Adidas Football Boots – Predator Vs F50 Videos

Adidas launch three videos featuring Lampard, Kaka, Diana and Kalou
Adidas continues it’s ‘Predator Vs. F50’ football boots campaign with the release of three new videos featuring Frank Lampard, Kalou, Aimo Diana and Kaka. Our favourite is the Golf video, which sees AC Milan’s Kaka and Palermo star Diana on a golf course using an Adidas football, showing a variety of footballing skills which perhaps they should leave on the golf course!

The second video clip showcases the exquisite talents of two Chelsea football players: a happy looking Frank Lampard battling against Salomon Kalou on a thumb ring – you’ll have to see the video to see who comes out on top, but would you bet against a heavyweight like Lamps even in a thumb ring?

View the Frank Lampard Adidas Video here.

The last clip involves the golfing partners Kaka and Diana sitting round a table having a cracker eating competition and is the funniest video of the lot, well it cracked us up!.

View the Kaka’s Crackers Video here.

About the Adidas Predator vs F50 Campaign
The campaign uses the two different football boots Predator and +F50 TUNIT to identify two unique styles of football. This divides the world of football into two different teams: Predator or F50. Predator embodies teamwork, determination and precision, where as the F50 team favours flair, flamboyance and speed.

Read more about the Adidas Predator vs F50 Campaign.

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