One of the most interesting football boots-transfer stories has been that of Sergio Aguero as he’s seemingly edged towards becoming an adidas player.

However, it seems that all that boot-switching has left the Argentine sidelined due to excessive blisters from his cleats, and now he’s looking to Puma to help his feet recover!

Aguero Football Boots switch

Mancini goes above and beyond the call of duty, lending Aguero his new Tiempos. Aww…

The Manchester City new-boy was apparently set for a role in the second half of the Community Shield match with rivals Manchester United, but a summer of chopping and changing his football boots has seemingly left the former Atletico man with a nasty set of blisters!

The pacey forward was spotted training for the Copa America with Argentina in adidas adiPure IV‘s, having previously been an advocate of the Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly III – causing much speculation about which brand he would start the 2011-12 season with.

But following his move to Manchester City, ‘Kun’ attempted to train for the Dublin Super Cup in Nike football boots once more. However, Aguero didn’t complete training after complaining of some nasty blisters whilst wearing the Superfly III – switching to a pair of the new Tiempo Legend IV’s for the remainder of the session.

Sergio Aguero Football Boots switch
Aguero warms up at Wembley in a mysterious pair of black-outs. We have no idea what they are at this point…

Aguero has since been spotted training mostly in standard trainers (Nike-branded ones, at that) instead of football boots while his feet recover from a bad run out.

The £38-million man’s lack of playing time at Wembley was apparently down to the poor condition of his feet as Roberto Mancini conceded to Eurosport that he would have only been capable of playing ‘a few minutes’ had he brought him on.

Interestingly, though, had Aguero been called into action (and he stuck with the same boots that he wore in the warm-up) he would have worn his third brand of the pre-season, as can exclusively lift the lid on the fact the Argentine warmed up in blacked-out Puma v1.11 SL football boots!

Kun Aguero Football Boots switch

…But there’s no mistaking that soleplate! Definitely Puma the new Puma v1.11 SL!

So, despite looking to have returned to Nike in training, it seems that Aguero is still trialling all sorts of different football boots in a quest to find some that won’t blister his poor footsies!

Now that Aguero has worn Nike, adidas and Puma in the last 2 months, which football boots would you recommend to him to help his feet?

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  1. says: Mastershake

    Ive always worn nike. Got the adizero. Love the boot but it gave me blisters on both heels and balls of my feet and i never ever had blisters in my life before. So my adizero just take up space in my closet now

    1. says: JpizzO

      agreed.  shelled out $80 for my leather Chameleon adizero and they will just be collecting dust.  Nike boots just fit.

  2. says: Bob

    Surely all you have to do to avoid blisters is pick a pair of boots that fit properly! Clearly it isn’t that simple! 

  3. says: Anonymous

    my recommendation? stay away from them speed boots

    wear something leather, soft, supple, with minimal bull and maximum comfort. like morelia, king, copa, maybe tiempo, or try out those adipure againi never buy those “the lighter the better” campaign… if he wanted lightness, there’s always morelia ultra light, adipure SL, or tiempo elite

  4. says: Michaelc

    Only little fanboys like mercurials and other similar synthetic rubbish. The concept of plastic boots is stupid. Had he worn K-leather boots like players have been doing for decades with no problems then he would not have had that problem in the first place. Serves him right.

      1. says: Anonymous

        Guys…It said he was training in adiPures during the Copa America tournament…nothing mentioned about Copa Mundials.  However…they’re still great boots even 30years on…

  5. says: Fenomeno21

    nike ctr360 maestri elites are the best boots on the market, almost as light as a speed boot but with technology that actually works. 

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