Training with your team should be all about finding your limits and testing them with your team-mates, and a good session will probably leave you feeling knackered.

But what if a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity comes up after a gruelling session – could you dig deep to make the most of it?

Well, that’s what one Italian amateur team had to do when they were plucked from their humble training pitch to train at the home of Juventus.

Amateur outfit FC Terriore were picked to extend their regular morning’s training by Powerade, who were out to prove that just about anyone can find that extra mile-in-the-tank with their ‘You Have More Power Than You Think’ campaign.

Greeted by' Massimo Carrera, the FC Terriore boys were given an elite-level coaching session in Turin, and taught the importance of proper hydration as part of a workout (something that has already been proven as a key to improving concentration when taking penalties).

But to push them even further,'¬†Carrera introduces a few friends of his after the training session for a kickabout…

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