Adidas Predator Champions League Football Boots

Adidas Predator Champions League Football Boots

Adidas Finale Athens BallTomorrow’s Champions League Final in Athens between Liverpool and AC Milan should perhaps be renamed the Adidas Final, as the German football boot maker not only sponsors both teams, but also will be supplying the match ball, the Adidas Finale Athens and the game will feature two of Adidas’ top players, Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard and Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, better known as Kaka of AC Milan. The two Adidas players are expected to play leading roles in the game, as both have had outstanding seasons so far, with Kaka heading the list for the Champions League Golden Boot award.

Kaka and Gerrard’s New Adidas Predator Football Boots

Adidas Predator Absolute Football Boots

Taking advantage of the estimated global audience of over one billion people, Adidas has chosen the final to showcase the launch of it’s new football boot, the Adidas Predator Absolute in black and white, which will be known as the Adidas Predator Absolute Champions League, replacing the previous red and white colourway version. Clever thinking by the boys from Herzogenaurach, even though the release date for the new football boot is 12th July 2007, a full 7 weeks away! Both Gerrard and Kaka have been spotted in training wearing the black and white football boot with gives a tantalising clue as to the styling and performance we can expect from this new generation of Predator football boot.

Adidas +Predator Absolute Champions League Football Boots

didas Predator Absolute Champions League Football Boots SMLThe +Predator Absolute features PowerPulse technology which shifts the centre of gravity closer to the point of impact. For even more power simply insert the PowerPulse insoles. Want the lightest Predator ever? Then it’s a matter of moments to swap.

PowerPulse technology was developed in co-operation with the University of Calgary and delivers the sort of sweet spot science more usually found in golf clubs. Scientists found that shooting with these boots increased ball speed by 2% compared to the most recent Predator, or by 5% compared to a standard football boot.

Adidas logoThe boot comes with two insoles, one with a specially positioned 40g weight and one without. The weight, which has been moved from other parts of the boot, sits behind the foot at the point of impact creating maximum power transfer. The interchangeable insoles allow players to customise to their needs, providing the most powerful Predator ever, or the lightest.

The radical re-design of the boot also applies to the Engineered Predator Technology (the famous rubber fins that create the power & swerve) resulting in a striking new look and snug fit.

Price: £130

Release Date: 12th July 2007.

Our Verdict: An exceptionally classy and impressive colourway and design for the new Adidas Predator Absolute which is a worthy successor to the Champions League edition and worthy of being premiered at the showcase Champions League Final. Adidas is clearly hitting back and hitting back hard following their rivals recent launches, and imperious performances by its stars Kaka and Gerrard could see the new football boot hit the stars on its launch!

See images of the Adidas Predator Absolute Black and White football boots.

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  1. says: tom

    hey will there be any at all on sale b4 the offical release date? ok doubt it , haha , but what if u pre-order it cant cum b4 ?

  2. says: J stoves

    Does anyone know the official relaease date ? I phoned adidas and they said 16 th July however they said 14 th July 2 weeks ago , is this true as my nephew is waiting for them.

  3. says: ANDREW


  4. says: ryan

    i finally got the black silver and yellow predators and they are brilliant. they are wicked comfy and i hit wicked good free kicks these are the best colours so get these if you need new boots

  5. says: Darryl

    Gosh, i bought this weeks bout 1 month back and the heels came off a little after wearing them for the 5th time. it’s my second pair of predator absolute but the heel problem did not happen with the first pair.. but, i still love the predators

  6. says: kai

    i am currently waiting for the red white and silver boots to come in the post, can anyone tell me how they are and where are they made?

  7. says: Oscar

    I have these Predators with the same color and they are the most comfortable boots I’ve ever had, and I have had Total 90’s, Nike Tiempos, and Mercurial Vapors, so I would say Adidas right now has the most comfortable football boot.

  8. says: abdul

    please is there anyway for you to help me to get the 2007/2008 season preditors football boots becaues. i have tried the new one but they not as good as the old ones, but please for god sake i beg you if you have any left in yuor store i would like to have them for the original prize pleaese

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