It’s been a pretty quiet few days in the world of boots this past week, and with no big tournaments over the summer to look forward to my mind started to drift backwards down memory lane to my first boots.

Ideally I wanted to start at the very beginning – my first pair of boots were by a company called Quasar and, despite being endorsed by Gary Lineker, I can’t find any details on the company (let alone the boots) anywhere! So the next best place would be 1994 – the year of the first Adidas Predator.

Being 8 years old, seeing the adverts and hearing the hype, had me begging for a pair of new boots, me and my brother would talk about how amazing predators were whilst watching match of the day, before we’d even seen a pair in real life.

When the start of the new season rolled around my parents had finally caved and bought me a pair of Predator Cup’s.

Predator Cup Adidas

I can still picture those boots right down to the last detail. The now-redundant predator ‘eyes’ logo under the tongue, the rubber vamps which jutted off the boots by a about a centimeter, an upper so sturdy with synthetic it had little or no give.

Truly revolutionary boots, the world had been ticking over with the same Speciali, Mundial, Kings and Tiempos for years with little or no improvement (and this was before new colourways came out every month or so) they were a much needed kick up the backside for an industry that had started to grow stale.

Adidas Copa Mundial

Adidas Copa Mundial

Looking back at pictures of the boots, they simply look like an awkward adiPure with a huge tongue and a few dozen miniature skateboard ramps glued to the front.

With no heel counter, weight distribution technology or lightweight upper to speak of, the only other feature it boasted about was have a mere 6 studs on the sole. But they were magic boots to a world that went crazy for them, ask anyone who was at school when they came out – the playground was alight with talk of these new boots that cost over a hundred pounds, all the best players would be wearing them and they let you kick the ball harder than ever before.

I’d love to regail you with stories of the glory and adventures that me and my new boots had together, but I was 8 and can’t really remember and specific matches (though I do remember our school’s coach giving me man of the match award. Once.).

So instead I want to hear what everyone else’s first pair of boots were; the older crowd will undoubtedly get all misty-eyed when thinking about their first boots and all the adverts that went with them. But it’s the younger readers I want to hear from – being born into a world of mass advertising and ground breaking technology – why did you choose what you chose?

Adidas Predator Rome

The latest Predator, the Rome

So drop us a comment and make all the Footy Boots staff and writers cringe when you tell us that your first pair of boots were the original f50’s, or Total 90 Air Zoom II’s and that you’ve still got your whole life ahead of you!

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  1. says: Aussie Lad

    My first boots….

    Mercurial vapor 5’s, i’m 8…

    lol just kidding

    My first boots i believe were Adidas predator Mania, great boots, the best predator to date.

    I had boots before these but i can’t for the life of me remember :S

  2. says: Arran

    My first pair of boots that I can remember were some Puma Kings in red.
    They ended up spliting at the front from the amounts of “tommy toe pecks” i used to do haha

  3. says: gascon

    I am 24 this year but I won’t forget my first boots
    It had a huge build up to it
    I saw that there was a sale and I could get some boots for 19 dollars(man this was a big amount at my time being jus 9 years old)
    i went there and saw my boots
    looked nice
    my dad looked at it and knew i wanted it
    but he said this boots dont look good son
    he picked up a pair of pumas ( no idea what model)
    they were 29 dollars!
    i said dad too expensive this are fine
    he said no get the pumas they re more famous should be better
    i was in the clouds man
    29 dollar boots
    i was so happy with them
    i polished them every day
    i would do my work and wear them
    any excuse to wear them
    i loved my boots
    till this day
    i only wear pumas;)

  4. says: spike acosta

    ooooh good topic.

    my first boots were the ADIDAS QUESTRA.

    simple boots but they did the job. plus they lasted for ages.

    the football boots of today wont last you a year.

  5. says: Matt

    My first boots, we’re some black and red umbro ones but i can’t remember anything about them but the first boots i remember wearing we’re Red Adidas Predator Touch when i was 6 years old (nearly 18 now) when i got them i think, i got them in 1997 and was so happy when i got them because david beckham wore predators and was my favourite player at the time

  6. says: lewis kane

    17 now but my first pair off boots wer bright orange arrow boots everyone had blue ad black ones but i had orange only pair of orange ones about they wer well nice an i got them at under 6’s but my first pair of amazing boots wer nike Ronaldo(fat ronaldo) 9’s silver and yellow they wer light and shiney but preds are the best nw

  7. says: lfc fan

    my first boots were the adidas predators that were silver with red stripes

    they were around £25 and didnt really enhance performance as i was a kid

    now i want the new adidas powerswerve rome and adidas f50i 😀

    nike have crap quality boots like the part of the boot near your ankle’s material burns away and the boot opens up at the front after a while

    i highly reocmmend adidas because of quality and performance

    i regreat it but i recently bought the lime grreen vapours cauz thye caught my eye :L

    nike= mainly looks, and some performance but bad quality material

    adidas= balance of looks and performance plus quality materials

  8. says: Fuzzy 3000

    My first proper boots were the total 90’s in red and pearl white with the massive 90 on the side, quality!

  9. says: Matt Slater

    Wow, this brings it all back, I too started at about age 9 with a pair of Quasar boots. I remember the logo was a sort or Q design, and it was really raised from the side of the boot. I saw an advert in Roy of the Rovers and was hooked, the leather was as soft as hell, and I remember I scored a goal on their debut (I think that may have been the only one that season). That was a long, long time ago and now I am rocking the Predator Champions League edition (the lovely green, blue, white colourway) I also had the first pair of Ryan Giggs endorsed Reebok boots, all black with some red details on the to symbolise Manchester Utd. This takes me back 🙂

  10. says: kevin

    Well im young. Im 15 going on 16. Hi five to goonerdan, I as well played with totall 90 air zoom 2. Idk. I’ve always stuck to nike. Vapors are my choice now. But I really like the rome f50.9’s. But I guess ill get the f30’s tht way I won’t have to worry about all tht stupid interchangable studs..o:|

  11. says: Derek

    I don’t recall the first pair of boots I ever owned I was 5. But the first boots I clearly recall were white and made by Easton. Which seems odd now that I think about it as I’ve never since seen Easton boots. They do not in any way compare to my current Predator Controls, but I remember thinking they looked sharp.

  12. says: Pablo

    I started really young, about 4 years old… My first boots were the Puma Diego (for Maradona) that my brother gave me for my birthday. They are actually one of the smallest football boots I’ve ever seen!
    I still keep ’em hoping some day one of my kids will wear them 🙂


    1. says: Kamal

      Hi.can u upload the picture of puma diego maradona.that my first boot 1987.the best vintage boot.i miss it very has stolen by someone

  13. says: chadwick

    my first ones were the same as yours matt, the ryan giggs sidewinders i think they were called had a huge reebok logo on the side with tiny red swoosh things quality boots ha ha!

  14. says: Roman

    Can’t remember the name or brand, but they were white leather, and white bottoms. I was the baddest eight year old on the field. Story over.

  15. Well as a Brazilian that was the first ever type of footwear to go on my feet, so I’ll have to go and ask Grampa to give you a precise answer. But the first ever pair I remember with perfection was a pair of Puma Kings, black and white, my dad gave me when I was 10.

  16. says: Kurve

    My boot history from about 1983/84 onwards:

    1984 – Gola (don’t know the model, moulded)
    1985 Dunlop Santos (endorsed by Bruce Groblaar)
    1986. Adidas Argentina
    1987. Puma Replay (Possibly endorsed by Peter Shilton)
    1990. Nike Finale (Worn by Mo Johnson & Charlie Nicholas)
    1991. Lotto Superfield (massive fold over tongue, possibly endorsed by Ruud Gullit)
    1992. Reebok Intrepid (take down of the Reebok Integrity)
    1995. Adidas Predator Cup II
    1997. Nike Tiempo League (moulded)
    2000. Mercurial II
    2002. Nike Air Turbino
    2003. Nike Match Mercurial (best looking boot ever!)
    2003. Nike Total 90 II (moulded)
    2004. Nike Mercurial Vapor II

    I hung up my boots a few years ago now, but may make a the odd comeback appearance, possibly sporting either the Nike Super Ligera or Nike Ronaldhino Tiempo R10 or Nike Ronaldhino Dois as my game is less about speed (I’m too old and the hamstrings won’t cope) and more about touch and precision (in other words I’m lazy and need the comfort).

  17. says: raka'

    i’m 24 now, my first football boots were the adidas f10, the downgrade of the first generation f50’s.
    the black and silver with orange striping for accent.
    really wanted to buy my own predator but, since its so expensive.i buried that dream =(
    agree lfc fan
    i prefer adidas, a big fan of adidas
    i remember when i saw the first adidas predator commercial on tv, damn thats beautiful.
    i once played using the white adidas predator touch, i feel like i’m delpiero/ beckham..
    adidas predator is a revolution in football boots..
    got to admit it

  18. says: Max H.

    hey whats up i’m max and i’m 15. i got my first “real” pair of boots when i was about 11 or 12. Here’s the story. I was watching a real madrid game and saw robinho who i didn’t really know at the time doing his tricks and flicks and having a great game in his mercurial vapor iii’s. To be specific they were the yellow kangaroo leather ones made for ronaldo. I immeiadietely fell in love with the color and the flashiness and somehow convinced my parents to buy them for me. I loved playing in them and people saying things about the birhgt color for some reason. The thought of getting boots to fit my confort needs did not even cross my mind. All i was worried about was how they looked and how light they were supposed to be.

  19. says: Dennis

    my first boots were the total 90 shifts in black and gold, those really burned up my feet until i got a pair of white and blue tiempo legend 1’s.

  20. says: Mike

    15 now, but my first shoes tha I remember were some Puma Kings, black leather, SG, and I was like 6. lol

    But my first flashy boots were Vapor II Cinder or something like that and they changed color in the light and when they were wet. I was the coolest looking 9 year old in the league.

    And like Pablo, I keep all my boots, so when I have kids, they HAVE TO wear my boots lol

  21. says: Pat

    The first pair I remember were the first total 90s. I was probably 10 or eleven and I was obsessed with Wayne Rooney so I asked my cousin which boots he wore and me and my dad went on a quest to find them.

  22. says: Daryl

    My first boots were… the predator absolute, lowest grade… it was the navy blue and silver one

    remember i got it cos many people in my soccer team had it, and it seemed pretty nice to me at the time. sadly bought it a size too big 🙁

    now i’m using lotto vento diablos, probably my favourite so far.

  23. says: Hawk

    The first, proper boot I bought for my own money is what I remember best.

    It was the Nike Total 90 III in gray & white.

    I bought it because I had read in an interview when they came out tat Nike considered them to be best boot ever made, and that they could never top it.

    It also helped alot that Paul Scholes wore them.

    So, a year and a half after they came out, and supremacy’s were the new thing, (I was 12 at this stage) I saved up and bought a pair.

    I spent as much time looking at them as wearing them.

  24. says: Andrew

    I got my first pair of boots when i was around 9, the adidas predator precision (the cheapest model). these were okay, but didn’t fit my feet perfectly 🙁

    I then went on to get the highest model predator pulse (my first serious boot), they were the perfect fit and i loved them so much that i actually wore them for 4 years until for christmas i got the puma v1.08.

    i tried the new predator, but they didn’t fit as well or feel as good as the pumas

  25. says: Kyle

    Loving the stories guys, there’s some really nice stuff in there.

    Matt Slater – I’m glad I’m not the only one who had a pair of Quasars! There’s so little info I was starting to think I dreamt them up!

    Kurve – that’s heartbreaking man, glad to hear you still play every now and then, because with such a detailed history you clearly have a lot of love for footy!

    Pablo – Haha I can’t imagine how proud your kids’d be to step in their old man’s boots, proper vintage!

    Thanks for all the comments guys, love the involvement!

    1. says: Kurve

      Cheers Kyle,

      Would probably still be playing Sunday League now as I’m probably over the worst of my hamstring troubles but alas work commitments usually prevent me nowadays. Still do a turn at 5-a-side just for fun mind, and to show boat!

  26. says: Jose Luis

    I am older than almost everyone who has posted a comment but as I have always been a football boots lover I can tell the very first pair of good boots I had were Adidas La Plata, made in Mexico with direct injected PU sole and soft full grain leather upper. After that pair I have tried Adidas Copa Mundial and World Cup (a least 4 or 5 pairs of each one) Diadora Brasil (2 pairs), Umbro Specialli, Puma King moulded and with detachable studs, Puma King SL (amazing light weight boots, kangaroo upper and great looking sole). Currently I wear a pair of Adidas Predator Power Swerve for synthetic grass and Copa Mundial and World Cup when the pitch is natural. I tried Nike several times, but I do not like them at all.

  27. says: Ahmad

    16 now… My first boots were the Nike T90 Shifts like 2 years ago! Thats when I started to take soccer seriously. Now I got a pair of Umbro Owen Kontacts K

  28. says: Logan

    just turned 20 last month, man i can still remember when i was 4 i played in an old pair of sneakers, when i was about 6 i got a pair of kelmes and i wore the hell out of’m. then a friend of my family, an ex championship team player from england(i want to say cardiff?), gave me a pair of his “old boots” he got new a fresh pair of the latest predators monthly he had a room full of them i got my first predator precisions at age 12 and since then ive owned all of the predators encarnations i loooooooove them and most recently i branhed out and got the black on black adipure even since i can remember boots have changed so much with innovations, i cant wait to see what innovations are around the corner

  29. says: Pyro

    My first boots oh boy I am 15 right now but i remember i got my first boots when i was 6, my grandpa bought them for me, ha i remember they were so cheap all leather brazilian made boots made by a company called Globo

  30. says: Matthias

    The first quality boots i had were predator touch. I’m 19 now and i have had every predator boots there has been except for the absolute. Since i have had these predator PS (had 3 pair of them)i made the step into nike boots. I have had vapors and legends before and actually i liked them very much. Now i play in superligeras vaporIII and vapor V.
    I think adidas will have to come up with something better than the trustrike and the F50 crap to convince me to buy their boots again..

  31. says: Kyle

    My first pair of boots were adidas. I don’t remember the name of the boot just that they were adidas and were so small. I was given them for my birthday when I was 4. My first pair of good boots were Puma v1.06. I really liked them except for the fact that right now they are just and expensive pair of slippers.

  32. says: Munther

    The first boots that i got were the Adidas Predators (Gold and White) That Zinedine Zidane wore in the 2006 World Cup, they were really good boots!

  33. says: adam ahmed

    my first boots were the Predator Mania, beckham wore them in the 2002 world cup, i think i was 6! now i have a pair of metal blade predator powerswerve red ones

  34. says: dale

    im 16 now and for the past 10 years ive bought nike vapour and funnilly enough my first pair of boots were a pair of nike vapour r9,s the silver ones with yellow nike tick and big blue wavey line up the front of them does anyone remember them 🙂

  35. says: Jaymunji

    I bought my first pair of football boots at 16. I know, I came a little late to football. My first pair were a pair of Pumas, no idea what the model is – they’re black with a white outline of the puma logo on the side. I’m 19 now and still wearing them.

  36. says: U. Sharma

    ahh i am 15 now and my first pair of boots were the original nike vapors in chrome. Size 5. I still keep them in the original box under my bed.
    Ever since i have had a vapor in every line and am now sporting the V’s

  37. says: sebastian knoll

    i’m 20 and a true sneaker head. i’ve loved and collected kicks ever since i was a little kid. the same goes with my footy boots.. been playing since forever and the first boot i actually bought myself with my own pocket money was the predator two. i too remember all the hype back then when they first got released. was craaayzzeee!! had to get ’em.
    i also remember having these reebok boots with swurrly studs?? anybody remember those? i remember giggs wore them back then.. what were they called??
    but hands down, my favourite pair of football boots i ever owned in terms of comfort and style, were the predator accelerators in NEON YELLOW! loved how they curved the stripes and after time the kangaroo leather would mould perfectly to your foot. also used to pull the tongue out more over the laces just the way becks did! 😉 would do anything to get them again!!

    was currently wearing tiempo 2’s but just coped the new adipures and can’t waiiiit to try em out this saturdayyyy!!

  38. says: Steve

    My first pair of boots were a pair of red puma kings. I know had boots prior to these but these are the ones i can distinctly remember buying and wearing for the first time. I was about 7 and playing Sunday morning football. I remember turning up to training and the whole team laughing and giggling about my ‘red’ boots. I remember my friend turned up with Green diadoras and we used to wear a red and green boot each. Oh to be young again.
    I still wear the more basic boots and have owned adidas copa mundials, tiempos, umbro specialis and the kings. Although my first boot they are not my favourite and i find the most comfortable reliable boot, which i have been using now for a few seasons (now 21 years) are the Nike tiempos.

  39. says: tom96

    At 8 years old I bought a pair of Predator Pulse’s (the 2004 version) They were a great boot, the leather was very durable, perfect for kids football!

  40. says: Marko

    love the memories. Absolutely adored Gary Lineker as a kid, so i also at about 7 had a pair of Black (as all boots were in those days) Quasar boots – with a Purple and Yellow Q logo on one side – some of the best boots i have ever worn!

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