The MLS season is ready to kick off next month, and with The Galaxy playing the curtain-raiser against the Seattle Sounders, it’s no surprise we find Beckham training hard with Landon Donovan & co. What was surprising was catching Becks in an all-white adiPower!

David Beckham in the new adidas Predator adiPower football boots

We’ve seen plenty of black-out adiPower black-outs on the feet of stars like Steven Gerrard, Kaka and Per Mertesacker – but Becks is the first we’ve seen to have an all-white pair of these upcoming football boots!

We reckon this is so the disguised adiPower looks more like Beckham’s Running White/College Blue Predator_X, rather than hinting at another signature colourway for Beckham – after all it’d be weird seeing Becks in a pair of black football boots after years of bold Predators!

David Beckham in the new adidas Predator adiPower football boots

One thing’s for sure, these are the most revealing shots of the adiPower yet, and thanks to the former-Galactico being “The Most Photographed Man in Sports ™” there’s plenty of them, from all sorts of angles.

Similar to the pair we saw Kaka in earlier this month, we can see that the soleplate on these cleats is fairly substantial, with thick heel-end blades for support; this is in stark contrast to some previous black-out’s that we’ve seen, which seemed to suggest adidas’ next football boots might be sporting an adiZero-style Traxion soleplate.

David Beckham in the new adidas Predator adiPower football boots

As for the upper, it looks like fans crying for the return of the classic Predator tongue will have to wait a bit longer. From photos of the top of the adiPower, it looks to as as though the lacing will be ‘exposed’, but interestingly we can also see it will use a more traditional lacing system – rather than the ‘wrap-around’ of the Predator_X’s design.

David Beckham in the new adidas Predator adiPower football boots

Judging by the stitching on the toe and instep, we’re in for another leather Predator, but it still remains to be seen whether adidas will use their Taurus leather or a more traditional K-Leather on their flagship football boots.

The one thing we can’t get a good look at, however, is the instep of the boots – where we anticipate the signature Predator ‘element’ will reside.

David Beckham in the new adidas Predator adiPower football boots

From what we can tell, there’s 3 stripes on the toe-end of the arch of the foot, which is a great place for striking the ball, but we can’t see if there’s a difference in texture or material to determine whether these are part of the adiPower‘s presumably ‘powerful’ striking zone. We can’t wait to see though!

Excited to see what adidas do with their next big football boots?

Or would you prefer a more ‘classic’ Predator?

Drop a comment and get your voice heard!

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  1. says: fido

    is it just me or is the 3rd pic somehow seems like he is falling off after kicking similar to the penalty he took against Turkey? lol

    either way, the boot looks sweeeeet. too bad soleplate isnt adizero traxion based and i really hope the predator element is stitched to the upper.

  2. says: channo

    from the bottom of my white-boots-oriented-heart, those are the most beautiful football boots i’ve ever seen in my entire life… even better than the whiteout adizero.

    cuz even with nikeID and miadidas, most of the times u couldn’t get an all-white results. sometimes it’s the studs, sometimes it’s the swerve zone, but there’s always one part that doesn’t have white option, it’s quite rare to get an all-white boots like those.

  3. says: Jose Luis

    They are, in fact, the new Predators.
    I was very lucky to see new adidas releases a few weeks ago and Predators are Terrific, once again.
    Full of power but with a few ounces less.
    A lightweight shoe for sprinters with the touch and control of every Predator.I could name them like the movie: The Fast and the Furious…….

  4. says: Davos

    Stitching kinda looks like AdiZ-1’s, with the sole plate having similarities except on blades. Inetersing to see if it is any lighter.

  5. says: Hartmann17

    They would sell so many pairs if they released it in this whiteout form. it would be more high profile then any other boot, because it would be the only whiteout boot on the market. hope they do it.

  6. says: DeadlyCowboy408

    @e34960b57814613ce62543c7c80afa2a:disqus  So true about the white out man… I used to have the white nike vapors a while back, then I was hooked on white boots… I later got the Adidas Lunar Mania’s, even though it had some red, what a great pair of boots, now I am consoled by Nike’s Legends with a bit of a gray outline on the white swoosh, still clean though.  I would definitely buy the Adipower in white only, i’d even go for a change of heart and join the dark dark side with a blackout Adipower… Simply because the Predator is just awesome, but all these new colorways are just trendy off matched colors that don’t attract true grit players.  I would understand if they offered these as like a 3rd or 4th option, but 1st and 2nd..? C’mon Adidas go WhiteOut and BlackOut, your sure not to miss the mark… not in sales at least anyway.

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