There’s been plenty of talk about unidentified adidas blackouts over the past couple of weeks – and seemingly to throw us off the scent adidas have revealed the new adidas Predator X Blackout!

adidas Predator X Blackout - Blackout Predator

And what a glorious sight it is! Previous Blackout Predators have often retained a splash of colour, like the red tongue on the old PowerPulse, but adidas have seen fit to treat us to an entirely blackout Predator X this time out!

Looking part-stealth bomber and part-HR Giger monster, the adidas Predator_X blackout are still very much the same football boots we’ve come to know and love, only now they look like the prototype models we see the pros wearing pre-release.

adidas Predator_X Blackout - Blackout Predator

Historically, the blackout Predators have always been a huge hit at retail – fans love the look of an all black boot – especially one as feature-rich as the Predator X. However, we don’t often see too many players in them on the pitch; presumably because they don’t really ‘advertise’ which football boots a player is wearing.

But still, it’s nice for adidas to release something ‘for the fans’!

adidas Predator_X Blackout - Blackout Predator

One ominous sign for Predator X fans out there is that the blackout Predator has traditionally been one of the last colourways to come out for each generation of adidas’ signature power football boots.

So, with these due to hit store shelves soon; the arrival of the adiPower could be coming sooner than we think…!

adidas Predator_X Blackout - Blackout Predator
We reckon these slick football boots make a bold statement against the previous ‘Electric’ Predators and the current ‘Warning’ adiZeros and will be a big hit with fans of more understated cleats.

Officially dubbed ‘Black/Black/Shale‘, you can expect to see these tasty adidas Predator_X Blackouts for sale from March 1st with a pricetag of £150.

What do you think of these Blackout Predators? Let us know in the comments!

ADIDAS PREDATOR X – BLACKOUT, 9.0 out of 10 based on 54 ratings

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  1. says: harry

    so these are not the adipowers or kinectics everyone has been going on about lmao. These are the best predator x by far. Its a shame adidas are releasing these in March when I think they should have been released in January. The white and blue, white black and macaw and green white black predator x should have been released in March. Well I will buy my pair in March and save them for next season

  2. says: kuuku

    Incredible. See what I was saying earlier? Releasing the prime for $400+ doesn’t mean adidas went mad, they just wanted the gong of lightest boot back.

    They still cater to the fans. This is a prime example! Fan’s clamour for blackouts so what do adidas do? They make it freely available. ^_^ And my, these are REALLY good -looking.
    What do nike do? More garish colours and ridiculous prices. -_- Even the recent black/orange superfly still had the silver instep and orange swoosh. The only good blackout I remember from nike recently is the back to basic superly one, even with the yellow swoosh it was excellent. Cater to the fans please, more blackouts and whiteouts in all the ranges of boots please.

  3. says: MisterBroom12

    Nike do produce mainly black and mainly white colorways, just not with the vapor line. It’s supposed to be their flashy speed boot so they are trying to cater to those who enjoy the bright colorways. With the exception of the electric green and neptune blue, almost all the Laser III colorways were mainly black or mainly white, you see a bunch of legend colorways with mainly white or mainly black uppers and even the CTR gets their fair share of mainly white and mainly black colorways. adidas have the same thing though, they just apply their color schemes in a more patterned approach for each of their boots, regardless of who they are marketed to with blackouts appearing as the last colorway before the boot is succeeded. Both companies however know that if the blackout and whiteout are what consumers want, releasing them as late as possible means consumers will buy a less appealing colorway out of necessity, only to buy the blackout or whiteout later out of want.

  4. says: mario

    color = cool
    durability = still garbage
    nothing will ever beat real Kangaroo leather…
    “adidas still carter to their fans”
    are you kidding me?
    then they would make a more durable boot if that was the case

  5. says: Delmin

    Not really a Nike fan but I know since the start of the season they’ve released 3 ctrs, 2 Tiempo, 2 superfly and 5laser colourways in black or white = quite a lot

  6. says: channo

    i’m absolutely out of words…….. this is THE BEST predator X colorway EVER!!! the only colorway that could even come close are probably beckham’s tasteful DB series. but this is truly on a different league.
    i only wear white boots -never black. but even i could agree that this is a perfect colorway!

    guess the blackout & whiteout adizero from earlier really sells out good huh?

    i think the message is clear: people are getting tired of colorful mumbo jumbo and their ridiculous names (what was that again?? windchill?? electricity?? parachute?? warning?? volt?? chameleon?? what,, of course i’m still talking about football boots’s colors! it doesn’t sound like i do? well, u got a point there….)

    companies would want colorways as striking as it could be for publicity’s sake, sure. but the terms “not to everyone’s liking” has been a vocab for football boots websites nowadays. i hope this kind of colorways sells real hard, i mean REAL HARD, it gives adidas & nike a kick on their head about what we fans (ultimately “consumers”) wanted.

    adizero already have one, right now i’m wholeheartedly wishing for a whiteout predators 🙂

  7. says: kuuku

    lol, of course nike have black and white boots too. I especially like the black and green laser II.

    However I dare anyone to show me a blackout or whiteout recent nike colourway. When I say blackout I mean BLACK out.
    Not half black, half red……or black with silver and orange or white with a rainbow on the side. Proper super black, with a black tick too. There’s no such thing. I have nothing against nike and nothing for adidas. But so far from what I’ve seen only adidas have the wherewithal to make their sign the same colour as the main colourway, allowing the boot itself to stand out…..I’ve seen it in the adizero’s in the adipure III and now in the predator. Not in any puma or nike or umbro boot. Plain facts mates.

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