Adidas last month filed a new trademark for the word ‘adiPower‘ with the United States Trademark and Patent Office, potentially hinting at what’s next for the big German brand in the football boots market.

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The adiPower name is certainly one that wouldn’t be out of place in the world of adidas’ football boots – with names like adiZero and adiPure already big names in the market adidas certainly have a good sense of brand identity associated with the ‘adi’ prefix – but where would adiPower work within their current range?

The obvious candidate is the adidas Predator range – being adidas’ signature ‘power’ football boots; but with the name adidas Predator Kinetic already being bandied about, the adiPower could yet prove itself to be the official retail name of these new football boots.

Predator Kinetic

Are these the Predator Kinetic or the Predator adiPower?


The patent statement says that adidas had registered the adiPower name to products including footwear, apparel, jackets shirts and shorts – which would definitely cover the use of the adiPower name attached to a range of training gear and apparel to co-inside with the release of a new brand of football boots.

However, it’s just as likely that these could be attached to something outside of football, such as a new name for the adidas Techfit range of baselayers (which are said to increase power on the wearer, so it would kind of make sense), remember; the adiZero name was attached to adidas’ lightweight running shoes long before it was associated with football boots.


The adiPower name was registered for trademark on the 15th of November (alongside another patent; the intriguing ‘adiStar’ moniker) which, when compared to the submission of the adiZero and adiPure, is a signal that we’ll see a product with that name in some form or another within the next 6 months, whether it’s a new pair of football boots remains to be seen!

Until them we can speculate – what do you think the adiPower name will be used for?

Let us know in the comments!

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  1. says: iPodkiller

    Bring out some Predator Tunit shoes!
    Or just a new Tunit shoes this year,
    I love tunit studs, great for my shoes, because of the weather and seasons in the Netherlands.

  2. says: Trifl

    Since it was a patent registered in the U.S. there would be endless possibilities no? What if its a new wave of American Football cleats? Or Baseball Cleats? Or Track Shoes? We’ll just have to wait and see!

  3. says: Beto

    Makes most sense that it will be “AdiPower Predators”.

    Maybe AdiStar is going to be a new range to compete with the Nike CTR360’s.

    The “control/attacking” midfielder is usually a star and play-maker. AdiStar would definitely fit that description.

  4. says: E@zy

    Good shout Beto.
    Adizero v Mercurial SF / Vapor
    Preds v Laser
    Adipure v Tiempos
    Adistar v Ctr?

    Adipower will take a while to come to the football boots. Maybe the next or one after version of preds.

  5. says: brian

    The AdiPower is the new predator boot. They are just aligning thier branding again. I have seen the catalogs…the predator is not called the Kinetic it is called the AdiPower. The Predator X that is out now was rumored to be the Predator TruStrike but that didn’t happen. Adidas is very good at distracting the public away from what they really name thier boots…

  6. says: Theo

    just to add a comment on “adistar”

    there are trainers coming out (for yanks like me “sneakers”) name adistar raven coming out in the market for running and training and such. don’t think it could be a new football boot line from adidas like ctr360 from nike football.

  7. says: BootGuru777

    Adidas Predator AdiPower. Already seen the samples from the Adidas rep. Royal, Black colorwave that Kaka will be playing in. 100% sure.

  8. says: kyle

    Kaka in the Predator? Are you sure?

    If you’re 100% then I believe you, but it seems odd that they’d have their main adiPure guy switch boots right after releasing a new adiPure…

  9. says: Adipurity

    I don’t know, it seems that the Tiempos are the lowest seller and lowest focus point of the Nike range that the Adipure is focusing on the CTR360 with the design drawing up more similarities to the CTR360 than the Tiempo. I also wonder if Fabregas gets his own line or colorway as Nike and Adidas always have two major sponsor players.

    Adidas: Messi, Beckham

    Nike: Christiano Ronaldo, and formerly Ronaldinho

    As Ronaldinho’s play has seen a bit of a decline so have his sponsorships.

    ‘Adistar’ in my opinion is a new champions league ball name.And remember the whole Trustrike rumor? Think about it what sounds more like a predator? Adipower which literally sounds powerful, or kinetic which means in constant motion.

  10. says: rafaelcp

    I hope that some day not to far adidas will release the gold predator like they did with the Zidan edition il be the firts person to optain them.

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