adidas have unveiled the exclusive design for the match ball of the UEFA Super Cup 2010.

When UEFA Cup winners Athletico Madrid and UEFA Champions League winners Inter Milan take to the field in Monaco, they’ll be playing with the latest incarnation of the debated-to-death adidas Jabulani.

Building on the success of last year’s design (2009 was the first time adidas designed a new ball exclusively for the UEFA Super Cup) adidas have once again gone to some lengths to design a ball that captures the spirit of the 2010 match up.

Keen observers will notice the that the design on the ball features 3 sets of colours; Black and Blue for Inter Milan, the Red and Blue of Athletico Madrid and on the top of the ball; Navy and Sky Blue, the official colours of the UEFA Super Cup.

The official adidas UEFA Super Cup 2010 Match football

Aside from this swanky new paint job, the adidas Super Cup 2010 Match ball offers all the same technologies of the Jabulani including;

Grip’n’Groove technology on the Upper for enhanced control

Only 8 Panel ball in the World

Unique 3D Construction

Thermally bonded for minimum water retention

The ball will be sold in selected retail outlets throughout Europe and exclusively at the UEFA Super Cup in Monaco, making it a real collector˘ item.

We can’t wait to see two of Europe’s best teams go head to head with this awesome looking ball.

And we’re even more interested to see how this recoloured Jabulani performs on the pitch, as we’ve often speculated that it’s just the unusually colour panels that give it a sense of weird movement!

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  1. says: Sion

    I have a question, but it’s not about the ball it’s about soleplates… I find playing in blades isn’t quite grippy enough for me will wearing SG help?

  2. says: Ali

    so i gues all adidas match balls in all cups will be same as the jabulani ball with different paints. maybe the balls will syat like that till the next world cup or Euro 2012 maybe.
    with the exeption of champions league balls as they have that star panel design.

  3. says: Snolly

    interesting… some people say the jabulani doesn’t move funny–rather, the graphics just make it look like it dips and dives and swerves.

    so, with different graphics, it will be curious to see if these folks are right.

  4. says: Ali

    i seriously dont know why people critisize the movement of the jabulani. i have the ball and i have played with it in about 15 matches now and it is so awesome.

    it feels great when you play with it and it does not move funny at all. it flys really well although it goes a bit further than other balls.

  5. says: Ben

    Ali i agree. i’ve played with it and it seems to be a normal ball. but thats because we don’t have the power that most professionals do. you have to hit the ball very hard to make it knuckle.

  6. says: kuuku

    indeed, I’m not sure there’s that much wrong with the jabulani. The torfabrik of the bundesliga as well as MLS, portuguese leage and assorted other leagues make use of the much maligned jabulani but apart from a little whine right before the world cup from the MLS it seems to be working A-OK.

  7. says: Sion

    nice to know ppl on footy boots thumbsdown for asking for advice… ill remember this when any of these people post in the future…

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