adidas Fluid and Etch Pack

adidas Fluid and Etch Pack

Fluid and Etch are the latest Limited Edition boot packs from adidas.

adidas have a fresh new look for their lead silos the ACE 16 and X 15.

Dubbed the Fluid and Etch packs, the X and ACE shoe will be available in each pack and on a limited edition run.

Fluid Boot Pack

adidas Fluid ACE-16


Dark and deadly, black is the chosen colour of The Fluid Pack. No colour is used on this boot, anywhere, it’s blackout.

The Fluid Boot Pack has a unique design as the upper is created using a process that takes a semi-fluid metallic pigment and runs magnets over the boot to manipulate the liquid and create patterns and textures. The pigment then freezes and sets to create a dark metallic, light-catching material.

Etch Boot Pack

adidas-Etch-ACE 16

adidas Etch ACE 16

In stark contrast to the Fluid Pack, the Etch Pack is pure white.

The Etch boot was designed to offer the ultimate expression of a pure football boot. Constructed using only K Leather, with no additional constructions or additions. As a result, this football boot aims to provide high levels of comfort, with the material naturally light and soft to provide that K Leather fit as if moulded to the foot. The traditional K leather upper was then given a futuristic design by etching the surface for a unique texture.

The designer’s challenge was to create an affected surface but not to destroy the leather with the laser etching process.

  • Soft premium K-Leather upper
  • X-CAGE midfoot reinforcement adds stability without adding weight
  • NON STOP GRIP (NSG) adds texture to the upper for your touch
  • Revolutionary X-CLAW stud configuration allows for quicker cuts and greater acceleration
  • Laser etched 3-Stripes and adidas brandmark
  • Outsole designed for firm and artificial ground


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