With many professionals and average Joes alike opting for the ‘standard’ adiZero over the new adiZero Prime, we thought it’s definitely worth looking at what adidas’ second lightest football boots bring to the table with this new colourway update.

adidas F50 adiZero Football Boots

Having already seen Emmanual Adebayor play in the leather version of these adiZeros last weekend, we think it’s a safe bet that many professionals will continue wearing the leather version of adidas’ speed-football boots, rather than ‘upgrading’ to the adiZero Prime.

The likes of Messi, Villa, David Silva and Jermaine Defoe have all been opting for the touch of leather adiZero as we’re still firmly in Winter across Europe, so we can see many players will remain unconverted by the Primes.

As for the looks of these football boots – dare we say it – we think they’re actually a little bit nicer than the Prime!

adidas F50 adiZero Football Boots

The lack of the cyan lateral TPU support band around the sole that the Prime has leaves the regular adiZero with more white on the upper, giving the boot a much cleaner, crisper feel.

Also, we mentioned on our overview of the adiZero Prime that the yellow studs were something of a turn-off, so it’s great to see them here with a much neater-looking all pink stud configuration.

So, now we’ve seen all three versions of the new adiZero, which one is your favourite?

Leather, Synthetic or Prime?

Let us know in the comments section!

ADIZERO – WHITE/RADIANT PINK/CYAN, 8.4 out of 10 based on 26 ratings

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