Adidas Won’t Compete With Nike For Germany Deal

Adidas could be set to lose their sponsorship deal with the German national side to arch rivals Nike.

Adidas Nike Germany SponsorAdidas have been the proud sponsor of the German national team, since the Adidas founder Adi Dassler first deployed screw-studs to the German side in the 1954 World Cup (Adidas, the first screw in football boots). They are set to lose their ties with the German team now due to an offer by Nike which is reported to be five times the Adidas offer.

Nike’s offer is worth almost 67 million dollars each year over eight years from 2011 onwards, which is five times higher than the 10 to 11 million Euro’s the German football association currently receives from Adidas.

The Adidas chief executive Herbert Hainer criticised the Nike offer. He told a German daily it was “madness” for Nike to offer so much to a football federation.

“If we were to do that everybody would say they’re crazy at Adidas,” Hainer said.

However Hainer was still hopeful, “It is the wish from both sides that the cooperation continues, there is more than just financial considerations to the company’s partnership with the German Football Association. A partnership of this nature has a lot more components, including joint marketing activities,” he said.

The German Football Association has said it would look at the Nike offer before holding talks again with Adidas.

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  1. says: Kaizer

    Oh no !!! It’s truly a nightmare!!! I can never never think and imagine about Germany being sponsored by Nike? Hey, it will become a challenge to Deutschland pride! A truly DEUTSCHLAND pride can’t be bought by JUST SOME FEW BUCKS LIKE THAT (only $ 67 M? Bah… how shamefully is DFB accept that, except if Nike offered sponsorship fee like $10 Billions).

    DFB msut consider about the long past history about ADIDAS & GERMANY, how Germany prevail in wc 54, 74, 90 without help from Adidas !!!
    Nike ??? bah… only Brazil that prevail (no surprise cuz there is too many super world class talented player) even when Italy change their sponsorship over Puma, they can win WC (what about when italy being sponsored by nike ???)

    It’s the only abbout money thing that will prevail ???

  2. says: nazree malaysia

    I can never never think and imagine Germany being sponsored by Nike? adidas is Deutschland pride! say no to nike..

  3. says: danielMilano

    hey NIKE,u were no shame to ofered such bozo’moneY to DFB
    wel,in this case i sees nike try
    to take ADIDAS proudly country&
    tp revamp their labels,cos i am veru sure nike is boost in Germany..nd evrybody knows that
    dfb IS well connected to Adidas
    if, DFB try to get Nike bargain,
    Germany Fusball Bund should be
    SHAME,their pride is changedWit
    the money..please rmember it.

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