When it comes to Champions League match balls, adidas have got a winning formula – and show no signs of fixin’ what ain’t broke with the gorgeous new adidas Finale Munich!

adidas Finale Munich - Official match balll of the 2012 Champions League Final

Using the same flawless star-panelled design that adidas have relied on for Champions League match-balls since the Finale X, the new adidas Finale Munich is more evolution than revolution.

Officially designated as White / Slime / Cyan  / Indigo succeeds the Finale 11 as another visually exciting match-ball for possibly the most exciting match of any year in Europe.

Other features of the 2012 Champions League final ball include thermally-bonded panels for a more stable flight and reduced water uptake and a PSC textured casing, for perfect aerodynamics and perfect contact between boot and ball.

It goes without saying that the ball will get it’s first official use at the Allianz Arena in Munich on the 19th of May 2012, and the winners of the match-up will earn the right to use the new adidas Finale Munich in all of their home Champions League fixtures for the following season.

A worthy new ball for the biggest game in European football?

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  1. says: Sam

    Can’t wait to see the matching CL boots that should be on offer, a Slime/Cyan/White AdiZero would look amazing, with a Cyan/Indigo/White Predator and a White/Slime/Indigo AdiPure to finish the range

  2. says: Hondo

    Personally I think that the preliminary qualification stages, group stages and then knock-out rounds should use a black and white Adidas Finale ball with a coloured one made bespoke for the final itself. It would give the ball more prestige and indeed, if Adidas are clever they could limit the ball to say 2012 (quantities by year) units to really make it commensurate to the enormity of the final itself. Although then again companies gouge us enough as it is so I probably should take that marketing schtick back.

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