Everything about the adiPURE II says elegance and class. The adiPURE II is expected in the shops next month, so we thought we’d share a new colourway with you….

Featuring the finest materials allowing a natural ball feeling, an embroidered logo on the collar, asymmetrical lacing for a cleaner kicking surface and an adiPURE II sign-off on the outsole plate. This finely crafted football boot is built for the beautiful play of the football purist and provides him with pure comfort.

adipure ii red white

The adiPure II player knows the game because he loves the game. They are footballers like Kaka, Van Persie, Benzema, and Lampard who inspire their teams with their natural elegance. They are graceful playing in any style, ensuring that it leads to a victory. The authentic style relies on all the timeless, handmade details and elegant design that make a boot pure.

adipure 2

' Specs

  • Hand crafted for comfort, quality and performance. A pure and sleek design that is all football. Features superb fit, supersoft leader upper and firm ground TRAXION outsole.
  • Upper: Welded 3-Stripes. Asymmetrical loop lacing for better ball contact. K-Leather for durability, lightness and glove-like fit.
  • Lining: Synthetic.
  • Inlay: Pre-molded sockliner with EVA patch in the heel for additional comfort.
  • Outsole: TRAXION FG for grip and comfort on firm natural surfaces. TPU Plate for lightweight performance and durability.

adipure ii white

Players: Frank Lampard (Chelsea), Philipp Lahm (Bayern MÄ‚Ä˝nchen), Xabi Alonso (Liverpool), Vicente (Valencia), Alessandro del Piero (Juventus), Karim Benzema (Lyon) David Tr'©z'©guet (Juventus)

Price: £99

Colourways: Black | Running White | Metallic Gold, Running White | Black | Metallic Gold, Running White | Sport Red

Release Date: January 2009

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  1. says: dominic

    i don’t know why they need another adipure so soon after the first one came out under a year ago.
    also this boot doesn’t look as good it looks like he cheap knock-off version you would find in bali. the first adipure look awesome and I’m sure these boots perform well to its just the look doesn’t seem right the 3 stripes need to be closer together

  2. says: Jake

    Adidas is taking everything a bit too far. The first Adipure was a great boot its almost perfect, now why spoil that with a new boot which yes could be good but why? It does look cheapish though.

  3. says: Antonio

    i know why r they making a new 1 so soon? the adipure 1s were great. its gonna be like wat nike did with the lasers they released the laser 2s too soon and everybody likes laser 1s better than laser 2s

    1. says: Michal

      They’re side laces and basically are expected to do everything that the old ones did i think on if you search up lampard you can already see pics of him using them

  4. says: Jordan

    These boots look alright. Please tell me are these boots centred laced or side laced? Plus tell me what they are meant to do?

  5. says: Mattti

    They are side laced and if you lace ’em asymmetrical u’ll have a very nice kicking surface;)

    I think we should wait until there are more pics. They look faster than the 1st generation though..

    1. says: bob

      How can a boot look fast??????
      R U serious??????
      If you put a pair of the lightest track running shoes on a turtle – will it make it faster???
      Think what you right!!!

      1. says: Roman

        You think what you “right” buddy. If your trying to call someone out for stupidity in the English language you should make sure you know the language first. “Right” means a direction or correct. The word you should have used is WRITE, which is when words are made. Go back to school Bob! Your embarrassing.

        1. says: Alex

          Who cares Roman. We’re talking about football boots here, not spelling. Therefore there is no need for you smug smart ass comments. Bob made a spelling mistake most likely or perhaps a typo. Try not to loose any sleep over it. Besides, you’ve made a pretty obvious mistake in your spelling as well, as another poster commented.

          I’d also like to point out, just as Bob said, boots are not fast, the players wearing them are either fast or not so fast. The boots are not going to change that. Don’t fall for the marketing gimmicks of Adidas, Nike etc. Of course, the lighter the boot, the better in my opinion, but you are not going to go from being a bad player to a good player because of a boot.

  6. says: Greg

    i will buy them if a definate release date is shown.
    all my friends at school will rate me in these

    yes they look fast
    and they go with my schools orange kit

  7. says: laya kahn

    I think the boots are fabulous, it looks better than the first one launched.There are different colours other than white and black in the new adipures as well. One of the best things I like about the boot is that it was luanched by kaka’. Please remember it is not the boot that takes control of the ball it is your feet.

  8. says: greg

    eliot if uve seen my kit ull realise

    go back to primary school and learn what colours bind together

    we have orange top
    black shorts
    and black socks with orange stripes

  9. says: eliot whitehouse

    you what you mug you wants sum do yaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i will take ur pants off and give em to your gran to wear.


  10. says: Andy

    Wooo an E-Thug

    Orange black look good together my Team kit is also Orange and Black i have the White/blue AdiPURE and ill be sure to buy these in Black they look awesome

  11. says: Andrew

    Whats wrong with the first adipure?
    Amd new ones so soon, the white ones look nice but the black ons are hideous, lets just hope they deliver on the pitch…

  12. says: cr123

    you cant just say the white ones are fake, they are the same boots just in a different colour.
    why is everyone going on about “its to soon for them to release a new version” WAH WAH WAH, these boots arent even out yet and it will have been over a year since the the first adipure boots by the time they are released. Anyway why are you even bothered no-one is forcing you to get them.

    i think these boots look better and from what has been witten are better, and i will be getting these boots

  13. says: Mads

    The 1st AdiPure were way more elegant than these. As a lot of you have mentioned it looks rather cheap. Never the less I’m sure they will be absolutely brilliant!

  14. says: Ricao

    the black ones look much better than the red ones, which look alot like beckham’s kind of cleats.
    the all black adipures were the greatest color. i want to see what v. persie will wear tho

  15. says: joethemillionnaire

    The new adiPure II looks great. I agree with those who say they look faster.

    For those who think the release is too early, if you have noticed, this has become a trend nowadays, with Nike coming up with new boot or colorway every other month.

    Looks like adidas has decided to keep up with them. They already have some experience with Adidas Tunit.

    I was planning to get new boots, and I am glad I did not. I have the now-old adiPure. The best shoes ever. Will definitely get the new ones!

  16. says: mmd

    the outsole is simillar to first adipure but the look of the but have compeletly changed,
    like the asymmetrical loop lacing and forefoot lines.
    i wish the pictures had shown the instep look of the boot.
    anyeaw it’s great ,i rate it with 5 stars.

  17. says: adi3

    adinova is a takedown of adipure.
    Seen the boot and they are awsome,upgrades happen with football boots, deal with it! This is a great update from the true football brand. All you nike idiots on the blog get back to the drawing board, afterall you have only been doing boots from the late late 80’s. You still have alot to learn.

  18. says: CathairbhoyCFC

    the red and white 1s r class!! and whitehouse r u stupid orange , black, orange….what would be the ideal colour of boot?! BLACK!

  19. says: tony hobbs

    i myself prefer the look of the original adiPURE as theyre proper fine but these ones do look good and i bed they are as comfortable to play in as the originals which IS THE BEST BOOT IVE EVER HAD and i had predator mania, nike mv3, t90’s, air legend, f50.6(2nd on my list just crap in rain) and puma kings

  20. says: jeff

    Not to sure about these ones, i like how it tells your that its adipure on the side but the older ones looked so much better, sure they might perform better these ones but half of the deal is for looks and im afraid these ones dont look as good, im still gunna buy em but i wish they looked a bit better

  21. says: Andy

    you buy boots for the way they look ? I buy them for Performance and I play in adiPURE and im sure I will be playing in these by the end of this season.

  22. says: Zidanekaka

    i think the first generation adiPURE is better. it looks way more classic and the adiPURE was meant to bring us back to the old days. the outside of adiPURE 2 looks okay but i feel the 3 lines are furthur apart. the inner part looks like shit though, it totally takes away the classic look. adiPURE 1 for sure.

  23. says: jacob mcdermott of australia



  24. says: jean

    The new adiPURE is great. I’ve got a pair of those and they are very comfortable. But actually they are the same as the copas (which are great 2), their look is just a bit more modern. AND the adiPURE II looks by far better than the first one!

  25. says: Daniel - Peru

    I also got such a pair, and they hurt my foot in the adidas logo part, anyway i love these cleats but they got that negative detail…

  26. says: Tils

    These boots are perfect. They fit my feet as if they were made for me, and right out of the box too. One problem I have with them, the darn sole is seperating at the toe of the boots already. And this is after one game, very dissapointing. I think they need more glue around the toe.

  27. says: alex

    i dont understand why kaka was wearing a diffrent pair of adipures the color is the same balcka nd gold but the tounge is diffrent i looked at pictures from the confiderations cup final and his shoes look like the 1st adipures like the way the tounge i smade but the color is the new color black and gold iunno they look preety sick they should come out with those.

  28. says: Liverpool fan

    My dream boot because they are very sleek and stylish, they have SUPER comfortable leather, simple is best and most importantly…… they are adidas boots

  29. says: rikki

    the white and red ones are fake … look at the shape at the front compared to the black ones. also you can just tell that the white and red ones look cheap… the black ones look awsome!

  30. says: Shamus

    These are well brilliant boots for football. They look much better than the original. Also, rikki the red boots are just as brilliant as the black ones.

  31. says: LJ

    can anyone help me i have f50.8’s atm there 8 1/2 and they’re to small i have adidas shoes and they are 8 and a perfect size what size should i get in these ?

  32. says: yayo

    I have Diadora Brasils, PUma v1.08,nike laser I and II,Adidas f50,PRedators,Vapors,AdiPure II, and Legends, ………the most comfortable are adiPure and legends and i cant decide which to wear more…so overall I wud reccomend either

  33. says: murat

    A few days ago I visited Miadidas and customised a boot just like the Black Met Gold colourway being unaware that it had been released before. I thought about ordering it but they dont have miadidas in my country, so i was disappointed a bit. a few days later, i saw the new BMG!amazing!anyone know when it is hitting the eastern mediterreanean coasts?

    1. says: lj

      i have the black met gold ones and you can get them off for around 100 euro with delivery and they usually have a 10% off offer aswell.

  34. says: Benjamin Agabadou

    Its how the boots peform u never know. i could be playing with sandals,but yet again its how they perform not about the look. 😛

  35. says: Jack

    These boots look perfect for me,Unfortunately before seeing these I have ordered Nike Superfly’s but the white adi’s will be my next boot.

  36. says: Nate

    I played in the original Adipures and loved them. I’ve played a full season now with the Adipure IIs and love them even more. They’re more comfortable, fit better, have a better touch, etc… The only problem I have is that the outside heel seam on one of them began separating towards the end of the season. I glued it and played a few more games, but ended up having to go back to last year’s original Adipures to finish the season. I think I’ll need a new pair before the spring rolls around…

  37. says: donnacha

    great looking boot bet it performs well. the white version will go great with our kit, its orange jersey and shorts. with white socks

  38. says: andrew nkpolukwu

    i got tha red one of this
    they are really comfortablee
    but the only problem is tha make sure tha u get tha perfect fit for you leg

    if u dont get tha perfect fit thery are horrible for taking long range shott

    Overall there are tha best boot ever
    light weight for speed- mercurla
    material for comfort- tiempo
    leather and side lacing for shooting – t90 laser

    tha adi pure is all in one boots

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