Keen football boot observers of the Bundesliga may have spotted an unusual boot being worn in the game between Cologne and Schalke at the weekend.

Schalke won the game 2 – 1 as they recorded their 3rd win of the season with Cologne’s new signing Lukas Podolski, formerly of Bayern Munich, netting his first goal for his hometown club by way of consolation.

However, what was far more interesting was the choice of footwear of Cologne’s Milivoje Novakovic.

all white superfly

Podolski (R) wears the F50i with Novakovic in his unique Superfly’s

The Slovenian international, has played recent international matches in both the Platinum / Red'  / White Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly and the Mercurial Vapor SL in Sport Red / Gold. Prior to that, he was in action for his club side in Reebok Sprintfit Lite Pro’s.

However this weekend, the man with obviously, the itchiest feet in German club football, was seen wearing what looked suspiciously like a pair of SG all-white Superfly’s.

Just why remains something of a mystery.

Nike has confirmed to Footy Boots that the all-white boots are not being manufactured and do not form any part of their planned roll out of the Superfly. Indeed, the next Superfly colourway, which is due out on 1st October, doesn’t have a hint of white in it whatsoever.

So it looks as if Novakovic is either a dab hand at unique boot production (unlikely) or is something of an expert with a bottle of Tipp-Ex.

You decide!

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  1. says: martincillo

    Lovell Soccer said: Comment 15 September, 2009 @ 8:46 am

    Isnt he the player that used to have Mercurial Vapor boots then paint a reebok logo on them!

    REALLY ???

  2. says: s

    What does everybody think of the new colorway is it your fave colourway yet ?if not what is ?will anybody be buying these?
    Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly FG – Orion Blue with Dark Obsidian

  3. says: Contracts

    1. FC Köln has a contract with the adidas subsidiary Reebok.

    Novakovic has to use “BLACKOUT”, “WHITEOUT”, “REDOUT” Vapors.

    He wore REDOUT SLs before.
    Nothing special.

    ZeRoberto wore ADIDASed Vapors before, where 3 stripes were placed on his Vapors.

    It happens all the time, when players don’t want to use the sponsors hardware.

  4. says: elliott


    hey iknwo what’s going on!… i know a few professional players and they told me that Nike has a few problems with the contracts of some players that were supposed be wearing superflys/vapors but these players still want to wear them thats why they are erasing the swooshs from the shoe////is not that hard to do i customize shoes and i worked on a pair of superflys and takes time but is possible tehre are bunch of players using the black volf without the swooshh too…

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