adidas plan to make trainers costing just 1 Euro for people who cannot afford to buy shoes.


Unlikely to be less than a pound, an adidas trainer.

The scheme is due to start in 2010 in Bangladesh and takes its inspiration from Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, who suggested the “social business” project to the firm.

It is not known yet if the shoes will have the Adidas three-stripes label on them, or be sold under a different brand name. Runau said it had been suggested the shoes not be branded at all, but this was being studied. ‘We’re just at the beginning,’ he said.

The good news is that they have agreed to make the shoes on a non-profit basis, selling them at no more than the cost of materials and manufacturing costs.

This initiative will help adidas improve their image. Only last year adidas were slated for allegedly paying Chinese factory workers low wages.

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  1. says: james sim

    intresting,its a rlly gd idea fer the less off, ppl go around in £60 trainers, fer a quid is superb, a support tha any day

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