Advertising Terms and Conditions

1. Acceptance of advertising is subject to space availability, upon receipt of payment and to decisions by as to the advertisement(s) suitability. does not accept advertising for pornographic or gambling-related sites, or for sites that exist to promote illegal activities. Advertising suitability is completely at the discetion of Advertiser’s Representations:

The advertiser warrants and represents to that:

(i) It has the right to publish the contents of specific advertisements and listings, without infringement of any rights of any third party including, without limitation, intellectual property rights;

(ii) It has complied with the codes of practice issued by the Advertising Standards Authority and any local authority applicable in respect of electronic and online advertising and all other relevant industry codes of practice;

(iii) it will be fully responsible for the terms (including, without limitation, product description, price and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations) of any contract for the sale of goods or services to customers who have seen the advertisement displayed by

The advertiser agrees to indemnify forthwith on demand and hold harmless against any and all expenses, damages and losses of any kind (including reasonable legal fees and costs) incurred by in connection with any claims, actual or threatened, of any kind (including, without limitation, breach of contract, any claim of trademark or copyright infringement, libel, defamation, breach of confidentiality, false or misleading advertising or sales practices) arising from the advertisement and/or any material of the advertiser to which users can link through the advertisement and any other contract entered into for the purchase of the advertised goods or services.

The advertiser will defend or settle at its own expense any action or other proceedings brought against, that relate to the advertisement and/or any material of the advertiser to which users can link through the advertisement. shall notify the advertiser promptly of any such claim and shall permit the advertiser to assume and control the defense of such action with Legal representation chosen by the advertiser (who shall be reasonably acceptable to and shall not enter into any settlement or compromise of any such claim without the advertiser’s prior written consent. The advertiser shall pay any and all proper costs, damages and expenses (including but not limited to reasonable legal fees and costs) awarded against or incurred by in any such action or proceedings.