Adnan Januzaj Contemplating Warrior Switch?

Adnan Januzaj - Warrior Switch

Manchester United rising star Adnan Januzaj looks like he could be contemplating a switch to Warrior football boots after being spotted trialling a white-out pair of cleats in training with the Belgian National Team.

Making full use of the international break, Jazuzaj has spent the last two training sessions with the Belgium Red Devils wearing a white-out version of what we believe to be the Superheat.

Identifying the mystery white-out boot did take a little bit of effort, but the micro-adjustment cutaway in the tongue and layered stripes up the side did offer up some evidence these were the Superheat, rather than a prototype from Januzaj’s current sponsor, Nike.

Adnan Januzaj - Warrior Switch - Detail

Signing the youngster would be a major coup for Warrior, with Januzaj tipped to become one of the world’s best in future seasons.

It’s well worth noting that Warrior do have some roots already bedded into the Belgium camp, with fellow Manchester United player Maraouane Fellaini and National Team captain Vincent Kompany two of Warrior’s earlier captures.

Does this mean [twitterShare]Januzaj is a lock to wear Warrior football boots[/twitterShare] from now on?

Adnan Januzaj - Warrior Switch - Front

Not necessarily. Warrior have previously set their sights on Santi Cazorla, Samir Nasri and Alvaro Negrado – but have been foiled for a number of reasons.

And as a Nike athlete currently, Januzaj will likely be on a similar ‘first refusal’ deal to the one Mesut Ozil had before he became an adidas athlete – meaning the Swoosh will probably have the right to match any deal put on the table by Warrior before allowing Januzaj to move on.

Do you think [facebookShare]Adnan Januzaj will soon be wearing Warrior football boots[/facebookShare]?

Or does he have too much potential for Nike to let him leave?

Let us know in the comments!

Special thanks to DDChile for the spot.

Images via the Belgian Red Devils Facebook Page

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