Thought you knew all there was to know about the new adiZero Prime? Think again!

This neat little video puts us face-to-face with Adrien Noirhomme, one of adidas Football’s design team, as he walks us through the what it takes to make the adiZero Prime the lightest football boots in the world to date.

Whilst full of interesting tid-bits about the functions of adidas’ latest football boots, one of the greatest things about this video is seeing the way Noirhomme takes the adiZero Prime to pieces – literally!

The designer twists and flexes the upper to demonstrate it’s range of movement, folds the sockliner and bends the soleplate almost to breaking point, giving you a great understanding of how the adiZero Prime is put together.

The whole film is spliced with footage of Messi twisting and turning his way through a match in his new football boots (which he’s yet to wear competitively) so the 3-minute-long video never gets boring, and is definitely required viewing for any self-confessed boot-geek!

Now that the adiZero Prime has hit retail, we’re looking forward to seeing how many people pick a pair up, or whether the hefty £210 price tag is going to put people off.

Do you know anyone that has picked up a pair already? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. says: Johnny

    I still don’t think the primes are worth it because of the weight difference between the primes and regular adizeros. Most known athletes are sticking withthe regular adizeros so it seems players aren’t comfortable with so much weight reduction and opt for the leather. Anyone think the primes are worth the $300 price tag?

  2. says: OnlyFootball

    So essentially he didn’t actually design anything, he just changed the materials from the original adiZero and added a few silly graphics.

  3. says: zpucks

    PLastic is plastic….is plastic, as plastic is. It will never compare to Kangaroo Leather. Ask messi why he doesn’t like to wear these plastic shoes and instead opts for the adizero leather. Like it was said in the video, these shoes are for the “bad boys” who want to “stand out on the field”…in other words those fellas who spend the whole game throwing bycycle kicks after bycycle kicks lookin ridiculous all the while hopin their shoes make the difference for them. Football is worked for with sweat and tears not bought in a plastic boot!!

  4. says: Fifinho5

    A feature I really like is the TPU band as it is designed to help prolong the life of the boot. Having had many boots wear out and break around this area in the past, it’s nice to see adidas try and address this issue, particular with a “speed boot” which would not normally be associated with such a quality.

  5. says: perrygroves

    I agree with most on this, fair play the Adizero have proved to be one of the best boots around but in essence all they have done for the Prime is change the material and laces. The Sprint Frame, Traxion studs, TPU bands etc are all from the original Adizero.

    To add to this (as many people have pointed out) the Primes have only been taken up by a few with most sticking to their leather versions.

    I will say this though they briliantly durable boots and can take a battering, my synthetics have lasted well so far this season.

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