f50i ad unit

It’s amazing what you can find when you are walking around the streets of London.

This adidas poster was spotted by Footy Boots personnel on their way to watch the Uefa Cup final between Shakhtar Donetsk and Werder Bremen on TV on Wednesday night.

Adidas F50i marketing

Luckily, despite having consumed more than a couple of sherbets, one of the team had his wits about him and snapped us a picture.

Under the banner ‘every team needs the spark’, the poster looks to be the start of an adidas campaign for the F50i.

As for the player in the poster, there are 1 or 2 clues to his identity and although we know who it is, we’ll let you figure it out for yourselves.

F50i poster

This is the beginning of a marketing blitz for the F50i, you can be assured that Footy Boots will be the first to bring you the latest developments as they happen. Check the F50i article here.

f50i ad unit

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  1. says: fred

    the f50i’s are already out in the black market… someone tried to sell me a pair for GBP100… and they are the real deal… i dunno how they got their hands on it…

  2. says: Kyle

    Tasty Stuff!

    Was the poster purposefully destroyed?

    I’ve seen some leaked pictures of these and I think they’ll definitely be a step in the right direction for the boot.

  3. says: Fenboy

    I hope this is the beginning of a decent adidas build up to the F50i.

    adidas have done some great marketing around big compos (the Euro 2008 stuff was excellent) but they’ve been a bit lacking on individual boots.

    Bring it on!

  4. says: adam

    Ok there is two points on this poster:
    1.The player in the poster is Lionnel Messi because if you look on the shorts of the player you can very clearly see the argentinan crest and excuse the pun,Messi is the poster boy of the f50 boots.

    2.On the adidas football website there is a section on it where it is intitled every team needs …so in this interpretation it is every team needs a spark and i’d presume this is a marketing stunt from adidas to prepare the auience for the introduction of the f50i and i would also assume that they will be worn in the champions leauge final in Rome where new boots usually debuted,the mericular vapour IV SL springs to mind from last year.

  5. says: adam21

    There are two pieces of info in the poster.

    1.The player is obviously Lionel Messi because the players shorts obviously show the argentinian creast and Mesi is (excuse)the pun the poster boy of the adias f50 boots.This will lead to my next point

    2.Adidas are using this poster as a marketing stunt to stimulate hype before the uefa Champions Leauge final and this proves my point that the player is Messi because he is in the final not the other Argentinian Higuain,whos club real Madrid were made look ordinary by a sintilating Liverpool performace.Also the biggest stage in club football is also used to advertise the latest in football boot tech,the Mericular Vapour IV SL worn by Ronaldo in last years final was the big talking point among football boot fanatics last season so I presume that Adidas are hoping the same for these new f50’s too.

  6. says: jesse

    awsome totaly getting them the best f50 ever with real leather uppers like adipure better studs sockliner and lighter and more flexible chassis

  7. says: Aussie Lad

    There is also a video out, starring the talismatic Zizou, just search for it.

    FB editor note – the F50i videos can be found in the Footy Boots Video

  8. says: legend!

    I dont fink it is Messi cus if u look at the players left arm he has a tattoo round it and from wat i recall messi does not have a tattoo!correct me if i am incorrect!
    wkd boots but especially in the blue, F.50s excellent boot, always have been and hopefully always will be!

  9. says: ill-d

    hmmm, has anyone seen this poster up not torn?

    i wouldn’t be surprised at all if they purposefully posted it up then tore it up, specifically the face….otherwise we wouldn’t be having discussion over who that person on the poster is! (its got to be messi)

    oh btw, i really like this new version of the tunit line. its like they took the last tunit, added some vapor, and a dash of copa mundial ;p

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