Ashley Cole makes a 2% difference to Chelsea, Thierry Henry would be 10%

Today Ashley Cole’s book, My Defence, is 3,083th in the Amazon sales chart. We All Live in a Perry Groves World is 194th.

Perry GrovesIn the second part of the interview with Perry Groves, Perry tells us why he thinks his book We All Live in a Perry Groves World is outselling Ashley Cole’s and why Cole has fallen out of favour with the football fans.

Ashley Cole’s book has made him come across as self important and pompous. His attitude is “I’m more important than Arsenal, everyone owes me”.

“He should have more integrity in himself, but I blame the people around him. His agents will be in his ear hole, the silly bird (Cheryl Tweedy). His head wasn’t turned until the silly bird was involved”.

“You can bet your life that the agent and the bird were saying, you should be earning as much as Thierry Henry. They should have been saying, you’re a left back, he’s a centre forward, you don’t get paid as much as a centre forward. Why not? Because left backs are not as important as centre forwards in the team. Ashley Cole makes a 2% difference to Chelsea, Thierry Henry would make a 10% difference to Chelsea. That’s why Thierry gets the money he does”.

“When I was playing I would never talk about money with other players. And, if I went to George Graham and said I wanted more money, he’d say “Do you want medals or money?” He had a fair point!”

Perry’s straight talking interview will continue over the next few days, here on

The Perry Groves interview.

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  1. says: David 73

    I think you are right, Thierry Henry is far more valuable than Ashley Cole, if Cole kept quiet like Henry more people would like him.

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