The brand new adidas adiPower Predator launched on adidas’ football boots-customisation service today, offering us the chance to create our own signature colourways of what some are calling adidas’ best boots yet!

miadidas adiPower Predator - football Boots

That’s right, in a move that will have some wealthier football boots fans second-guessing that pre-order, adidas have launched the adiPower Predator on the miadidas service, allowing us to make some completely unique Predators ahead of their launch later this month.

Unlike the limited colourways available to the updated adiZero from February, the miadidas adiPower Predator already has a slew of options available to it, right off the bat.

miadidas adiPower Predator - football Boots

From a choice of sockliner, to even picking the outline detail colour of the signature stripes, you can really build a pair of miadidas adiPower Predators from the ground up with this release!

We’ve already spent a bit of time with the football boots-maker earlier today, and came up with some classy designs of our own – which we sincerely doubt that adidas would ever consider putting on store shelves any time soon!

miadidas adiPower Predator - football Boots

Starting at £220/$260US, the service isn’t exactly cheap, but if you’re a player that wants that bespoke touch on your new Preds, it’s nice to know that adidas are making that possible!

Are you planning on buying a pair of miadidas adiPower Predators?

If so, let us know! We’d love to see your designs and pictures when they arrive!

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  1. says: Jones

    I’d do Mi adidas but they don’t do a Scotland Flag…. why is that? Adidas supply the Scotland team kit, and they include the England flag. Shame

    1. says: Fifinho

      adidas released blackout models for the Predator X, adiPure III and last 2 incarnations of the adiZero range so I reckon if you waited long enough they’d release something similar 🙂
      particularly as i’m predicting the adiPower to be a big seller

      1. says: Misterbroom12

        Yeah, it’s always released as one of the last colorways before a new boot is going to debut so that the new one stands out more. I’ve seen a few pictures of what may be the blackout colorway for the adiPower and I would just like for them to not be all out black.

  2. says: guest

    Footy – Is it possible for you guys to stop linking “football boots”, especially when it redirects to the home page? It’s just a little pet peeve here.

  3. says: footy_gurl

    Great idea but extremly disappointed that the smallest they offer in womens size is a size 5! are they forgetting that alot of women have size 3/4 so are cutting us out! Adidas beginning to turn like Nike by not offering the top spec boot in smaller sizes, very disappointed with a make i have been wearing since age 8 (now 22)

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