Life is all about choices, and adidas seem to understand that.

adidas f50 adiZero Leather

When we put out our exclusive review on the adidas f50 adiZero, our main complain with this football boot was, that if you were used to a classic leather feel from your boots, the adiZero’s SprintSkin might be a little bit slippery and frictionless.

But as adidas have (nearly) always done with their f50 line – they’re offering up a choice between SprintSkin and leather!

Available to all three of the launch colourways: Messi’s Chameleon/Electricity, World Cup Black/Sun Yellow and the reversed Sun Yellow/Black the leather option weighs in at a mere 10g more than the SprintSkin version.

adidas f50 adiZero Leather

While we’re not sure how adidas have managed to get a leather football boot to tip the scales at a mere 175g (we’re yet to rule out the involvement of wizards) we’re sure that there are many players the World over who are thrilled at this choice offered by adidas, as the leather uppers on previous f50 models have always been wildly popular.

However, if we were to be overly critical, we’re not entirely sure how much we love the ‘stop-start’ effect of the leather, as the boot switches between synthetic towards the heel, and leather towards the toe and instep.

We know that this was probably a choice made by adidas in order to keep the weight down, but the beauty (and indeed, one of the unique selling points) of the adiZero is the fact that the upper is a single piece, which helps, not only the feel and fit of the boot, but also it’s integrity as stiitching is kept to a minimum.

adidas f50 adiZero Leather Yellow

Here’s the tech specs of the boot one more time:

Lightweight Construction

The Adidas F50 adiZero TRX FG is the world’s lightest football boot. Weighing in at only 175g, the F50 adiZero FG provides athletes with an ultra-lightweight fit.

Sprint Frame

The Sprint Frame technology designed by Adidas is featured on the outsole of the F50 adiZero and is incredibly lightweight. Sprint Frame also helps increase stability through geometry.

Increased Speed

The Adidas F50 adiZero football boots are the ultimate high speed boot. Utilising Adidas TRAXION technology, the F50 adiZero features a brand new stud shape that helps provide maximum acceleration on the pitch.

TPU Bottom Frame

The TPU Bottom Frame of the F50 adiZero helps provide for ultimate durability and performance. This helps increase stability and reinforcement while increasing protection against abrasion in the kicking area. Improved bonding between the outsole and upper also provides for improved durability.

Internal TPU Support Bands

The internal TPU Support Bands on the F50 adiZero help provide increased stability and support, and reinforce a single-layer upper material. These bands also provide important energy savings and increase comfort.

Agion Anti-Microbial Technology

Adidas has also included the Agion anti-microbial technology for improved protection against bacteria.

Agion’s recent advances in technology make it possible to build antimicrobial properties right into the surfaces of products ĹĄ so the products themselves fight and kill microbes. An antimicrobial product is literally self-cleaning, inhibiting microbial growth around the clock, day in and day out.

Cost: £124.99 / $199.99

Release: May 24th 2010

So now its official, let us know what you make of the F50 adiZer0 football boot in the comments below.

ADIDAS F50 ADIZERO LEATHER, 9.2 out of 10 based on 171 ratings

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  1. says: Fifinho

    I heard somewhere that the leather versions don’t have the internal TPU bands as the leather upper is strong enough by itself to not need the extra support? Can someone clarify? thanks 🙂

    As a side note I’m also amazed at how adidas achieved that colour-changing effect (Messi version) on a leather upper. Well played 😉

  2. says: James


    You’re right about the TPU bands. I wonder how long the Messi leather color will last? I guess as long as you take care of the boots. I love the shoes but why can’t companies stick to black and white boots?

  3. says: Rory

    At first I was a little off-put by the stark transition between the synthetic and the leather upper, but then I became nostalgic over my all-time favorite boots with similar construction… the original F50s! The kangaroo upper with the coarse “mesh” wrapping back towards the heel was odd at first, but gave an amazing fit and touch. Something tells me that these boots run in that same superb vein.

    I want them. Now!

  4. says: Pratyush Patodia

    lightweight,leather version,futuristic colourway,great pricing!
    the adizero has completely won me over…i can’t think why anyone would not want these.

  5. says: Greg Elkins

    I almost crapped my pants when I saw this! 10 grams lighter? that’s incredible. I have to agree, wizards must have been involved.

  6. says: Connor Wallace

    @pepper: lol agreed mate. but i feel like adidas might look into offering some kind of tunit reincarnation next year when all the old styles are clearanced away.

    i cant wait to get these on my feet. the biggest problem is going to be deciding what material… and what colorway. unless these babies dont fit for some reason i think adidas has finally talked me into one of their cleats

  7. says: Miguel Rosario

    Does anyone know where to get the Leather Version of the Sun Yellow AdiZero’s? doesn’t sell them :/

  8. says: Hawx

    Just a quick thought – seeing as leather will expand with use (I always by my copas half a size smaller and they’re perfect after two or three wears) how will this affect the adizero’s?

    Would be shite if after two or three weeks the front of the boot was no longer as tight and glovelike as the rest of the boot.
    Anyone tested a pair long enough to find out?

  9. says: seany boii

    amazing boots mmust have new white black and pink ones but i cant decide leather or not,pls help im losing hair

  10. says: daneil

    i have the leather adizeros (chameleon) but i think u need cream for the leather and i have matches coming up does enyone no where to get the leather cream and can u put it on ur adizeros or do u need spesific cream eny ideas send me the link of it if so.

  11. says: steve

    Did anyone see Higuan’s boots on Sunday night against Mallorca ?

    He was wearing leather white adizero’s, that were just black and white ?
    Are these his personal ones or are they soon to be released ?

  12. says: Razberry!

    I have been searching for some time now for leather chameleon/white/electricity in (soft ground) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do they do em!? I need them now please! Me thinks leather is a must for centre midfield as tackling is a must! And soft ground as i live in England! ha

    I can skin a player from pure pace! I’m being greedy and want more!

    Hope every1 likes these boots and scores a few beuties and skins a few…………obviously the boots did it! haha

  13. says: dan590

    the ultra light f50’s are made with so much technology in them that the thin material is made very strong and will protect from mass colissions

  14. says: Vinayak Sharma

    best boots ever…lionel messi also uses these as his cleats….leather just weighs 10 grams more than the synthetic version….but i don’t care  cause they are of half price as compared and they have got a better feel and control with the ball….it also amplifies the power applied on the ball during shooting…thumbs up ADIDAS…you rock…

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