After a couple of weeks off the radar – we’re guessing due to the winter break – The new month of February brings us a new sighting of a pre-release adidas Predator adiPower!

Kaka Trains in new adidas Predator adiPower football boots
However, Kaká is one of the last players we’d expect to be spotted wearing the new adidas football boots!

The Brazilian Superstar has only just broken in his adiPure IV’s after returning from injury, but it now looks like the former AC Milan man could be being lined up to play in the new Predator – supposedly called the adiPower!

Kaka Trains in new adidas Predator adiPower football boots

This is definitely one of the better quality pictures we’ve been able to get our hands on – and hopefully you’ll be able to see enough on these football boots to get you excited for when they launch later in the year!

One thing that we notice in this picture is that soleplate looks much more like the current Predator_X in these shots, with wider, flatter FG blades.

Kaka Trains in new adidas Predator adiPower football boots

Previous photos seemed to show the new adiPower had forefoot studs shaped narrower and rounder; much more like the adiZero.

Gerrard adiPower
Gerrard’s new Predators looked to have smaller studs when we saw them back in December

The possibilities that this brings up are that adidas are listening to their player feedback to adjust the soleplate for more comfort or stability.

The other possibility is that adidas could be making a separate boot, or a ‘Super Light’ version of the adiPower with an adiZero soleplate, and this is the first time we’ve seen the ‘standard’ version. Very interesting indeed!

As a bonus, Real Madrid supremo and friend of Jos'© Mourinho is also the first to d'©but the new Blackout adidas Predator_X which was unveiled today!

Kaka Trains in new adidas Predator adiPower football boots

Looking at them on the pitch you can really appreciate how the sun makes some of the rubber areas and stripes come up in a sleek blue colour.

Finally, we’ve got to thank community member DavidD for shooting us this spot over – he’s fast becoming out boot-spotter-in-chief!

What do you think to the new adidas Predator? Can you spot anything on the boot that we’ve missed?

Also, do you think Kaká will play in them when they release? Or do you think adidas are just keen to get his feedback?

Use the comments below and get your voice heard!

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  1. says: bpurvisTX

    I’m anxious to see if they reduce the weight for these, they look like they are going to be lighter than the current Preds.

  2. says: A9

    @bpurvisTX, they have have been reduced in weight as this boot dons the adizero sprint frame. I think this is quality cos ive always liked the thought of the preds being lightweight with the same power attributes .

  3. says: paajoe

    there are going to be the new standard predators called “Predator Kinetic”.

    there are also going to be new preds but with the sprintframe & traxion trian. studs called the “adiPower Predator”.

    then adidas will release a SL (super light) version of the new Predators called the “Predator SL” (synthetic version only)!

  4. says: harry

    yes, i noticed ronaldo in the 1st pic sporting the safaris. Is mourinho wearing the same boot as what kaka is wearing i would like to know? they sure do look like the same boots to me. whats the difference? paajoe, do u work for adidas?

  5. says: Christian

    jose mourinho isn’t wearing the blackouts. i think they’re are just blackouts from before the release. they have a silver tab on the heel.

    also, te new preds should bring back the powerpulse soleplate, since all the players wear it. gerrards and kaka’s studs are probably different cause they’re still testing them.

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