adidas has spoiled us rotten with new colourways for all their football boots over these past few days, with the adiZero & adiZero Prime in particular getting plenty of attention. But it seems adidas still had one trick left up their sleeves in the form of the adiZero Prime Electricity/Infrared/Adonised Purple!

adiZero Prime Electricity/Infrared/Adonised Purple exclusive to Lionel Messi
The new adiZero Prime Electricity/Infrared/Adonised Purple exclusive to Lionel Messi (click for a bigger version)

And what a surprise it is! Easily challenging the newly released Anodised Purple adiZeros for the title of ‘Boldest football boots 2011′, the adiZero Prime Electricity/Infrared/Adonised Purple pulls no punches in the visual department!

Essentially using the same colour palette as the aforementioned Anodised Purple adiZero we revealed here on yesterday, the adiZero Prime Electricity/Infrared/Adonised Purple changes it up and has the neon-yellow Electricity as the main colour on the upper.

Perhaps due to the smooth adiLite Twin upper, we reckon that the Electricity on these football boots looks a lot brighter than it ever did on the Predator_X released in December – and coupled with the purple and infrared, these are a pair of boots that are going to stand out on the pitch!

As far as we know, Lionel Messi is going to have exclusive wearing rights to the adiZero Prime Electricity/Infrared/Adonised Purple in La Liga, with the rest of the adidas stable of players wearing the mainly Adonised purple version.

From what we hear from adidas, though, it shouldn’t be too long before we can expect to see the Argentine receive his own ‘signature’ football boots, as Nike have provided Cristiano Ronaldo recently.

Expect to see the adiZero Prime Electricity/Infrared/Adonised Purple launch alongside the rest of this recent barrage of adiZero colourways on June 1st 2011, with Pre-Orders starting later this month.

What do you think to this incredibly bold football boots?

Are they the sort of thing you would want to wear? Or maybe you’d expect Messi to stick to the Warning Orange adiZeros that have seen him perform so well this year?

Who knows, maybe he’ll take these off and kiss them if he scores in the Champions League final!

Let us know in the comments!


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  1. says: Fuzzy

    BOOOM this is the knockout punch after the flurry that rocked Nike over the past 24 hours. Be Fast, Be Seen? Adidas just took out a lumious you-know-what are pee’d all over that bonfire…..

  2. says: Jesus was a Gunner

    Adias are going mental, but have all these new releases been worth it… I only like the black ones

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