Adidas F50.8 TUNiT

Adidas F50.8 TUNiT is the latest football boot launched from Adidas.

Introducing the Adidas F50.8 TUNiT football boot, the third generation F50 football boot.

f508-football boots

Adidas F50.8 TUNiT

Like its predecessors the Adidas F50.8 TUNiT is an interchangeable boot. You decide on the elements of the football boot to match the conditions you are playing in and your personal preference.

See what the ‘boot geeks’ thought of the F50.8 TUNiT…..

Options available to you include;

– 5 coloured F50.8 uppers, with 3 different materials

– 2 different chassis

– 3 stud systems

– 2 insoles

f50.8 football boots

The new F50.8 TUNiT also features a transparent heel/bottom unit called “Alles Klar” (All Clear), it aids stability, reduces weight.

Get your first look of the football boot in action during the Champions League games starting on the 19th February.

Arjen Robben has trained on the football boot and said “I’ve used the new boot once or twice in training and I think it’s a big improvement. It’s comfortable, more flexible and light, which is what I like.”

Players: Lionel Messi, Djibril Cisse, Jermain Defoe, Ashley Young, Arjen Robben, Javier Saviola
Price: £120
Availability: 3 March 2008
Colours: White/Blue – Black/White – White/Blue – Red/White – Purple/Gold
Sizes: 5-13
Weight: Varies, guide @ 330g

See what the ‘boot geeks’ thought of the F50.8 TUNiT…..

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  1. says: Carnall2006

    I still think the origional f50’s were the nicest. The balck ones with the yellow on the side and sole. I have a pair still and they are by far one of the best boots i ever had. They should have stuck with leather i think. I had a pair of the f50+ and they were nice too but the pair of f50.6 that i had was no good. The whole boot design was poor. The studs and sole everything about it felt cheap. They should be careful that the f50 range doesnt go down the same path that the preadtors did. I still feel the origional few preadtor designs ares till the best.

  2. says: bobpzero

    <span>Alles Klar thing i doubt will give any stability looks more like a lack of a heel counter. pity there was no improvement in the studs. tho big improvement for the shape of piece that covers the velcro and laces. </span> what did you mean by <span>"They should be careful that the f50 range doesnt go down the same path that the preadtors did."</span> think they should have ditched the sythetic leather for k leather

  3. says: Carnall2006

    I just mean the first pair of f50’s i think they was called "Yellow Sun" Had the K Leather Upper. I still have my pair now and they are still excellent boots. I think as soon as they went to Synthetic Leather they was on the downward slope. The Predator ranger started brilliant. In my opinion the Percisions and Mania are probabally the closes tot he perfect boots as you will get. After the Mania models they decided to produce boots that seemed lacking in quality. The only good leather you got on the later boots was on the top of the range models and professional player hand outs. I just think that sometimes football boot producers now look for appearence and not quality. I also think that they should look back to there flagship models of there boots and maybe take a few steps back to go a lot more forward. Look at the Adidas world cups mundials puma kings Umbo speciali’s all amazing boots and so simple!

  4. says: bobpzero

    wonder if it would make a difference if we had a worldwide petition to send to football boot manufacturers to produce boots based on quality leather not colour/appearance.

  5. says: Carnall2006

    Do you agree with what i am saying? If it’s just me then i apologise for wasting everyones time but it’s just my personall view.

  6. says: bobpzero

    i do agree with what your saying. it would be better if adidas and the rest of them would take notice instead of us just ranting on about how good boots used to be. That they should use that past knowledge across the range instead of producing the seperate types speed power and touch/heritage. at least there is Pantofolo d’Oro they really dont like david beckham.. have a look at the list links at the bottom of the page.

  7. says: Carnall2006

    <font>Pantofolo d’Oro now theres a boot! Nice Japan world cup edition Manias. The last good predator boot! I’ve just been given a pair of Umbro SX Blackout. Theyare seriously nice! I’ve only ever had Umbro specalis but these are nice too! I’ll see if i can get a picture up for you. I’m going to e-mail the administrator ask him how we can go about getting an online poll togeather see how many other people agree with us. </font>

  8. says: Carnall2006

    I use the Adidas 2006 world cup editions i think. We got loads sent through at the club i play for so i just wear what we are given! What boots etc you wear? I’m putting some up on ebay soon i think got so many piars and knowhere to put them!

  9. says: bobpzero

    shinguards? i wear the adidas f50.7 leather boots. i had got the uhlsport <span>vyper flex shinguards but the stitching bits attaching the foot strap to the ankle guards irritate the ankles. so im considering </span><span>Sondico Titanium Shinpads</span> or <span>Sells d3o Contour Shinguard</span>. or would slip in shinpads be better?

  10. says: Carnall2006

    Yeh i use the world cup editions these ones. I tore my ankle ligaments in a gamw while i was wearing ankle protectors attached to my pads and the pain taking the off in the hospital was unreal so these are slip in and not the one with ankle portectors attached. i dont see the point in the ankle protectors now. I feel more free without them and enjoy not using them more now. Where you from by the way dont know much about ya!

  11. says: KANISHK

    FIRST OF All, sorry about this uneven cAps lock thing…my keyboARD’S GONE CRaZY. I am not into much of boots thing but I aM SOON GONN TRY BUYIN An f50 thingy…whaT IN YOUR OPINION IS GOOD FOR ME. ALSO F50.8…IN THE NET, I M PLaNNING TO BUY All paRTS SEPaRAtely…so are there specific studs for f50.8, if it is….pleAse emaIL ME aT [email protected](REMINDING THE KEYBOArd problem)

    1. says: tony

      the best place and price for f50.8 is aca sports just got the new green ones for my son orded on the 8th july got them on the day they came out 10th july

  12. says: Rozza

    yo boys….i love f-50s…i buy them every time and have done for years and they never disappoint…i think your missing the point with the synthetic leather…yes it does make the boots look cool but you can feel such a sleeker touch on the ball…look at the players that wear them……
    i do feel like a bit of a sucker when i have to fork out for a knew pain when the soul and outer material come apart

    1. says: ck

      dont bother, absolute waste of money. played 2 matches on the prolite chassis and sole and both heels plates cracked in 3 places, also adidas accept no liability on this. be warned

  13. says: robbo

    alrite people

    just seeing people complaining about f50s boots saying that the older ones were better, well sorry but times have moved on, synthetic is the way forward. So your telling me that old leather boots are better than nlight new ones?

    problems with synthetic ,break easy ,durability is a question.

    adv of synthetic , light, sleek looks good

    what more do you want?

    1. says: danny king

      yea i wore mine for the first time last night in the rain

      firm ground studs

      and my boots were wet through inside!!!

      what can i do about this?

  14. says: Jack

    I dont like em, bought em a couple of days ago and they keep giving me blisters, I think its cos of the thing at the back, GET LEATHER ones if your buying or just get a pair of f50.7s theyre better

  15. says: james

    i have the white and gold version and they have to be the best pair of foot ball boots i have ever had but i had nike merucials and they where ment to be light but they are no where near as light as the F50s
    plus these boots are 100% more stylish

  16. says: tim

    i love my geen f50.8s but the chasis keep bracking its reli annoying so if u want to buy a pair dont but if u haave money to keep replacing the chasis’s then they r da boots for u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. says: Connor

    With the F50 line, can you interchange all the parts. like for example could I take a F50.8 upper and use it with the F50.9 chassis i got with my starter kit or would i need to buy a new chassis and effectivly a new boot. And are the studs different for everyboot (I know they are for he new AdiZeros) but do i need different components for every upper, chassis and studs???

  18. says: Pablo

    This was the worst spent money in my life. Shoes are uncomfortable.
    After I bought them, I have to buy new insoles, because ones which was in package were a completly disaster. If I could turn back time, I would choose Nike Talaria or better Nike Vapor.

  19. says: Jose Caballero

    i bought a pair thru soccer com and all i received was the boots and tools and studs, but did not get the insole where the studs will be screwed to. whe can i buy just the insole

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