adidas Finale 14 | Champions League Match Ball 2014/15

adidas Finale 14 - Champions League Match Ball 2014-15

As UEFA get set to draw the group stages for the new season of Champions League football, adidas have officially revealed the football they will be playing with: the adidas Finale 14.

After sneaking into a few ads (including the Predator Instinct viral) and the qualifier games, adidas have unveiled the official match ball of the 2014-15 Champions League season with some rather tasty imagery.

adidas Finale 14 - Champions League 2014-15

adidas have once again retained the core design of the ball that has served faithfully since the Finale X in 2010.

The adidas Finale 14 boasts star-shaped panels, which are thermally-bonded to reduce water uptake.

Additionally, a textured finish allows better control in touch conditions and allows for a more true flight thanks to it’s aerodynamic properties.

adidas Finale 14 - Detail

The graphic design this year marks a first for adidas, with the adidas Finale 14 having two clearly defined left and right sides.

Whilst the same colour, the design is mirrored – this dual approach represents the rivalries between the competing teams in this year’s tournament, with coloured panels facing off in explosions of solar red and solar gold coloured shapes with a black background.

adidas say the design of the ball highlights the moment of impact between two teams when meeting each other on the pitch.

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