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We love a blackout release, and – whilst we’ve seen some greats over the years – the adidas Predator LZ Blackout has to be up there with the best!

adidas Predator LZ - Blackout - Lethal Zones

Ever since launching in a Bright Blue / Infrared back in May, it’s almost as if adidas have been deliberately taking each colourway that little bit darker (with the exception of the White / Prime Blue / Yellow release) until we’ve culminated in an adidas Predator LZ Blackout to cap off 2012!

adidas can always be counted on to deliver a great all-black or all-white release, but this colourway – officially designated as Black / Black / Green Zest, thanks to the branding on the tongue – really stands out as being one of their best examples.

adidas Predator LZ - Blackout - side

We’re not sure whether it’s because we’re so used to seeing the new Predators so audaciously coloured, or whether the low-profile rubberised Lethal Zones just look right when used black-on-black, but we’re seriously digging this release.

What can we tell you about the adidas Predator LZ that hasn’t been said already? Not a great deal! 10g heavier than their predecessors, the adiPower, the adidas Predator LZ are the first Preds to ditch a leather upper for an all-synthetic design.

adidas Predator LZ - Blackout - top

Thanks to this new ‘HybridTouch’ material, adidas were able to pile on more Predator elements than ever before – with 5 ‘Lethal Zones’ designed to augment different aspects of your game.

First Touch, Drive, Sweet Spot, Touch and Dribble are their self-explanitory names, and you can get more info on their performance in our exclusive review.

adidas Predator LZ - Black / Black / Green Zest

Curiously, adidas usually end a boots life with an all-black release – however, at only 7 months old, adidas assure us there’s plenty of life left in the adidas Predator LZ, yet!

Currently on pre-order in the US store for mid-December shipping, a European release is set to follow soon.

adidas Predator LZ - Blackout - soleplate

ADIDAS PREDATOR LZ – BLACKOUT, 8.9 out of 10 based on 81 ratings

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