With the Adidas F50.8 TUNIT only being on the shelves for a few months, we’re surprised to find that the next generation of TUNITS are awaiting an imminent launch.

Kitbag 545

The Adidas F50.9 TUNIT is the latest model in the successful line of F50 football boots.

The F50.9 is the fourth generation of the F50 TUNIT concept and features both outstanding modularity and the innovative and transparent “AllesKlar” (“All Clear”) element.

Top players around the globe have already started wearing the new F50.9 TUNiT football boot on the pitch and in training. Including Lionel Messi who has his own signature F50.9 the Messi F50.9.


F50.9 TUNIT Spec

* The cooling comfort of CLIMACOOL meets the high-performance adaptability of TUNIT. Tune your boot to match the pitch, the heat, your skills and style.

* Upper: Additional synthetic upper supplied. Additional CLIMACOOL upper supplied.

* Lining: AgION antimicrobial. Stops odors, bacterial and fungal growth.

* Inlay: New exchangeable pre-molded TUNIT Standard Insock for premium support and cushioning. New exchangeable TUNIT CC Competition Insock for maximum weight reduction and breathability. New exchangeable TUNIT Standard Chassis for premium support and cushioning.

* Outsole: Additional set of SG cleats and HG studs supplied. TRAXION FG for grip and comfort on firm natural surfaces.

Kitbag ADI BRSizes: 5 to 13

Colours: Black / Neon Yellow / Running White

Retail Price: £ 120.00

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  1. says: Toby

    I like how the “sweetspot” of the boot is. It looks like it’s made out of some different material, it’s probably like that so that you can run better with the ball in wet conditions. I would get this for that, I always run with the ball and I always wear my Total90’s for that, but if these help you run better with the ball I’m definitely going to buy them.

  2. says: Grant

    These shoes look very cool, but i wish adidas would focas more on the inside of the boot and try to maximize comfort and stability. I have twice been louered in by the f50s cool and sleek looks and each time i wore them i experienced extreme discomfort and pain in my feet.

  3. says: rob dp

    i hav the calf leather f50.7 & needed new insoles with maximum arch support. tho i dont know whether to sell them and buy a pair of Pantofola d’Oro Football Boots or stick with the f50.7 for 2years because thats how long they will last. anyways im really disappointd with the f50.9 as i thought theyd be fully changed from the f50.8. a lack of shiny graphics would hav been preferable.

  4. says: Tony H

    just a update of f50.8 with different stripes, i loved the f50.6 and f50.7 but i think i will be using the adiPURE over the winter as the tunits are no good when its wet because of the synthetic upper and i cant imagine them to get better unless they do a half leather like the original F50’s from a while back (before f50.6)

  5. says: aj

    these are the 6th generation of f50’s.

    not fourth.

    they started with the black and silver ones, then developed into the spider edition ones, then the tunit concept came in, f50.6, f50.7,f50.8 and now f50.9

  6. says: Ahmad

    no one really seems to answer the question on when the F50.9 come out and where can I reserve a pair or buy one can someone put a link or website to where I can buy a pair thanks

  7. says: mark

    dnt get me wrong, i do like f50s but does no1 else think these look pretty much the same as the previous design, just now its got yellow stipes in a different direction?

  8. says: mark

    Dont get me wrong i like f50s but does no1 else think that these look pretty much the same as the last design, just with yellow stripes in a different direction. The shape hasnt changed at all its just another way of adidas trying to rip people off

  9. says: daniel

    guys there currently out i think to only canada cause i checked the us adidas site and they dont have them on sale there so i you live in canada u can get them at then search f50.9 there about 240 dollars with shipping comes to around 300 dollars i got these a couple of days ago their sweet.

  10. says: ben rees

    I bought f50.8’s in august and love them. only person ive seen with them in yellow. now they bring these out just b4 xmas. guaranteed they bring more out for the start of next season aswell. new boots all the time. their not even any different, make you play any different, feel and different to the f50.8’s. but it makes u want to get them because otherwise your mate will have the new ones and yours will be old already! sucks big time adidas! not impressed.

  11. says: Quaresma

    dude they already came out with a couple of colourways the messi’s are gonna be released in january though and the champion league a while later

  12. says: Keil

    They are a nice looking boot, but shockingly made.
    Great concept from adidas going back to the traditional swapping the studs idea.
    I bought a pair of black leather f50.8’s start of this season, to wear them once, and the sole crack directly across the middle, injuring the underneath of my foot.
    I am now sporting the leather lazers, honestly guys, dont waste your money on adidas

  13. says: Taylor B.

    If the likes of Lionel Messi and Ashley Young wear them, i sold. the people that crack the bottom of this shoe in half must have bad weight distribution on their feet or something..

    1. says: Alex Turowicz

      Most pros proabably dont really car what boots they wear, boots are boots. Messi and Young wear them bacause adidas pays them to wear them.

  14. says: Hugh

    Look Keil,
    do you really think we care about what happened to yours? As Taylor B said Lionel Messi and Ashley Young use them so they clearly are amazin. Does anyone else agree with me that these look so much better than the vapors? I was gona buy the vapors but now I’m defo getting these.

  15. says: kevin

    Mahn I don’t care what anybody says these look the same as the previous ones. For me, I always stick to vapors. Been using the series for 4 years now and tunits don’t compare to my lazers or mercurial 4’z.

  16. says: Hugh

    to be honest it is like playstation and x-box. Your either one or the other and at this point in my life I prefer F50s whereas others prefer vapors. We can argue all day about it but in the end we are not gona change our minds and by the way addidas are no where near as bad as Nike with changing style and colour to an identical boot. There are so many vapors now that if you have the white ones you look old school. These F50s are the limited editions and they are awesome. However I hope they dont bring out new ones in january cos i just ordered mine in white and red!!!!

  17. says: mitch miller

    k i had the same problem as keil
    my tunit .8 cracked on the sole
    im not fat im in really great condition
    but playin at a high level and trainging 5 times a week they just cracked under the constant use
    i am now using vapors

  18. says: youmutha

    I swear whoevers F50s soles crack u must have serious health issues, or, you dont look after them, any boot can get ruined if you just throw them around, or use them eccesively. Ive been using F50s my whole life ive never had a problem with them. But i must agree that they havent really done much work on it and they are useless in the rain.

  19. says: The voice of reason

    ok so basically these are the same as f50.8 and only cause they have a silly little strip on them and adidas think they can call it any different to previous ones? come on wake up people who think these rip offs are better than mercurial vapor sl’s NO WAY!! if you have a past look at the mercurial line spanning 10 years ago each year they have improved their designs and been better than the last, while adidas have this 6th installment of F50 models looking the exact same as the last, nike by far are more original and so far no one has talked about comfort yet….adidas boots are extremly uncomfortable and you would think it would only cause its the first use, but the pain repediatly continuoes! and don’t go saying that oh its just cause yu have fat or wide feet cause it has nuthin to do with that!!!! and besides why do you think nike make their boots so expensive? cause they know they can take the risk because they are the best brand in sport out there and everbody buys them while adidas sell them for cheap and don’t make to many in order to not lose money!! to sum it up adidas stinks NIKE RULES!!!!!

  20. says: roque

    yes, u can use them with f50.9 uppers! f50’s are more for flick flack skilled players while mercurial’s are for showboat glamour they are helpful if u play with lots of stepovers, rabona, etc..(likes of; Ronaldo,Nani,Robinho…) and its evident, for e.g, look at brazil or portugese glamour players they wear mv’s & arg or euro based playmakers wear f.50 (likes of; Messi, Podolski,Villa..). So if ur a samba style player go with mercurial’s & if a euro style quick player than wear f50’s!

  21. says: ANDREW

    i have these and they are amazing, they are much different that the .8’s the velcro strap is way better for doing your shoe up and the new material on the outside of the shoe creates a way better touch and feel on the ball and they are so comfortable.

  22. says: ryan

    HOW MUCH DO THEY WEIGH!? (cant find the answers anywhere!)

    and i think these probably are better for playing in.., see if you look at the front of these boots side-on, the font of them look much more practical for kicking and getting you foot through the ball than the fat rounded shape of the! i think the consept of being able to change the studs to astro worthy boots is brilliant!

    and btw, my friend managed to snap the middle of these boots aswell. dont bother calling them fat when my mate has a six pack an plays for scotland(y)

  23. says: Angelo

    messi es el mejor del mundo y el 27 de mayo sera campeon de champions el barcelona, y yo cumplire mi sueño por q creo en mi asi q preparence por q voy a hacer grande 😀

  24. says: jose marquez

    these r amazing shoes i just gott the f:50.9s there so comfortable and light but i think they fit better on a wider foot then a thin foot

  25. says: Mick mc

    Just bought a pair to go with preds I’ve got. Whoever
    Said adidas boots weren’t comfy is daft, predator are faultless.

    F50’s are slim fit on foot whoever asked if u have wide feet wouldn’t recomend them.

    Haven’t played in these yet but have had 2 x pair of vapours recently and they are ridiculously uncomfortable. Ruined my feet for a while, blisters everywhere. As for predator and total 90s, both equally good In my opinion. T90s more heavier slightly but not noticable and both comfortable.

    Adidas cater for slimmer feet though so for wide feet get total 90s slim get predator, can’t say whether these are good as haven’t played in them but I had very first f50’s n loved them so guessing these will be fine

  26. says: Thybris

    Ik ga die voetbalschoenen kopen met mijn bon dat ik heb gekregen maar in een ander kleur(die schoenen) in het rood/bruin
    en ik vind het Picco Bello
    en ik ben super blij !^^

  27. says: farid

    hey ive got a pair of F50i macaw greens, is it possible i can put the uppers of f50.9 or f50.8 onto the chassis and studs of the f50i?

  28. says: Ross

    I have bought two pairs of vapors and they are extremely uncomfortable, i have been looking for something new, I play striker and i normally dribble through players and make powershots. I am looking for lightweight shoes and good for accurate shooting. Are these cleats for me?

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