adidas have teamed up with computer hardware giants Intel to provide a new interactive shopping experience in their retail stores, but accidentally let on more than they probably wanted to by letting some new colourways onto the demonstration stand at an expo last week.

new adiZero Prime football boots leaked

If there’s one place on Earth you think you’d be safe from’s expert team of football boots-spotters, you’d think it would be the 2011 National Retail Federation’s conference in New York (obviously). But apparently not!

Whilst demonstrating the (admittedly cool) virtual footwear wall – A cluster of giant touchscreen monitors that recognise you as male or female and allow you to access colourways, info, adverts and even tweets about the boot you’re about to buy – something else caught our eye!

new adiZero Prime football boots leaked

Lurking off in the top right of the screen are a pair of White/Cyan/Radiant Pink adiZero football boots, though we can see by the soleplate they’re not the adiZero Prime.

Long-time readers of will recognise these as the same colourway we spotted Chinese ‘keeper Shichang Zhang in back in November, so we know they’ve been on the horizon for a while – and it looks likely that they will be the next colourway that we see the adiZero & adiZero Prime in.

Whilst there were no other physical new boots on the stand, the virtual footwear wall was displaying a few pairs of football boots we’ve not seen before.

new adiZero Prime football boots leaked

The first we noticed was the new-style F10 turf in the original adiZero’s White/Black/Radiant Pink colourway – which certainly looks pretty smart, but we doubt that adidas would repeat a colourway so soon after the release of the original.

Our next best guess would be that these are a mi adidas creation, but as of this morning, the new adiZero upper is yet to land on adidas’ boot creation service. Curious!


Further down the wall was Blue Predator (again in an astroturf soleplate) and a White/Black/Pink Predator with bold Pink studs. Again, our first instinct was that these football boots were the product of mi adidas – but there’s no option to change the colour of FG Studs, and there’s no blue available for the Predator_X as bold as this particular blue.

What do you think of these potential new colourways?

Are they the real deal or mock-ups made for the trade show? Or could they be women’s colourways?

Let us know what you think in the comments!

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  1. says: Adam

    That better not be a black/white/gold Adipure next to the ipad in the last photo. I only just got my miadidas Adipures in that colour 😐

  2. says: BiyiAdetunji

    has anyone noticed that most (seriously, almost all) pros in the big leagues including lionel messi and david villa have opted to wear the adizero’s instead of the primes (although my guess is because the prime doesnt offer a leather option)

    and lets be honest, when it comes to what boots we decide to get as consumers, they players that are wearing the boot do come in into play, even if its just in the slightest.

    so if the players arent splashing out to buy the primes and are buying the adizero’s instead, why should we? and im sure the sales of the adizero II would have been fine without the release of the prime.

  3. says: kyle

    Agreed, all the big adiZero names; Messi, Robben, Villa refuse to go with anything but leather.

    In other words, they refuse to compromise on materials – if they see the new adiTwin Lite as a compromise on their game then it sends out a very wrong message to people like us.

    I’ll stick with my Leather adiZero I’s for the time being I reckon – and thanks to the launch of the Primes I can probably buy a second pair really cheap!

  4. says: perrygroves

    Exactly Kyle I made the same point to a couple of friends. While no one can deny that the Primes are right now the pinnacle in lightweight boot design (145g is remarkable) the pros clearly prefer the leather over the adiLITE material. Does anyone think that Adidas have created the Prime to show that they just can and win back the lightest boot crown from Puma, Dassler brothers rivilary anyone?!

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