The 2011 Women’s World Cup rolls around in June, and this year it’ll be held in stadiums across Germany – home of adidas.

adidas SpeedCell football - official matchball of the Women's World Cup 2011

So it’s rather fitting that adidas have unveiled their latest football to be used on their home turf – the Speedcell.

Revealed last night during the draw for the group stages, the Speedcell, the central design elements of Speedcell, alongside the fresh colors, are the eleven lines which symbolically represent the eleven players and depict the unity of every soccer team.'  Speedcell stands for speed, power and team spirit and the ball˘ design is inspired by the rotating, fast and dynamic movements in the game.

adidas SpeedCell football - official matchball of the Women's World Cup 2011

Another redesign of adidas Jabulani, the Speedcell is an exclusive design for next Summer’s contest – meaning that whilst we’ve seen the Jabulani also used in Leagues like the MLS and Portuguese top division, the Speedcell is solely for the 2011 Women’s World Cup – for now, at least!

Expect the Speedcell to hit retailers early next year, with a price of around £80.

Definitely a fun, fresh design from the 3 Stripes – what do you think?

Also, are we the only ones that feel like there’s a new adidas ball out every week at the minute!?

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  1. says: BiyiAdetunji

    why make a ball designed for speed and power?

    if a player wants the ball to move faster and harder, they’ll do it themselves.

  2. says: Nicoacademia

    Looks like a volleyball.
    Seriously the germans have overdone it.
    Nike’s balls are spot on because it feels right. Adidas balls are too scientifically enhanced. If you played with the Jabulani you’ll realise they reduced air drag over the casing – adding the extra metre or so to any punt or push past a player.
    WHY? Are these needed? This ain’t formula 1!! The ball doesn’t need KERS. This is definitely not golf either!

  3. says: kuuku

    Neat ball. Adidas has been releasing many balls because they have to release the hi vis versions for the winter months of europa league and cahmpions league action. That mentioned, the new europa leage h vis orange football hasn’t been featured. It looks like it’s orange ith black and yellow details.

    Is it just the portuguese league ball (the orange one that was complained about) being used in conditions it is more suited for?

  4. says: harry

    have to wait and see the ball being tested or me personally testing it b4 i can applaud or criticise it. but then as mentioned it is solely for the womens world cup next year. by the way lukeo, what the hell has your comment got to do with the speedcell football?

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