Adidas V Nike – World Cup 2006

football.jpg52 days and counting. The 2006 World Cup kicks off on June 9.

Most football fans are already becoming anxious. The media are already on England team watch, the hype is just starting. But one World Cup match is already underway – America versus Germany, also billed in some regions as Nike versus Adidas.

These two sportswear giants are vying to get their brands in front of the predicted 32 million TV viewers. A large proportion of which are normally very difficult to get to.

Last time around, I believe that Nike’s Secret Tournament advert beat the Adidas Footbalitis advert hands down. However, this year there will be a host of methods used to get the message across. As it stands Nike are currently 3-2 down to Adidas.

Goal Adidas 1 – 0 Adidas will supply the official match balls, provide the referees kits, linesmen’s kits and ball boys. It also has rights to sell merchandise with the World Cup logo.

Goal Nike 1 – 1 Nike will have their logo emblazoned across the chest of eight teams featuring in the World Cup, as opposed to Adidas with 6.







Trinidad and Tobago








South Korea


Goal Adidas 2 – 1 Adidas, now owners of Reebok, have recently signed Thierry Henry to wear Reebok.

Goal Nike 2 – 2 Nike have launched the football community website.

Goal Adidas 3 – 2 Adidas has tied up American TV advertising. Nike cannot advertise during any of the tournament’s 64 games.

Analysts say that Adidas have a 35% market share of soccer gear, with Nike close up with 30%.

Let the games begin!

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  1. Pingback: Anonymous
  2. says: Luc

    Does anyone in the US actually watch the WC? Securing the advertising rights for US broadcast is surely more like a free kick than a goal at this stage. Nike adverts are always more inventive than Adidas’ anyway…

  3. says: Alan

    Interesting comment regarding the lack of American’s watching the World Cup Luc. In America, coverage of the 2002 World Cup averaged less than half a million viewers per game, with 3.77 million being the peak, for the USA Versus Germany match.

  4. says: Abhishek

    Hey, you have written 32 billion T.V. viewers when there are hardly 4-5 billion people on this planet!
    Such rivalries of companies, especially sportswear giants like Nike and Adidas, is quite interesting… they make an interesting read… keep it up!

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