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With all the leagues coming to an end, Adidas’ teams have truly taken the top mantle in Europe. Think for a moment… Champions league, Europa league, Serie A, Bundesliga, La Liga, and Premier League! All won by Adidas branded clubs, Incredible.


Now with Summer 2017 upon us, Adidas has recently updated two of their boot lines. Let’s take a perspective look at what has actually changed.

The revamped X 17 line

The 3 Stripes have decided to roll out their 3rd installment of the X line right before the start of Summer 2017, and a lot of people are asking what has changed?

Well, not much actually. When it comes to the name, The prestigious x17+ has been re-branded as the PureSpeed and no longer the PureChaos.

In terms of the materials of both boots, small adjustments such as a smooth upper finish have been implemented. Many would think because of the colorway it’s an upper that’s perforated or has holes punched in but its simply black dots part of the colorway. The thickness and shape of the upper remains the same, the stud pattern remains similar as well. On the 17+ PureSpeed, many are stating that the fit in the midfoot where the lace cover is, has been tweaked and adjusted slightly for a better and closer fit.

If something is good, why change it? Well Adidas found their X16 to be rather successful and have simply adjusted it and re-branded it with a X17 name. More of a X16 V2 if you ask me, but I will not be one to judge. The boot looks fresh, crisp and simple, which I really like from Adidas.

All new Nemeziz Silo

I honestly don’t even know where to begin, brand new silo and brand new concept. Adidas took inspiration from the use of medical tape wrapped around the foot and created a boot that is, well, made from tape.

The elite laceless iteration of the boot is named the 17+ 360Agility, and it is the most expensive retail boot on offer from Adidas at the moment.

Adidas Nemeziz Boots

The forefoot of the upper is made from Adidas’ Agilityknit 2.0, a newer improved version of the original Agilityknit found on the previous Messi 16 boots.

The rest of the boot is made up from the tape like material in which Adidas got their idea from. The Nemeziz branding is made from a compressed and non flexible version of the tape, offering lock-down and support. The forefoot where the laceless system lies, is made from a stretchy version of the tape so that you may slide your foot in and allow it to then wrap your foot when in place.

The laced 17.1 version differs in the lacing area, where the stretchy material from the laceless model is replaced with laces and an alternate material that will hold your foot tighter once laced up.

Both boots offer a low cut ankle design that now implements Adidas’ new V-shaped collar. Some people who may worry it’ll cut into their leg and cause rubbing are not at risk as this part is made from a very flexible material that hugs your ankle properly and comfortably.

The stud pattern is very similar to that of the Messi 16 line, however Adidas did tweak it slightly and alter the angle and shape of some studs as well as the torsion bar in between the forward and back studs.

Overall, a very unique design and colorway for release and an equally unique concept to go along with this new silo.

So that’s about it for the new introductions from Adidas at the moment, a slightly adjusted version of the X16 and an all new crazy design for Mr Messi to run by defenders in. Hopefully we’ll be seeing these on the feet of other talented professionals and soon to be legends of the sport.

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