We’ve already seen two colourways of the all-new adidas adiPure III – the White / Gold / Black worn by Frank Lampard of Chelsea versus Everton last weekend and the Black / White / Gold as chosen by Karim Benzema for Real Madrid’s clash away to Valencia.

And here’s the third and by far, the most impactful of the three, in Gold / Black.

adidas adipure iii gold black

So far, reaction to the adiPure III has been pretty mixed. Trawling through the comments already submitted to Footy Boots, some have suggested they resemble baseball cleats while others have argued that they have lost the classy look of their predecessors. However, on the flip side, fans of the new boot say they look more streamlined and that the new tongue design is a massive selling point.

Looks aside, being from the adiPure range, we can take it as read that the boots will be comfortable and extremely functional.

The Gold / Black colourway is expected to be on retail sale by March 2010 with pre-order starting in February.

adipure iii gold black

adidas adiPure III Tech Specs


•K-leather for a perfect fit and excellent ball control
•Mono-tongue construction for a glove like fit and clean licking surface
•Super soft feature anti-slippery finishing for best comfort and fit
•Asymmetrical lacing system for cleaning kicking surface and sleek look
•Padded super soft collar for best comfort and comfortable fit
•Pre-molded sockliner with adiPrene foam inserts in the heel

gold black adidas adipure iii


•Traxion technology for optimum grip and stud pressure distribution
•Raised heel cap for maximum stability and comfort
•New TRX HG tooling with new set up and EVA wedge in the heel for maximum performance and premium cushioning

Colourway: Gold / Black

UK Sizes: 8 – 12

FG £99.99 / SG £109.99 Rate it: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars6 Stars7 Stars8 Stars9 Stars10 Stars (4 votes, average: 4.00 out of 10)


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  1. says: Alan

    Basically these are the Adipure II’s with a tongue and greater heel support. It’s an improved version over the old ones.

    I don’t see why everyone is complaining about the looks so much.

    Seriously, looks shouldn’t matter in a football boot, as nobody else really cares what is on your feet.

    Functionality is the most important thing about a football boot, but everyone always gets hung up on the looks and why they do is beyond me.

    Now, I don’t know about everyone else here, but football is about scoring goals and beating the other team, and not about fashion….from a marketing perspective though, this may not be the case. -_-

    However, my opinion is biased as I am a Copa Mundial wearer.

  2. says: kuuku

    Hehehe, I noticed another copa mundial wearer above echoing my sentiments. He’s right. Functionality is the most important thing about a football boot but everyone always gets hung up on the looks. I couldn’t have said it any better myself. I wonder whether it’s a coincidence we both wear copas? I guess if we cared about looks we’d be in vapours or F50s eh?

    I wonder how it tastes? I’m sure the creator of this article can tell us…after all, he’s proclaimed the boots have a “clean licking surface”! 😉

  3. says: zizou wannabe

    nice… these seem to be the best colourway… should i get the pred x or these??? hmm… wish i was a kid again (playing that much and that often) with the money i have today (and afford 2 pair of top end boots!!!) haha…

  4. says: martincillo

    i was the one who said that they look like baseball cleats =P ahahaha
    but, why adidas used that gold ??? i prefer a shiny gold, not that gold

  5. says: Mati

    saw milito training in those, look ok. but i saw a new (i guess) red pair of the pred’s X, by younousse sankhare of psg. dunno if its customized or a new colourway, but they looked kinda awesome…what do you think footy-boots?


  6. says: Cvh23

    Had adipure 1…. Very nice boot. If you look at close up pictures of kaka and benzema’s adipure 2’s, you will see that they are customised to have a tongue, instead of wrap around thing. What does this tell you… Even the elite proffesional players prefer a tongue. That is why i didn’t buy th 2’s. i might buy the 3’s, because they have a tongue. Btw… Can anyone suggest wether i should buy these or the vapours?

  7. says: HL13

    its about time some decent gold boots came out man! 😀
    tho i dont get why adipure are updatting their boots so often- 3 version already :S
    the first version where the best and most comfortbale if you ask me

  8. says: davie boy

    hahahaha ive already got them
    $220 dollars from bobby10 football world
    they are really comfortable and the colour is amazing

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