Asics are a brand that have been relatively overshadowed in recent years, despite making some of the highest quality footwear on the running and athletics market.

Still, some football players are dedicated to their brand, such as Inter Milan’s David Suazo (not to mention several others in Serie A) who have stuck with the Japanese brand over the past few seasons.

Their most recent creation is this – the Asics Lethal DS IT 3, shown here in White/Red/Black.

Asics say that this range of football boots is based around two very contrasting pillars of design, weight-reduction and player comfort.

Asics Lethal DS IT 3 Football Boots

Firstly the weight reduction – the Asics Lethal DS IT 3 cuts the weight by 35 grammes from it’s predecessor – the Asics Lethal DS IT 2. This drop in weight has come from the introduction of one of Asics Running shoe technologies; the SoLyte polymer.

Whilst used in running shoes to enhance the strength through the middle of the foot, Asics have used it here to create the outsole under the heel of the boot, resulting in a drop in weight over previous models.

The SoLyte polymer also has the advantage of having more of a spring than the usual TPU you’d see in many outsoles. Asics claim that this added ‘spring’ in the step makes the Asics Lethal DS IT 3 one of the most comfortable on the market, based on the added support and compression of this section of the boot.

Asics Lethal DS IT 3 Football Boots

Another factor in the Asics Lethal DS IT 3‘s exceptional comfort is that the the heel is raised by around 10mm in comparison to traditional football boots. Which is an interesting statement, as many football boots on the market, not least the adidas F50 adiZero, pride themselves on having a wide, flat ‘footbed’.

Asics say that this raised heel, however, is the single best biomechanical poisition for the foot when playing sport, as it reduces the strain on the achilles tendon, calves and lower back muscles – which always sounds like a good thing to us!

As for the more traditional aspects of these football boots, they feature a super-soft Synthetic Leather upper, PolyUrethane Heel counter, and central lacing system for a tight fit across the forefoot – definitely all aspects of a classic boot.

The Asics Lethal DS IT 3 were only launched this month, but are already proving to be a big seller – and we have a feeling that this is do with the pricetag!

With an RRP of £80, the Asics Lethal DS IT 3 isn’t cheap – but it’s definitely got the edge over some of it’s competitors!

In fact, the only top-end football boots that offer such a competitive price tag are the Umbro GT Pro!

So, have you tried a pair of these sharp-looking football boots out? If so, what did you think?

Tell us with a comment below!

ASICS LETHAL DS IT 3 IN WHITE/RED/BLACK, 8.8 out of 10 based on 49 ratings

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  1. says: Aaron

    How can u give a 5/10 for technology when they had put a 10mm heel raise and used a special mid foot technology??????

    Also I’m sorry but these boots DONT have k-leAther in the forefoot the whole boot is made of synthetic leather.

    Di natale isn’t wearing the boots above he is wearing the asics lethal tigeror 3 it.

    These boots have a k-leather forefoot. I have two pairs of asics the asics lethal testimonial 2 it and japan release asics ds light genio. And I’m a fond lover of this brand but it seem asics Europe/uk could care less with the marketing of this boot due to your info.

    Who ever gave you some of this info should be sacked.

    Sorry for the rant but not alot of people know about this brand and the quality of there football boots but asics Europe/uk seem they don’t care

    1. says: Editor

      Hi Aaron thanks for the comment – you’re right on the De Natale spot, removed and updated!

      We don’t give the boot any ratings – it’s all user generated, so if you disagree, give it click!

  2. says: Aaron


    I’m not having a go with you guys as I’m a MASSIVE fan of this site!!

    I find it rather annoying how asics Europe Market there football/rugby boots range.

    A KEy example is the asics lethal tigeror 3 is only going to be sold in sg in uk but you can get the fg in japan and Italy.

    The quality and range of asics japan is out of this world!!!

    They have a boot called asics “C3” which is out of this world but we don’t get them and shipping over is expensive due to costoms.

    I didn’t realise that thanks.

    You guys should boot test the new “mizuno super sonic wave”

    striker kenwyne jones wears them.

    The technology in the boot is amazing.

    If you need someone to review them I’m up for offers lol

  3. says: zc

    Sorry, but Patty is right!

    These boots have me torn –
    They aren’t the best shape for kicking or ball control, but the technology in these boots, comfort, running performance/speed and weight of these boots is world class.

  4. says: hugo

    I like the look of the boot, but it would be better to have a K Leather top end version.

    Problem is these boots dont come with a massive marketing campaign, so many people think they are rubbish.

    I think its refreshing to see a review on a football boot that isn’t mainstream.

  5. says: Jed

    Whooah – an Asics boot on footy boots….

    Agree with @zc, great tech taken from the running side of their business, but the rest of the boot is somewhat bodged together.

  6. says: Splinter09

    I’m have to say I thought Asics was giving up on their Football Boots segment. Asics one of the best running shoes there is, way better than Nike and Adidas, so I sure if they put more effort on their Football Boots they could make some really nice ones, just like this new Asics Lethal DS IT 3.

    Just by looking at the Asics Lethal DS IT 3 I’m quite sure these boots are really comfortable just like the Asics running shoes. Keep those footbal boots coming Asics.

  7. says: sand_baller

    asics doesn’t particularly market its boots well as compared to the big hitters, but the reality is asics and mizuno make much better footwear than the garbage released by nike/adidas/puma. this is a classic example, perfect for harder ground and shorter grass. the tirgreor’s bladed stud system is better suited for longer grass or softer ground. just like the moriela vs wave have their respective uses. this boot is incredibly comfortable which in the long run is the most important thing whether you’re playing 90 minutes in a competitive match or countless hours of pickup. no gimmicks to add power or swerve, that’s all in your head. just comfort. if you can’t kick a ball wearing these then no boot will help you, period. i don’t really care if people shy away because they are unfamiliar, in the end that just means the prices will remain steadily below market as compared to releases from nike/adidas/puma that tend to go up every year. and the best part is the japanese sizing system, one that actually makes sense. 27.5 = 27.5 cm, not an arbitrary number that varies between brands. in the end, this is all my $0.02, please don’t buy it so the price stays low 😀

  8. says: SM

    the DS IT 3 is a good boot, only set back is the sole plate is rather too hard and rigid

    i’d to replace the insole with something much softer otherwise it’s really uncomfortable

    yeah, nothing beats the Genios and C3s from Japan

    spot on, Aaron!

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