adidas NitroCharge 1.0 - First Impressions, Hands-on Video and unboxing

Arguably one of the releases of the summer, everyone’s'¬†curiosity'¬†seems piqued by the adidas NitroCharge 1.0.

Where does it fit into the adidas line-up? What’s other boots is it meant to perform like? Is it worth having a fourth silo?

And whilst, after only a week or so of testing, we might not be able to answer those questions just yet (but expect a little more on that next week), we are in a good position to give you some first impressions and a little of what to expect if you pre-order a pair. Via the Footy-Boots.com store, of course.

They Look Great – The Blue Beauty / Electricity / Black colourway is a home-run for adidas, in our opinion.

Though the layered mesh does make them look a little sparkly under some lights, if that sort of thing is a dealbreaker for you.

They Have a Forgiving Fit – Rather than the technology restricting fit like the elements on the Predator LZ, the NitroCharge 1.0‘s main features actually make them easier to mould to your feet.

The mesh midfoot and quarter will break in and stretch with no qualms, whilst the rubber EnergySling and uninterrupted KangaTouch give the Nitro‘s the most suitable fits of all adidas’ boots for players with wide feet.

They’re Built Like a Tank – adidas obviously saw the danger in creating a football boot for a tough-tackling centre-mid made out of so many components.

Which is why they’ve done everything possible to make sure they’re built to last. The toes are re-enforced to prevent soleplate separation and double-stitched along the seems, whilst the mesh is really glued onto the soleplate. So much so, it’s a little untidy on places like the heel counter, but if it means they last longer – we don’t mind one bit.

The EnergyPulse Does Soften Up – One of the main concerns we highlight in the video is that the adidas NitroCharge 1.0‘s new EnergyPulse in the forefoot is a little rigid out the box.

Having played an hour in them, it didn’t effect break in at all (they’re good to go out of the box) and does begin to bend a little easier, whilst still feeling like it packs a punch when shooting.

Between those points and the video, that probably covers most of our first impressions on the adidas NitroCharge 1.0.

But – as always – we’ll have a full written review on the way soon, and if there’s anything you’re keen to know more about – hit us up in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer any queries or questions you have.

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  1. says: Darren

    Was a bit disappointed that the EnergySling’s main purpose is to lock the foot in place, was expecting a new material perhaps with higher rebound properties to enhance power on shots, in line with their “energy” tagline.

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