adidas have had a relatively quiet summer in the wake of releasing the adiPower Predator (and subsequently, the Predator SL) – but now, they’re ready to kick off the season with the other big football boots brands with a smattering of new releases – including this handsome adiPure IV – Black/Electricity/Silver!

adidas adiPure IV, Black/Electricity/Silver, Football Boots

Electricity has been adidas’ ‘pop’ colour of choice on it’s' football boots nearly 8 months now, as it’s graced the likes of the Predator_X, adiZero, adiZero Prime and adiPower – but aside from a slight trim on the most recent women’s colourway – this is it’s adiPure IV debut!

adiPure IV - Black Electricity Silver - Football Boots

Rather than taking over the whole boot – a lá the Messi-exclusive adiZero – adidas have opted to team their favourite garish hue with a classic black leather upper on the adiPure IV – Black/Electricity/Silver, and we think it’s a great looking pair of football boots for it.

adidas adiPure 4 - Black Electricity Silver - Football Boots

We’ve always said that the' adiPure IV looks at it’s sharpest in Black leather, as the void of distracting colour really shows off the creases in it’s sumptuous premium K-leather upper, and the' adiPure IV – Black/Electricity/Silver certainly goes a way to proving our point.

adidas adiPure IV - Black Electricity Silver

Whilst adidas’ last black' adiPure IV was sparing in it’s use of a pop colour (barely flashing any of the Metallic Gold at all!) the' adiPure IV – Black/Electricity/Silver is definitely less shy, with the Electricity colour dominating the sole, and used liberally on the adidas branding and sockliner.

adiPure 4 - Black Electricity Silver - Football Boots

The' adiPure IV represent adidas’ premium heritage football boots, styled after classic adidas cleats and combining them with all the modern features today’s players demand.

This latest incarnation of the adiPure is also the lightest adiPure yet (with the exception of the 200g adiPure SL!), weighing in at just over 270g – whilst still retaining the luxurious K-Leather upper and cushioned sockliner that has seen the comfort of the adiPure range become legendary!

adidas adiPure IV - Football Boots

Pre-orders for the' adiPure IV – Black/Electricity/Silver are open now, with the official retail date set for mid-August priced at £124.99/$139.99.

Use the boot-o-meter or leave us a comment to let us know what you think to adidas’ latest football boots!

ADIDAS ADIPURE IV – BLACK/ELECTRICITY/SILVER, 8.5 out of 10 based on 43 ratings

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  1. says: 4Stars

    Adidas came out with their black/yellow adiPure last year for the World Cup. This looks almost exactly the same. Why come out with something already done such a short time ago? And I worked at a local footy store in my town. We had loads of black/yellow adiPures left for months after the World Cup. Didn’t sell very well at all.

  2. says: Anonymous

    yeah… looked like black/volt tiempo, looked like adipure WC, not a stunningly good looking boots, nothing new or completely original either…

    good boots -as of any other adipures does. but all in all, u won’t get ur teammates talking nor impress ur opponents by wearing this

      1. says: Anonymous

        absolutely agree, mate!

        bright-colored boots started a psywar even before u entered the pitch
        u know… those moments when one of ur teammates saw ur opponent in bright-boots, and whisper to u: “see that guy in pink mercurials? i’m going to tackle the pink out of his boots!”

        so the color provoked my teammate. it actually does something even before the skill talks 🙂

        for other boots who doesn’t do that, it’s your skill who’ll do the talking 😉

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