We’ve all been ogling pictures and admiring videos of them for over 6 weeks now, but today marks the day the adiZero Prime finally hits retail – and adidas have shared with us their brand new ads to mark the occasion.

The headline ad stars Lionel Messi and spearheads adidas’ campaign for the adiZero Prime – filmed around the motto ‘All Light. All Fast.’, this advert follows Messi from the changing room onto the pitch for a match against Spain.

The Argentina international starts his pre-match preparations by playing keepie-uppie with his new football boots, before the pace really ramps up on the pitch.

In a similar style to the new Nike ad with Andres Iniesta and the CTR360 II, adidas have utilised all sorts of camera wizardry to really put the viewer on the pitch with Messi – at some points you actually feel like you’re hitching a ride on the side of the Argentine maestro’s adiZero Prime!

Ending with a climactic ‘WHAT THE…!?’ from a watching commentator, the one thing that really strikes us about this ad is just how great that Warning colourway looks on camera.

We’ve seen it on the pitch for a few weeks now, but even with a hyperactive camera like this leaping from shot-to-shot, you never loose sight of the adidas’ new bright orange football boots!

Next up is the ad for the new style of the Regular F50 starring Arsenal’s in-form French midfielder Samir Nasri.

Again starting in the pre-match changing room, Nasri stands ready in his adidas TechFit gear (Naturally, seeing as Nike now sponsor Arsenal AND France…), before his new leather adiZero literally come flying through the door.

Lacing them up, Nasri then stands tall before disappearing out of shot in a blaze of light.

Obviously a little more low-key than the massively-budgeted, Prime-Time Messi advert, it’s still a great little viral for adidas’ latest football boots.

Perhaps even more interesting than the ad itself, though, is this behind the scenes look at the making of Nasri’s adiZero advert.

Following adidas Football’s production team to London, the ‘Making of…’ featurette reveals where the spot was shot, how some of the cool camera tricks are done and…erm…just how much hair product and make-up it takes to keep Samir looking pretty for the camera on a day’s shoot!!

Who says all the ‘machismo’ has gone out of football, eh?

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