It’s always a good time to re-visit the classics at Christmas. The Wizard of Oz, the Great Escape and It’s a Wonderful Life to name but three. In fact, let’s name four – with the arrival of the adidas adiPure III.

adipure iii

The new adiPure III XTRX Soft Ground football boot

New it may be, but it still has that classic feel. A pure-bred heritage football boot that has modern technologies incorporated into its design.

Lightweight, comfortable, protective and traditional are just some of the features of this hugely attractive and incredibly functional football boot which is expected to be worn by the likes of Kaka, Benzema and Lampard.

The stand out new features on the AdiPure III are the wrap around tongue, integrated into the ankle support of the football boot. The new off centre lacing, which helps produce clean striking and the hybrid exchangeable studs on the soft ground models.

Pricewise, the FG version comes in at £99.99 and the SG model £10 more expensive at £109.99.adipure iii white gold

adidas adiPure III Tech Specs


  • K-leather for a perfect fit and excellent ball control
  • Mono-tongue construction for a glove like fit and clean licking surface
  • Super soft feature anti-slippery finishing for best comfort and fit
  • Asymmetrical lacing system for cleaning kicking surface and sleek look
  • Padded super soft collar for best comfort and comfortable fit
  • Pre-molded sockliner with adiPrene foam inserts in the heel



  • Traxion technology for optimum grip and stud pressure distribution
  • Raised heel cap for maximum stability and comfort
  • New TRX HG tooling with new set up and EVA wedge in the heel for maximum performance and premium cushioning.

adidas adipure-3

The adiPure III, as you would expect offers a comfortable fit and ultra soft K leather. It’s bound to be a favourite with the traditionalists….

Colourways: Black / White Gold and White / Gold / Black

UK Sizes: 8 – 12


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  1. says: Zizou wannabe

    yes, the Pure II tongues were not so popular though it worked for me.

    The black one is beautiful, classic with those blocks of white. The white/gold is a little cheap…

    Actually, its amazing… considering the “lack” of tech in this shoe but u still get stars wearing it.

    Honestly, think Lamps could wear slippers and beat me so does it matter if its adi, nike, puma, lotto, umbro, etc, etc???

  2. says: Eliel de louvain la Neuve

    Elles ne sont pas belle, les précédentes étaitent mieux !!!

  3. says: Rasheed

    Just not feelin’ these.

    A big step back from the adiPure IIs. The IIs had an elegant simplicity, but these somehow just look very bland.

    I think it’s because the stripes on the IIIs look too wide and the touch of colour on the heel cup seems unnecessary.

  4. says: Barriecuda

    In terms of look, almost identical to the II, but I get the impression this will be the answer for those who felt the II wasn’t up to the I’s lofty standards. Debating trying these next season…

  5. says: azeem

    i think better wearing adiPURE II than this.this seems isn’t special as the adiPURE II i never were them(cos i’m into nike) but i think adiPURE II is better than they look stupid.its too classic. 🙁

  6. says: Ishmael

    I have both adiPure I and II and for me, I think that the II more comfortable and is easier to kick with but I think that this is a step back. Been loving the adiPures for the last couple of years but might consider the Predator X for my next pair of boots now

  7. says: J

    These don’t look half as good as the adipure2s, they look bulky and i agree with whoever said they look like baseball shoes.

    I guess the big selling point really is the tongue from adipure1. The tongue on the adipure2s gave me blisters for the first 2 weeks but after that it was perfect so i personally don’t see the problem.

    not a predator man myself but i’d have to say predators > adipures this season. i’m going to stick with my adipure2s.

  8. says: Eric

    I think these are definitely worse than the adipure II’s. And where was all the advertising and stuff about these? I didn’t even realize they had been released until I read the article about the Laser III debut. Is it possible Nike was overshadowing Adidas? interesting…

  9. says: Stewwy

    hopefully these actually fit my wide fett unlike the pure II’s.
    i tried on the red iis last week and they felt great cept the fact my feet are to wide.
    they look all right i guess
    they’re growing on me

  10. says: shiv

    I think that these boots look amazing…the tongue is better, and will allow more movement of the feet whilst keeping your foot firmly in place…this colourway is my favourite…looks great, hopefully it will also accomodate to my wide adinovas aren’t the best…but hopefully these will help…i can’t really get a decent shot on and the have damaged my feet…don’t know id i should stick to adirange or return to mercurial?

  11. says: PHill

    yeah i think nike and adidas are both having the same problem with the tiempos and adipures. they cant improve them in anyway, cuz they r going for a “pure” boot. They are just going to keep changeing the looks

  12. says: Sir Prance Alot

    The Adipure has lost its way again…….

    Whats with this design ? It looks like a swimming aide that sits at the bottom of the pool !!

    Elegance and simplicity featured in the 1st offering, this is poor.

    Get your act together Adi.

  13. says: channo

    i never wear adipures before, but right now i’m looking (and comparing) at 3 pictures of adipure I, II and III…

    what do i see?

    adipure I has that really really “classic” appearance with leathers look all over the boots.

    adipure II took adipure I a little forward in time with that “classy” look. simple, like saying that “my game speaks louder that any words could do”.

    while adipure III… it took adipure II even more forward in time, resulting in something futuristic -but not; like if u have someone from the future to design a classic shoes, people from the future might think that its ‘classic’. while people from the appropriate time might just laugh at it.

    no ‘heritage’ on this one in my honest visual impression.

    well, i’m totally agree with jack and timmy. maybe i’d just buy myself a pair of discounted adipure II and see how it performs, LOL

  14. says: Cvh23

    Had adipure 1…. Very nice boot. If you look at close up pictures of kaka and benzema’s adipure 2’s, you will see that they are customised to have a tongue, instead of wrap around thing. What does this tell you… Even the elite proffesional players prefer a tongue. That is why i didn’t buy th 2’s. i might buy the 3’s, because they have a tongue. Btw… Can anyone suggest wether i should buy these or the vapours?

  15. says: wa456

    Bring back Adipure 1!!!
    This quote is dead on.. “these somehow just look very bland.
    I think it’s because the stripes on the IIIs look too wide and the touch of colour on the heel cup seems unnecessary.”

    These would be decent boots if not for these two flaws. Adidas needs to take their heads out of their asses with the adipure line- bring back adipure 1’s (the only adipure’s worthy of being labeled with words like Classic and Heritage)

    I don’t BUY Adidas anymore since adi 1’s, I try out friend pairs though. I’ll eBay adi 1’s before buying these train wrecks.

  16. says: Joe

    I liked the 2’s the best because the inside of the boot (where there are no stripes) has a cushioned area which allows me to receive the ball better and tighter than any other boot I have had in the past. The 3’s don’t have this cushioned area, which to me makes all the difference in the world when playing center mid and your 1st touch is critical.

  17. says: lew

    they should do them in white and blue for lampard 😛
    id buy that colourway for sure
    i had adi 1s in white and blue, superb
    adi 2s spoilt the look for me, s i never bought them and got a pair of maximus’s instead which i gotta say are superb
    now, adi3 looks okso ill probably buy these, plus white and gold, wow
    have to have white boots 😀

  18. says: ali bl

    dispite the fact that adipure 1 were the best adipure ever the only diffrence between the 1 and 3 is that 1 had a very simple sole and desine so waiting to see if 3 has this heritage ball touch and feeling

  19. says: Lee

    i bought these and had my first kick with them today
    – initial impression was that they looked great and felt great in the shop. by far better than any boot i found in the shop
    – the padding in the heel could be better, say like the nike tiempo super ligera
    – i feel that my heel is a little loose in the boot and i struggle with getting the perfect fit i want, and keep altering the lace tension
    – my touch was a bit off , especially my passing today but that might just be because i am getting used to them
    – i can tell that these indeed do need some time to wear in
    – they look sexy
    – they are gonna last a long time i reckon as well

    all in all, so far (which hasnt been long) i am eagerly awaiting for when i have totally gotten used to them because i know i’m going to love them

  20. says: Stephen

    These boots are fab, they look great on (much better than they do in the photos) and the touch and control is great.
    The six studs are also an improvement in soft ground conditions than the metal blades.
    I dont see what all the fuss is about having boots that can make you more accurate your touch better and so on if your a good player you can play in anything a pair of boots will not make your wayne rooney.
    All these extras on the preds and lazer boots just make them clumpy and heavy, i like to be able to be light on my feet and have a good touch of the ball which these boots give. BEST boots on the market!!!

  21. says: Jase

    I had the first adipures that came out and thought they were quality, then wasnt really impressed with the adipure II to start with but eventually started to like them lyk 2 months ago haha. Can somebody tell me if these Adipures are a clumpy & heavy pair of boots cuz i am really thinking about getting them, and are they a tight fit cuz i hate a pair of boots that you can feel moving around your foot if you know what i mean 😉 cuz my boots just ripped 🙁

  22. says: chelseasam06

    just seen them in White/Warning/Black. look great, but only seem to be released in FG, when i want SG 🙁 any1 heard anything about them being released in SG?

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