 Review - tongue

The shape of the Aspero Classic 2.0' is one of our absolute favourite things about the boot. The low-profile toe and wraparound forefoot give a wonderful ‘wedge’ to get your foot around the ball.

Rather than focusing on a particular part of the foot to shoot with like a power boot, the uninterrupted front vamp invites you to make contact with the ball in any variety of ways; whether deft outside-of-the-boot flicks or cushioning the ball from height.

The firmer, more frictional leather also works well with the patches of textured ‘Touch Control’ material across the boot also make for an assured touch and ball feel.

Looks – 3/5

Aspero Classic 2.0 Review - FG

Aspero have taken on board the criticism of the ‘busy’ upper from the last incarnation and pared back the design on the Classic 2.0.

The colour palette of white, orange and grey very much remains, but the lighter colours dominate this time out, for a more minimalist slant.

Maintenance – 2/5

Aspero Classic 2.0 Review - Airmesh lining

Probably the one area in which we feel Aspero have made a backwards step on the 2.0 is how easy it is to look after your boots.

The more natural feeling leather intrinsically allows more dirt in, making the boots lose their white lustre much quicker than their predecessors.

And whilst the laquer on the Nappa leather has been toughened up to resist abrasion, the touch control texture does seem to need a stronger adhesive, as it begins to fray after a prolonged use.

Performance – 4/5

Aspero Classic 2.0 Review - soleplate

After issues with the stiff soleplate of the original Classic, Aspero have gone to great lengths to ensure they don’t repeat the same mistake on the 2.0.

The soleplate, whilst still not as flexible as some of the other boots on the market, now has more of a modern feel thanks to channels under the forefoot that allow the boot to bend with the foot more.

And whilst being some 60g+ lighter than it’s predecessor, the Aspero Classic 2.0' manages to retain all the positives of the NeoKick technology that keeps the boot perfectly shaped to make passes and crosses.

Value – 3/5

Aspero Classic 2.0 Review - heel detail

The is more of an estimative score as the Aspero Classic only has a German price at the time of writing.

At 179, the Aspero Classic is around 40 more than a Copa Mundial and 10 cheaper than the Mercurial Vapor VIII, which ” to us ” seems pretty pricey.

But as our German readers will most likely tell you, boots are expensive business in their corner of the world, so until there's a UK price, we're playing it safe with a middle-of-the-road 3/5.

Overall – 19/30

Aspero Classic 2.0 Review - neokick

Whilst the numerical score might only suggest a slight improvement from the Classic to the Classic 2.0, the truth is that the 2.0 is a much better boot, and a big step up for Aspero.

Taking their original template and shaving off grammes, changing the upper’s material and lining the boot – all without compromising on the NeoKick and Touch Control technology that are cornerstones of Aspero’s branding – is a big step forward for any brand, let alone a relative newcomer.

Fans of the original Classic will likely be delighted with the changes rung in by Aspero on the 2.0, whilst newcomers will find a boot that’s unlike just about anything on the market at the moment.

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