Launched on New Years Day 2011, here are the ultra light adidas F50 adiZero Prime football boots.

adiZero Prime

Leo Messi in the adiZero Prime.

We’ll dive straight into the nitty-gritty of this launch as there’s much to discuss about the adjustments that adidas have made to the adiZero Prime.

Weight & Technology

First of all the F50 adiZero Prime’s real highlight is the weight, or lack of it.

The adiZero Prime re-instates adidas as manufacturers of the worlds lightest football boots, tipping the scales at a unfathomable 145g, knocking a whole 20g per football boot off the original adiZero.

Secondly, the reason behind this weight-drop; the new upper. Dubbed the adiTwin Light, this newly designed material is exclusive to the adiZero Prime (sorry Leather fans, no option here!) and is once again a single-layer synthetic for optimum comfort, ball feel and, of course, weight-reduction.

adiZero Prime

(click the boots for bigger images of the adiZero Prime!)

Next is the TPU bottom frame. We know that adidas are real fans of TPU, having used it in the original adiZeros internal support bands, and we see it here again in the form of the dark coloured ‘rim’ above the soleplate and below the upper.

This handy feature will take the strain away from the upper and frame (which – due to the forces exerted during a match – are constantly trying to move in different directions) and result in a more durable, comfortable pair of football boots.

F50 adiZero Prime

Finally adidas have also clearly left no stone unturned on the adiZero Prime, employing lightweight (and bulletproof!) Kevlar laces to ensure that every last milligram of unnecessary weight has been shaved off these sharp looking football boots.

adiZero Prime Launch

Lionel Messi AdiZero Prime

As you would expect, adidas lined up Leo Messi to star in the launch of the new F50 adiZero Prime.

The campaign was centred around a ‘heist’ where the public were asked to help find Messi’s F50 Adizero Prime football boots.

The timing of the campaign was ideal, as Messi had just been awarded the FIFA Ballon d’Or award.

adiZero Prime – Spec. Highlights

– 5.1 oz. of pure speed!
– The adiZero Prime was developed on a high-speed last.
– A super soft, yet duarable adiLite single layer design (no foam, no lining).
– Light-weight, strong Kevlar laces
– TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethanes) support bands for stability
– Two sock-liner options, one ultra-light and one for comfort
– TPU Sprintframe outsole with Traxion for speed and acceleration
– Comes with boot bag, spare laces and football boot cloth

adiZero Prime – Design

The launch design which adorned the adiZero Prime will also appear on all ‘standard’ adiZeros as well as the F30 and F10 versions, giving the adiZero hierarchy a distinct similarity to Nike’s Mercurial Vapor family.

The easiest way to spot a Prime is that it will use three contrast colours for the studs on both SG & FG, in comparison to just the one or two on the standard version.

Sizing: 6 – 12 (UK) 7 – 12 (US)

Weight: 145g

Availability: Pre-Order started in January. 15th Feb 2011 regular sales. Click the banner at the top to order yours now.

RRP: £210 / $300

What do you think,'  everything you hoped for, or is 20g not a big enough weight drop to tempt you?

Use the comments field and get your voice heard!

ADIZERO PRIME, 8.8 out of 10 based on 415 ratings

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  1. says: brian

    The boots look awesome!more confortable than the adizeros. I dont like the name though,kinda long. They should call them only adizero II or something.
    It seems that adidas doesn`t waste time right?always thinking about something new.

  2. says: AdamLeng

    Does anyone know when they will be released?

    I see someone further up says 2nd Jan 2011. But it must be after this date as none of the stores have them on pre order yet?

  3. says: Kaiser

    @Mike Edworthy, stupid comment because the Prime will be 145 grams, reduction of weight comes in the upper. Retail launch is 1 Feb 2011.

  4. says: sam

    Way too expensive? They may be pricier than the adizero’s, but at least they are a massive improvement, whereas a Superfly costs more, and is, lets be honest, cr@p when it comes to being a pure speed boot.

  5. says: channo

    great! maybe now i could kick bullets with my laces??!!

    well, probably not :p

    anyway, what i didn’t like the most from this boots are not its price, and not its “only-slight” weight reduction, but it’s design!

    with all those stripes and lines, somehow the boots reminds me of a transformers-kinda-robots (we could use a little more pics of the boots from extra angles footy-boots), it doesn’t really resemble a speed boots.

    i mean, try looking at the superflys or umbro GT. their slick upper and minimalist design will tell you that its a speed boot -just looking at them already makes me feel speedy!

    anyway, nice effort by adidas bringing lightness to the next level 🙂

  6. says: Danny.T

    Guys don’t doubt footy-boots!! The primes are 145g 😀

    Adidas have also released new regular adizeros which are still 165g

    The primes are basically adidas’s version of the nike elite series…. awesome, but too expensive for you average joe 🙂

  7. says: BiyiAdetunji

    The only bad thing is the price, the adizero primes will set you back around ÂŁ260, but the normal adizero version of these will cost around ÂŁ140, im still trying to discover the defferences between the 2 as the only noticable one i can see is that on the primes, the studs are more than one colour on this but on the normal adizero version, the studs are all black.

  8. says: Mark

    I’m guessing the adiZero II is just a re-painted adiZero whilst the Prime is the one with the Kevlar laces and new upper described above.

  9. says: E@zy

    I think a) this is a direct attack on the superfly and b) Adidas wanted their crown back from Puma. Killing two birds with one stone, typical German efficiency.

    Now, all that remains is a challenger to the CTR360. Be afraid Nike, be very afraid.

    I predicted a 20g drop, man was I right! Puma could probably do the same, but the really need something like 30g to be outright winners and that might take a while… Nike don’t seem to be doing anything about it, but I do’t know what happens behind closed doors…

  10. says: Norbert

    Wat is wrong with this site? every time I comment or ask the geeks a question, my question is not answered and my comment not posted! I hope that this one appears! The Geeks, plz answer my questions it cant take you six months to answer a question! Such a nuisance as appart from this, i luv this site!

  11. says: LR

    I don’t understand the price raise at all. 20 g lighter and it shoots up 200$? And how much of a difference is there if adidas is still making the Messi colourway in the original adizero. One of the reasons that the original adizero was so popular was the fact that it was half the price of the superfly. Way to ruin a great boot adidas.

  12. says: Tyler

    Is it possible that the reason that the test boots look different is because the adizero prime are like the adidas version of nike elite boots? If you look closely from the pictures above and the picture posted by Duncan Keogh are slightly different. Look at the outstep of the boots on the one picture they are black and the other it is orange. Also the studs are diffent colors on the primes and the other ones are just black.

  13. says: ricardo7

    The prime is just another way of helping rich pros think highly of themselves. It is also another way for Adidas to attempt to take down Nike. To be honest, if I was going to spend 400$, I would buy Superflys, not this ugly crap. The design is terrible, and quite frankly its a mystery to me how they could make the original any lighter, or uglier. And in reality for people who still are sane the Puma v1.10 is the lightest boot under 400$. And in a different mindset, some people actually don’t like light football boots. They increase likelihood of injury, and increase the amount of energy needed to strike the ball at full power. But that’s off topic. This boot will be a hit with pros, but a fail for everybody else. Adidas turned their back on their fans with this price and you should all be disgusted. Their only hope of redemption is if the Adipure SL, the new equivalent of the leather adizero, is low priced.

  14. says: bob

    -20 grams off of the 1st adizero. not bad. elite price, very bad. adizeros were a hit last 2010 not just for the tech it offered but for its competitive pricing!
    maybe nike nudged adidas to price their boot evenly to see who’d sell better if they were equally priced…?

  15. says: Cadmonkey12

    The price isn’t double…$299.99 at $100 more than the regular adiZero but still $100 lss than Superfly 2’s.

  16. says: Leo

    Let’s be honest here, there are really only two competitors in the speed boot category, the Nike Mercurial range and the Adidas F50 range. For as well as the Adizero’s done I think Adidas may have shot themselves in the foot, with the pricing of the Adizero Prime. Good thing they’ve got the kevlar laces.

    A big part of the appeal of the Adizero’s was that you were getting a lighter boot than the vapors, for a fraction of the price. Nike have tried justify their pricing by extensive research into flywire technology, adaptable studs, carbon fibre or glass fibre soleplates. Now Adidas are trying to do the same with their pricing due to the single layer synthetic upper, the TPU frame and now kevlar laces.

    Comparing the materials of both, I’d have to side with Nike saying that the materials and technology used, do a better job of justifying the price, with more research and better quality materials than Adidas.

    I think Adidas are going to alienate those customers that went for price over quality of boots and in turn Nike will be picking up those customers again. Or is there an opportunity for a more reasonable priced brand to pick up those alienated customers.

  17. says: Jay

    absolutely spot on with the design comment. They are freakishly ugly. Simplicity signals light, not lines and crap all over the boot.
    I don’t own a pair of Adizero’s but have tried holding them in the store, and they already feel Nonexisting, like if you sat on your hand till it went numb and got blindfolded I’m not sure you would be able to tell if someone put that boot in your hand, and with that said, those 20 grams is purely Marketing to get, too young to know any better kids buy these boots for double the price.
    If all this lightweight is so fantastic why do the top players not wear them. Messi wear the leather version, and I have only seen CR play in the superfly II FG once, which was in their debut, where he BTW switched at halftime to an old pair of Superfly with SG studs.
    All this weight talk is just what the boot manufacturers want, while most of us would play much better in Leather boots, even adizero leather.
    With that said, man these are some ugly boots, looks like they were designed by children.

  18. says: channo

    @Norbert: geeks never answer mine too, so i just gave up on him :p
    about the comments though, probably u should try changing your browser. since nobody i know got any problems with that.

    for me, speed boots are getting more and more ridiculous. they use F1’s carbon fiber, NASA’s foam, SWAT’s kevlar, they started to sound like a bloody hollywood action movie!!

  19. says: bob

    messi uses the leather version, so they’d probably release a leather one for the messi f50s… CR does use the superfly 2, just with a mixed-stud sole plate.

  20. says: Charles T

    I saw those boots back in June with my friend(a middle schooler!) and he said that he got those from an Adidas executive his dad knows. I thought he was bluffing but now I guess he’s right!

  21. says: kuuku

    I find it amusing guys going on long pro-nike rants about how nike has “better” materials etc etc. I don’t own any adidas boots myself and I respect nike for their kanga-lite material and maestris . As a largely neutral observer it is clear that adidas are providing the customer with what they want while technically innovating and catching attention. Nike just do the latter two and don’t seem to cater to customer feedback in terms of colourways and innovations, doing what they want and expecting everyone to like it as show with the laser redesign, the superfly redisgn, the maestri redesign and the upcoming tiempo redesign (flywire and kangalite people, can that be called a classic boot anymore? *_*) Of course it is necessary to innovate and push boundaries but sometimes ou need to admit a mistake and go back to the drawing board as adidas did with the f50 line and adipure IV (made it more like the adipure 1 many people claimed to like). All companies have to innovate, but while not forgetting or alienating football boot history.

    You are totally misunderstanding the prime. It is basically adidas saying ” What? Puma have a boot lighter than our adizero?. Well then, let’s make a boot even lighter than that at all costs” And that is the adizero prime. Kevlar laces?! Obviously kevlar is not cheap but what do adidas and the pros care? They have the lightest boot title back and this is a big thing. I prefer this innovation approach to nike just thinning the upper, putting more carbon fibre and raising the price. Yes, that’s right, think carefully, all of nike’s “innovations” apart from int he maestri have to do with carbon fibre….then they charge you $200 extra dollars. Adidas are not much better in this respect but whatever they did, it worked, they have the lightest boot, while even with all the carbon fibre nike is not pushing any boundaries.

    However adidas are not stupid. (you know how people always clamour for blackout and whiteout boots? well which company released just those exact colourways in a popular boot? ADIDAS.

    They know people love the adizero beacuse it is cheaper and lighter than the superfly and so apart from the prime there also exists the adizero II which is the same price and lightness of the adizero I. Just with different graphics so it looks like the prime because these days people seem to care about looks a lot and few can tell the difference between $400 primes and $200 normal adizero II from just looking. That is the main reason for the garish design.

    Adidas are bringing out normal adipures and predators as well as “super light” adipures and predators. In this way they are able to keep up with the brainwahsed public clamouring for lightweight boots while staying true to their core and roots. Imagine guys, full k-leather adipures almost as light as adizero, satisfying the “light” crowd and the “comfort/protection/touch” crowd……you won’t have to imagine for much longer……

  22. says: kuuku

    hehe, took me only 10 minutes; sorry for writing that much. I just had all the info in my head….I’m becoming a true boot-nut. ^_^

  23. says: Fifinho

    You guys do realise there is still the “ordinary” adiZero which is a fantastic boot at a resonable price???

    No ones forcing you to buy the “top level” version -.-” some players (like me) don’t like a boot that is too light

  24. says: kuuku

    @ Fifinho. That was the crux of my overly long comment. THis boot is just to regian the lightest boot title. Adidas haven’t lost their minds and the “ordinary” adizero will still be available and competitively priced.

  25. says: channo

    agree with my man kuuku there -always came up with good thoughts.

    i just can’t get it how come nowadays’s new breed of football boots always came up with this tasteless designs?!?!
    (prime’s multi colored studs are just totally retarded. they looked like a candy store and reminds me of a hillbilly farmer’s tooth arrangements xP)

  26. says: Wales3987

    adizero’s are terrible – both the original adizeros I bought and the replacement had issues with the traxion studs where the top right stud fell off during two seperate games of football, if adidas could gurentee durability for ÂŁ260 I would buy them – but from prior experience ill stick to other brands.

  27. says: Splinter09

    With my speed and these new AdiZero Prime I’ll be fastest left back ever. That is after Roberto Carlos, Ashley Cole and a few others. LOL

  28. says: welshboy

    Weeehheeeiii i’ve got them:) i am 14, and i got them 4 my birthday on the 8 February:) they are incredibly light, and btw have you heard about the adidas adizero rs7? They are more 4 rugby thow:L they weigh 165g, the same as the old adizero’s!:)

  29. says: Spidi

    I had the adizeros and I got the adizero prime, the prime version is a lot better because it dosen’t heart your toes and fells a lot better when you wear it rather when the original ones.

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