It’s here. One of the most keenly anticipated new football boots for a very long time, the adidas Predator_X.

We’ve tested the football boot and you can read our test of the adidas Predator X here – Predator X review


adidas has been producing the Predator for the past 17 years and with this version, the tenth in the series, they have created what they describe as “the most powerful football boot in the world.”

At its heart is the ability to maximise power, swerve and control. To achieve that this time round, adidas has created some bespoke technology for the football boot with the help of one of the greatest players ever to grace the game, Zinedine Zidane.


Speaking about the Predator_X, the former world player of the year said:

adidas predator x zinedine zidane Having worn Predators throughout my career, I’ve always been amazed with the continued product development and what each new version of the boot bought to my game.

With Predator_X, I’ve been working with adidas to help lend my football experience to their product knowledge to truly deliver the next step in boot technology.

As well as using Zidane’s unique know-how and insight, adidas has put the football boot through extensive testing via some of their big name ambassadors so you can expect the likes of Steven Gerrard (if fit), Karim Benzema (changing from his adiPure II’s) and Michael Ballack to wear the football boot this coming weekend for it’s on pitch debut.


Predator X Technology:


A brand new ‘Powerspine’ has been inspired by the revolutionary ‘fingersave’ technology that now exists within adidas goalkeeper gloves. Positioned in the inner sole of the boot, the ‘Powerspine’ minimises the energy lost when players strike a football through a reduction in the “kicking flex” in the forefoot area.

This additional energy is transferred into the ball and away from the fragile ligaments and bones that exist at the top of the foot.

Through vigorous testing the Predator_X is proven to have on average 7% more kicking power than the most recent Predator football boot.



The ability for players to swerve the ball has always been the stand-out technical innovation of the Predator football boot and a new material has been used on the Predator_X to further enhance this.

Positioned on the kicking zone of the boot, the Predator element is a mix of rubber and silicon meaning it is lightweight but impactful.

The positioning of the Predator element has been slightly altered to maximise the swerve players are able to achieve. These changes result in an increase in swerve and a proven consistency no matter what the weather conditions.



To enhance control, it is the belief of adidas that the space between a player’s foot and the top of the boot must be minimal. Optifit technology brings the upper materials in all areas as close as possible to the top of the foot.

Thermoform technology has been incorporated on the side of the boot which acts as memory foam to enable a perfect fit time and time again.

The football boot is constructed from Taurus leather which combines a weather and abrasion proof material with lightweight features. The inclusion of the medial split and mono-tongue provide stability and support.

white black yellow Predator X

Launching alongside the football boot is a full range of Predator X clothing and accessories.

Read the Footy Boots test of the adidas Predator XPredator X review

Retail sale: 14th November

Lead Colourway:
Black / Red / White

Secondary colourway:
White / Yellow / Brown

Price: £135 Rate it: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars6 Stars7 Stars8 Stars9 Stars10 Stars (13 votes, average: 6.54 out of 10)



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  1. says: Paul Monroe

    I’m really looking forward to this footy boot. No matter what Nike try they can never get close to the preds, they are without doubt the best boot about.

  2. says: Harvy

    hmm want to see them now ? well check out the autumn/winter catalogue 09…them seem to have leaked both colourways…and they £134.99….cheaper than the superfly but still over priced for a predator boot

  3. says: Kyle

    Fantastic news, can’t wait for the release.

    Liverpoool fan – adidas confirmed the name Predator X last month. The ‘Trustrike’ was just a development/project name

  4. says: keven

    The current predator is the best pred ever.
    I find this new one just hideious.. Seems like the nike 360’s are superior to these.
    But we won’t know forsure till the release.

  5. says: kaizer

    keven & -said??? i can’t wait till you see what technologies are in this boot, who helped develope it etc Then you will see that X=10th is the best boot ever produced by adidas, that is saying something because adidas boots are the best by far at the moment.

  6. says: KickSprint45

    I can’t get my head round the fact that the tongue is now gone! IMO it was the trademark feature of recent predator boots. Quite disappointed, I think I will buy the Nike Ctrl 360.

  7. says: predatorbeast

    OMG they look terrible!
    what happened? somebody found a lost design-idea from the late nineties? i better buy a third pair of them powerswerves (even though they have the goofy seethrough-rubber mistake

  8. says: channo

    it arrived!!! my predator X has finally arrived!!!

    i kinda hated the classic black-red-white when i first saw them. but when i saw the white-yellow version, i thought “well, it could grow on me”. so what the hell, i order a pair since predator has always been my favorite model.

    i won’t be a jerk and reveal all the details to you people. but this shoes gives me one of the best fit-feel in a long time.

    lesser elements on the upper kinda gives me more of the “F50’s-better control” feeling, without losing “predator’s-more power” feeling.

    anyway, i’ll leave the rest for footy-boots to explain better next week. what i’m trying to say is: some people might dislike its model like i was (it is kinda “different” from any other preds before). but the performance is out of the question, totally superb!!!

  9. says: Aussie Lad

    I have never fancied the fold-over tongue and so this pred is just absolutely screaming at me to buy it. The rubber vamps look improved without looking overdone and it just looks like a nicely fitting boot. Can. Not. Wait.

  10. says: Derek

    When I first saw them a couple months ago I liked them, I love the feel, and I think this one will have more swerve off the outside of the boot.
    Even the Absolions look good this year.

  11. says: fifinho

    i remember there was some adidas training camp thing for youths in the US and Zidane was there involved with it and he was wearing blacked out Pred X’s

  12. says: Hello

    predator is the best power boot. Lasers and constructs suck, they only copy the features of predators like rubber elements, heel counter kangoo leather and so on. The only feature developed by Nike was the assymetric lacing.

  13. says: Jonty Roads

    I was hoping that the truestrikes were a joke and just to get everone off what adidas was really going to release..

    Thos in the pictures look like the boot released 10 years ago.. is that what they going for?

  14. says: Terry Funk

    There is ahrdly any space for personalisation on the ‘tongue’. The original colour so too black there is a tiny bit of red and hardly any white in the promo pics i have seen. IM not one of those people who like blacked out boots. I hope the yellow versions or brighter versions are out soon.

    When is the official date when these will be in the shops. I know info will be out on monday but when will they fit the shops?

  15. says: Chris Faraone

    I can’t wait for the Predator X to come out. However, looking back at the history of the Adidas Predator Boots I ask for one wish. Bring the Predator Mania TRX-FG back. By far the best boot ever made in my opinion. Just reinforce the outside of the foot leathering and there ya go. See what you can do footy boots.. Oh how I miss my manias.

  16. says: rafael

    wow are the pictures that are in the links here the PREDATORS X?!!? if they are they took a step WAAY back! they look like the old predators not that cool.

  17. says: channo

    no i won’t shut up martincillo LOL

    my post couldn’t be considered as a spoiler however u looked at it.
    i’m just stepping up for the boots after some cynical comments thrown towards its model =)

    @Rob: yes there are rumours saying that (WARNING: spoiler ahead). but i’ve seen a couple of players here wearing the same pred_x as i wear (the one we could see on those pics), it could only means that the factory has mass-manufactured it =)

  18. says: Aaron

    THes boots ae terrible,,, They look dust like the adi novs wid the shape but not the same features i think i will stick to the old pred!!

  19. says: Maxi10

    I am a loyal reader of this site. I’ve only commented on here once. Yet, I feel that I MUST now.
    Over the weekend I went to a local soccer store (soccer: Yes – I am American and live in Salt Lake City). I found these already on the shelves. For starters, they could not possibly be any more hideous. They are atrocious. Whomever designed the aesthetics of the shoe should re-think their career path. Having said that…
    I have never, ever put on a boot that felt more natural (especially on a first-time-fit) in my entire life. I am going to buy these TODAY! These boots are incredible. You will feel a boot that fits perfectly. It is incredible to see how comfortable these boots are – really, I mean that. So, if you’re a player that is willing to sacrifice some visual flair in return for unsurpassed fit and comfort – buy these.

  20. says: channo

    exactly Maxi10! that’s what i felt when i’m posting my first reply on this article.

    and for those who already missed the “gimmicks” from powerswerve, the rubber area of this preds are actually better in my opinion. they even enhances those instep-passing just like nike CTR 360!

  21. says: massive attack

    These will look awesome in Black/Gold/White, or in the Champions League Colorway, but the white yellow, black aren’t that great. I want to see a bold colorway from Adidas, like the Cyan f50i!!!!

  22. says: yaseen

    looks like a great boot but for £135, thats a lot of money. Could buy Nike Tiempo III from SportsDirect for nearly half the price.

  23. says: niall

    What the heck have adidas done to these boots look like they’ve been shredded then put back together they look like garbage never buying these

    what has happened to the predators that combine all the boots from the past they looked rather nice?

  24. says: Mati

    they really look ugly on display, but so beautiful on zidane’s feet. they have this adipure-ish look, so the fit may be fantastic. i can imagine them being the best boot to date

  25. says: Raka'

    i think they looked stunning, simple, a bit old school yet functional..
    maybe the designer thought since its predator’s tenth anniversary, why don’t they go with the “old-school, retro-looks”theme..
    it maybe looked different but from my opinion, since i’m a designer, these boots are the best designed predator boots since the accelerator back in 98.
    It’s completely different from all the trends in football boots these days and its quite refreshing, adidas made a brave move with the new predator design and they did a great job. if u say these boots are hideous, u should see nike’s new total 90 laser.. ugly..

  26. says: fifinho

    Raka’ makes a very good point because the Laser III’s are horrendous. I’m a little dubious over this new “Taurus” leather but having said that, they look very comfortable (they have the wrap-around tongue from the adipure II’s) and I’m sure that the technology does everything that it promises. What gets me though is how many people here care about the LOOK of the boot. Are we really forgetting what football is about here people? It’s a sport not a fashion parade. Besides, I’m sure adidas will eventually release a TONNE of colourways for this boot just like they did with the Powerswerves

  27. says: KickSprint45

    I saw pictures of some Real Madrid players in training. Raul and Kaka were wearing blacked out boots; we know Raul’s one was Predator X but was Kaka wearing the too or are they the new Adipures?

    Please reply if anyone knows!

    I previously disliked these boots but now I kinda like it. Another question; do these boots come with the power sole thinge like the old Predators did?

    1. says: fifinho

      To answer your first question: I’m pretty sure I know which pictures you’re talking about and yes I’m also fairly certain that they are the new Adipure III’s due to be released February next year.

      To answer your second; they don’t have a Powerpulse chamber with a shifting powder in it but instead this new Powerspine thing (I’m not sure how it works) which still has the same function and is supposed to generate more power than the previous models

  28. says: United4Life

    They kind of look like adipures but with more features although these look shocking. But i bet they will have the best performance to date by any preadator.

  29. says: J-P

    I’m gutted that sg blades have been scrapped for the normal 6 stud boot.

    I know alot of people that have comfort issues with weight distribution with 6 stud sg boots.
    Theres also a better feel/more control on the ball, with the old adidas sg blades.

    There is the fg option but with the uk weather…..well how much grip/stability will they provide in wet conditions?
    Anybody agree?

  30. says: Meji

    These look absolutely amazing to me. I want them but I can’t see myself shelling out 130 pounds on boots when I have 2 perfect pairs. I know what I’m getting next though. 🙂

  31. says: briam

    At first sight, i didn´t like these ones.Plus, i feel bad for my predators powerswerve cause now they´re outdated.I don´t like this model but i know that player´s performance will enhance with these boots.
    Does anyone know where i can see pictures of the adipure III or something?

  32. says: predator_matador

    this boot is awsome! ive tested 3xs in the past week and it is more then i expected! although it looks like the predator was removed of all its bells and whistles once you put your foot in it everything changes! the powerspyne is, to me, the greatest feature! 20 out of 10 for sure!

  33. says: Raka'

    i think the design of the new predator are fine. form follow function probably is the main idea behind the design. i think it’s well designed, a breakthrough, and a bold statement from adidas to mark their tenth predator generation, a very innovative, popular, and best selling boots ever. its clearly ahead of the trends.. looking to the competitors like total 90, puma v-kon etc (they haven’t released their new design) i think predator_x will be on top of the market and lots of player will change their boots into these new preds (iaquinta, and so on)

  34. says: Reece

    This is the ugliest predator they’ve ever! had, obviously im buying nike’s this year, these look like a running shoe with studs stuck on the bottom, trust zidane to ruin something thats because being so consistantly excellent, obviously the powerswerve technology is improved but these are plain eye sores, i feel for gerrard having to wear this pathetic attempt at predators.

  35. says: Jack

    Adidas boots have been going down in looks (it looks like predator cups) but up in technology, and the advertisment of the predator x up the top shows a powerswerve boot, And finally, Why did they just release a new Powerswerve colourway just before this came out?

  36. says: kaiser

    lots of nike employees making comments here, for all doubters, go and try on a pair, simply the most comfortable boot since copa mundial with the more technlogies than any other boot on the market, sorry Nike, your CTR360’s cannot compete with this one… nothing changes i guess?

  37. says: rdmozero


    it should have better design….

    pooooooooorrrrrrreeeeeeeessssssttttt adidas i’ve ever seen!!!!

    hope adidas quickly make a better design

    but i like with the technology 🙂

  38. says: dNz

    what’s the deal with judging the boots by their looks? are you planning to wear these on prom, or do you want to play football with them? jeez!


  39. says: Ishmael

    What happened to the tungsten sand thing that was there in the PowerSwerve? There doesn’t seem to be any of the weight things like the PowerPulse and PowerSwerve or is it built inside?

  40. says: Johan Oosterling

    Got them in a day early, thanks Adidas. The feel great, but are very thight. Don’t worry make them wet the night before and put shoe shapers inside the boots. Wet them before the warm up and they will mould to your foot. Ensure you put vaseline on your heels to avoid blisters.

    They feel like the 1998 boots I love them.

  41. says: paul

    soy fan de adidas ya q es una de las mejores marcas del mundo.
    tambien me gusta la linia de botas predator y esta nueva version esta genial

  42. says: Jimmy May

    nobody can touch the adidas preds. they are the sickest soccer boot around and i cant wait for the new predator x. these boots are going to be nasty XD

  43. says: thiago brasil

    adorei essa predator x,alias adoro a adidas,acompanho ela sempre,por causa do idolo zinedine zidane,mas queria saber se ela tem na linha futsal?

  44. says: Eamonn Wootten

    @panu The ones u bought were most likely the absolado version. These are obviously cheaper as they dont incorperate the new power spine feature aswell as the other new innovative technology features. Im ordering the blue champions league ones tomorrow! cant wait!

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