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Asics, arguably one of the sleeping giants of the football boot industry, never seem to have the ability to surprise. Whilst always churning out new boots (usually with slightly befuddling names) you can sort of take one look at a single image and think ‘Yep, that sure is an Asics boot’.

So, imagine our genuine intrigue when their latest release – the Asics DS Light X-Fly – turned out to be a 175g speed boot.


Asics DS Light X-Fly - Black / Silver / Deep Blue

At just 10g heavier than the adiZero, the  Asics DS Light X-Fly is almost an exercise in fan-service – Asics have clearly listened to what people have been asking for from their football boots, and seemingly delivered a great design.

Starting with the uppers – that’s right, there’s more than one – Asics are offering two choices. The flagship synthetic is a microsynthetic leather, that’s designed to mould to the foot like a natural upper, whilst still being light and flexible.

Asics DS Light X-Fly - Yellow Flash / Deep Blue / Neon Orange

The result is a 175g boot that hugs the foot in the same way classic Asics boots have in the past, but competes with other modern speed boots in the weight stakes. It’s also a wallet-friendly $169.99 – around £105.

Asics DS Light X-Fly - Black / Lime / Deep Blue

There’s also a Asics DS Light X-Fly K variant which features an all K-Leather upper. Asics have long stood for excellence in K-Leather boots, so it’s great to see them flying the flag for the material whilst others are moving away from it.

Asics DS Light X-Fly - White / Silver / Deep Blue

At 205g, the Asics DS Light X-Fly K is a full ounce heavier than the synthetic model and carries a $209.99 (£130) pricetag – but the those in search of a full K-Leather speed boot will likely look past those factors.

Asics DS Light X-Fly - Black / Lime / Deep Blue - Instep

Both varieties of the Asics DS Light X-Fly share the same footbed and soleplate – the midsole is an industry-standard cushioned EVA for comfort.

The soleplate brings back the SoLyte Polymer construction of previous DS Light Models and strips it back to the bare minimum.

Asics DS Light X-Fly - Yellow Flash / Deep Blue / Neon Orange - Sole

Fans and pro players alike will likely love the all-conical stud design, whilst a mid-foot torsion bar reinforces the midfoot arch to prevent unnecessary energy loss.

The Asics DS Light X-Fly will launch in Black / Silver / Deep Blue and Flash Yellow / Deep Blue / Neon Orange, whilst the Asics DS Light X-Fly K is looking more reserved in White / Deep Blue / Lime and a strikingly familiar Black / Lime / Deep Blue.

What do you think to this release? Let us know in the comments!

ASICS DS LIGHT X-FLY, 9.3 out of 10 based on 45 ratings

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  1. says: c.f.

    interesting. though asics always has seemed like a cheap boot to me, 170g sounds pretty sweet. obviously doesnt have all the gimmicks of the adizero or mercurial, but its $170 so u cant go wrong lol.

  2. says: Paul

    Asics by no means makes a cheap product. I have tried almost every brand and Asics makes some of my favorite shoes that are quality build better than Adidas in my opinion.

    1. says: Paul

      The only reason they are sold cheaper is because they are not popular (they don’t spend much in marketing) so they are forced by the market to lower their prices to be able to sell.

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