adidas are revolutionising the concept of lightweight football boots at the moment, with boots like the adiZero Prime. It looks like they’re going no-holds barred, though, by bringing their heritage line down in weight too – introducing the adiPure SL!

adidas adiPure SL Football boots

adidas’ adiPure range has long been defined by it’s exceptional touch, fit and feel for the ball – now adidas are looking to redefine players expectations of the adiPure lineage with the release of the adiPure SL.

Combining the ultra-soft K-Leather upper of the adiPure IV with the soleplate and last of the adiZero, the'  adiPure SL is what many players would define as their ‘dream football boots‘.

adidas have clearly seen the sky-rocketing sales of the adiZero and seen the demand players have for lightweight football boots, and are now looking to bring their legendary SprintFrame technology to their other silos – with the adiPure being the first of their boots to get the weight reduction treatment.

adidas adiPure SL Football boots

How much weight has been knocked off? Well, the new'  adiPure SL weighs in at only 200g – which not only beats the likes of the new King Finale and Tiempo Legend by a considerable margin – it actually beats the Mercurial Vapor and Umbro GT Pro, too!

For a boot with a K-leather upper and cushioned sockliner, you’ve got to admit that that is seriously impressive – whether you’re an adidas fan or not!

So, how have adidas done it?

Well, as mentioned earlier – the main source of the drop in weight is the incorporation of the SprintFrame TPU sole and the adiZero’s ‘last’.

adidas adiPure SL Football boots

This means that, like the adiZero, the adiPure SL is based on a wide, flat foot-bed, that brings the player’s foot closer to the floor for exceptional traction and weight distribution.

The'  adiPure SL is certainly going to be an unconventional'  pair of football boots. For starters, to our knowledge, no players are signed on to be ‘official’ ambassadors for the adiPure SL, as they will be a limited edition release (at least at the moment) – so any players you see on the pitch in them are doing so completely out of choice (always a good endorsement!).

adidas adiPure SL Football boots

As it stands at the moment, the'  adiPure SL will only be available in an FG soleplate in the Black/White/Metallic Gold colourway you see in the photos (though has seen a classy white version – keep your eyes peeled!)

The'  adiPure SL are available for pre-order at selected retailers as of today, and will hit full retail release on the 1st of April 2011.

We can also reveal that these awesome football boots will cost £175/$250 upon release and will include a cleaning kit and presentation bot with additional adiPure SL-branded goodies.

adidas adiPure SL Football boots

We can’t wait to see what you make of this latest adidas release – so make sure you use the Boot-o-Meter and comments to get your opinion heard!

ADIDAS ADIPURE SL, 9.2 out of 10 based on 121 ratings

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  1. says: Clayton

    These are very impressive! I wish they weren’t so expensive, though. I can understand the “dream boots” idea though. The ultimate upper material paired with a super lightweight chassis is pretty amazing. I would really favor these over the “leather” versions of the adizero, as those are only partially leather.

    Makes me wish Adidas boots actually fit my feet well.

  2. says: Billy

    hey, does anyone know:

    Will the normal adipure IV’s fit narrower than the adipure SL’s?? I’m assuming the SL’s are wider since they are on the sprintframe sole….anyone know?

  3. says: kyle


    I believe that’s the case – I think the adiPure IV’s have quite a narrow last (they’re very snug) whereas the adiZero has that wider, flatter, roomier feel.

    Hope that helps!

  4. says: Gino

    These look much nicer than the standard IV. For some reason the stitching looks much better quality. I doubt they touch on comfort though.

    @Nick keep that first crap out of here. Go over to soccerbible if you want to play that.

  5. says: iPodKiller

    Lol, saw the pics floating around on onlinestores weeks ago.
    Very impressive, but as a Adidas fan the main design of the adipure iv is ugly. Why? Just look at the adipure, 2 and 3. Adipure 2 is by far the best looking from the adipure range. Equip it with a sprint frame and make it SL.

  6. says: bipo

    now all mercurial wearer will begin their exodus to adidas 😀
    it’s lighter and it’s all leather, what else do you need?

  7. says: viva

    I’m not a fan of the heel tab, it looks way too excessive and possibly fragile.
    Other than that and the price, this combination of material and soleplate is a winner.
    Charlie Sheen would be proud.

  8. says: channo

    i think that Clayton lad over there just had a spot on: why leather adizero if u could have “the real deal” leather with these??

    i mean, of course that would not work for the likes of nani, messi, robben, etc (who’s a full-time speed-players). but there are a lot of players out there -pro or semi or even amateurs, who are really into this whole weight thingie, and make a switch to adizero for that single reason.
    especially when adidas’ idea of light (adizero’s sprintframe) is WAAAY cheaper than nike’s (flywires and carbon fibers)

  9. says: perrygroves

    A few points:

    1: Who is the market for these boots exactly? If you are an Adipure wearer you are the type of player who prefers a quality upper, comfort and design over weight plus in general you are not a speed player. And if you are la speed player looking for light boots there are so many options lighter than these.

    2: How successful will these boots be? Look at the Nike Elite range, not that many pros really care, many of them use the standard versions e.g. Rooney uses the standard Laser. Plus as these are only available in FG I don’t think many will be snapping them up.

    3: This has been touched on, these (if successful) might devalue the Adizero leather version as will the SL Preds whenever they come out. Fair play for Adidas for giving us the options though.

    4: Is it just me or do they look a little flimsy and tacky? What I mean is the shiny plasic against the matt leather doesnt do it for me!

    Sorry to all those who love em, I just wanted to put in my opinions/thoughts!

  10. says: Insider_11

    @ Perrygroves,

    The market for these boots are cleary the enthusiats, the purists, the top level guys, the collectors – the guys who play at a high level and love collecting.

    However, this is the case for all Top-Shoes…the majority of consumers will always buy the cheaper version…trust me!

    As for your comment regarding the speed/weight options…these are 200g in full leather…there are not that many boots on the market that are lights!

  11. says: kyle

    Good shout, Insider. We reckon the lightest K-leather boots to date were the Mizuno Morelia Ultralight at 210g in a US size 9.

    So, these could well be the lightest K-leather boots on the market at the moment, which is quite an achievement from adidas!

  12. says: zizou wannabe

    WOW.. dream boot! This is getting crazy though… when should I ever buy a pair of boots if they keep churning out good stuff one after another???

  13. says: Tito993

    Those who know me on footy boots know that I usually have insightful comments that analyze all the possible angles. But this time, all I have to say is…



  14. says: SnoopDawgg

    I love the adipure, but this one takes the top prize.

    Interesting to see all the comments on here are positive, thats the first time I have seen that for a new boot.

    FB – when are you gonna review them, please do so quickly…

  15. says: Maestro95

    Everybody go on….once you enter the page you will see malouda…. he is wearing the new maestri 2 colorway that is coming out…. it is white and yellow, they look sick

  16. says: channo

    @perrygroves: ur questions are (1)who? (2)how? (3)if?

    check out this sentence:

    “….to our knowledge, no players are signed on to be ‘official’ ambassadors for the adiPure SL, as they will be a limited edition release (at least at the moment)….”

    the SL will be a limited edition until adidas have the answers to those questions LOL
    they’re measuring the market, trying to get our (and the pros) feedback.

    companies does that all the time. i remember when pepsi came out with limited edition pepsi blue, see if the crowd love it; if yes = continue production, if no = stop.

  17. says: ricardo7

    I hate how Adidas decided to put their crappy adizero outsole on all of their cleats. I mean, come on they went for like 20 years with rounded studs and now all of a sudden having triangular studs on every cleat is like some kind of divine revelation? That’s bull crap and everyone knows it. Adidas are only trying to save money not weight. Its probably way cheaper to produce anyway. 🙁

  18. says: Insider_11

    @ricardo7…you said:

    ‘…20 years with rounded studs and now all of a sudden having triangular studs on every cleat is like some kind of divine revelation?’…

    Did you forget about the Traxion blades they’ve been using since the mid 90’s?

    In general, the pro’s love rounded studs because you can easily change direction…but they also love traxion blades because you have a solid surface for fast cutting movements whilst also having a thin shape for linear sprinting.

    The Traingle studs brings the best of both of these shapes together…they have a round stud base to allow for easy change in direction and solid surfaces to allow for fast cutting movements.

  19. says: Billy


    thx!! that’s what i was feeling too! having a medium to narrower foot, i tried and bought the adipure iv’s (regular model) since they perfectly fit my shape….so since these are wider, i def think they won’t be for me

    also, lets not forget that the adipure iv’s will definitely be more comfortable…..removing all those extra layers and padding in the SL to make it light def has its costs, so to speak

    just my 2 cents….cheers!

  20. says: Roark

    These are beautiful. Anyone not wearing these is going to get looked down on like the players who didn’t wear copas 20 years ago.

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