Featured image of the adidas F50 adiZero

One year on from the launch of the last F50, it’s fair to say the adiZero has caused a revolution. The last 12 months have seen the adidas miCoach rolled out across all three of adidas headline silos, with thousands of players uploading an comparing their performance metrics on the platform.

Returning to the boot where it all began, adidas are rolling out the new generation of adidas F50 adiZero.

F50 adiZero

Whilst the first adiZero reinvented lightweight performance, and the second brought in the miCoach, the latest generation of F50 is all about precision engineering.

With all the materials and design elements of a truly great football boot at their disposal, adidas have spent the last twelve months finding out how to mack the boot ‘tick’ better; improving durability and performance without sacrificing any weight.

F50 adiZero - vivid yellow / black / green zest

Yes, the weight remains at 165g, but adidas have once again done more with less to maintain the benchmark set by the first adiZero. At 1.5mm thick, the new Sprintskin is a class-leading synthetic, thin enough to maintain a natural contact without foot and ball.

adiZero III

SprintWeb returns in the form of a'Β new 3D printed graphic encompasses the surface of the boot, improving friction for better control and instinctual touch whilst dribbling at speed and providing stabilised construction.

adidas F50 adiZero - vivid yellow / black / green zest
Top view of the Leo Messi in the adidas F50 adiZero

Finally the SprintFrame – the chassis that changed it all for adidas – is back; reenforcedto be stronger than ever, the third generation SprintFrame, according to adidas, is the final piece of a ‘perfectly balanced boot’.

As with the previous generation, the new adidas F50 adiZero will be fully miCoach compatible. The specially-designed cavity in the SprintFrame will safely house a miCoach SpeedCell which records performance metrics and statistical data such as'Β top speed, distance covered, and active zones.

Leo Messi in the adidas F50 adiZero
Launching first in a new Vivid Yellow / Black / Green Zest colour way allowing wearers to own the spotlight. Football fans will get an early preview of what the boots can do when the F50 series main-man Leo Messi, exclusively debuts them in the UEFA Champions League against Celtic on 7th November.

But, from mid-November onwards the rest of the world’s adiZero superstars will get in on the act; Dani Alves, Karim Benzema, David Silva, David Villa & co. will dominate the game in the adidas’ latest design.

adiZero - vivid yellow / black / green zest

Landing in stores worldwide from 3rd December 2012 in Vivid Yellow / Black / Green Zest, will you be placing a pre-order for the new adidas F50 adiZero? Let us know in the comments!

ADIDAS REVEAL NEXT GENERATION F50 ADIZERO, 9.1 out of 10 based on 1 ratings

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  1. says: shiv

    these are gonna be sweet- i hope they release it at a decent price and not at stupid prices for a boot like the superflies-you get what you pay for but still.

  2. says: Arsalana

    the adipures will come out for 200 dollars, a surprisingly cheap price for me, but i fond out that its because they dont have carbon fibre like the superflies. nike knows that they cant make a shoe lighter than the adizeros, but i mean, wen im playin ,i dont care whether my shoe has carbon on it or not, only that its the lightest

  3. says: Alex-10

    The vapor 1 and 2 where nice, the vapor’s 3 i think where the very very best and most beautiful boots, the 4’s where great to but now i have the superfly’s in blue and the red/silver and yellow/black vapor’s , i played the superfly’s for 3 games and already they are losing their paint (????) and the two pairs of regular vapor’s are already showing major cracks and damage after 2 trainings ;( i’m switching to adizero‘s i think. the quality of the mercurial’s isn’t great at all!

  4. says: Gus

    @ oye the AdiZero’s are spped boots, so not for strikers- otherwise your ok. I really like these!! Hoping to get em next soccer season, already got good boots. Go ADIZERO!!

  5. says: nadeem

    ive just got inside information that these boots will actually weigh 20 grams less than the current mercurial vapor superfly 2`s

  6. says: gwr

    there are loads of rugby players wearing them and they have been wearing them for the last 2-3 months at least – they include Doug Howlett of Munster and New Zealand, Ma’Nonu of the Hurricanes and NZ, Bryan Habana of the Stormers and South Africa and many many more especially Kiwi’s – maybe it has something to do with adidas being the head to toe sponsor of all NZ rugby teams and international players (their players were wearing the predator X almost a year ago!) – of course all are blacked out versions but still easy enough to spot!

  7. says: Splinter09

    God Lord, first time in my life I went straight into the comments section. All this time Adidas and you launch a freaking ugly football boot like that one. I’ll read it through now but come on this new Adidas F50 ADIZERO are damn ugly. Feel sorry for Messi and that lot that will have to use it during the World Cup and maybe the whole of next season.

    Adidas you might as well hand over th football boots business to Nike and Puma. These F50 Adizero’s are worst than the Puma V1.10.

  8. says: Aussie Lad

    Needless to say, I’m stoked with all of this buzz. It’s getting me very excited. A mate of mine is receiving his soon, so I will be very keen to test them out. I fancy them a lot, they are very strong contenders for my next boots.

  9. says: Hibee

    love these boots! remind me of the old ‘nike mercurial vapor i’ just a light weight boot no silly stud system.
    well done adidas!! (though i will be waiting on a review just in case there are any issues with the upper ripping)

  10. says: Perry Groves

    In general I like these. I think the proof will be in the play test. Will they be more comfortable than Superflys? And also will they provide better durability and comfort than Superflys? And which boot gives you the best traction? They look like they could accomodate the wider foot too so an interesting move by Adidas. Must say I dont like the design or coulourways much. What is going to catch your eye at the World Cup, CR9 pacing down the line in the new Superfly Elites with their Orange flash or Messi in some dull purple boots?!

  11. says: Aussie Lad

    The feedback I have heard has been good, most of the people I have spoken to have said that for comfort, fit, feel, and pretty much everything else, the AdiZero’s blitz the Superfly’s. (Plus, they are selling at a price I very very much adore compared with it’s main rival)

    It will be interesting to see a play test, is there one lined up Footy-Boots?

  12. says: Geo

    Awful looking boot. Between the uniforms and boots that were released prior the world cup, adidas has done an awful job!

  13. says: Connor Wallace

    im fairly sure that messi will end up with the leather f50s as opposed to the puple sprintskins. but adidas may very well make chameleon purple leather for their little spark. at least they wont have to put up with their main sponsors wearing the f30 anymore lol

  14. says: preds7

    just some facts for all these “Nike is the best” boys out there:

    Weight:28% lighter than Vapors
    22% lighter than Superflies

    Price: 30% cheaper than Vapors
    55% cheaper than Superflies

    Enjoy your Nike rip-off!

  15. says: Mo

    At last its official!

    These boots rock and will be the summer sensation on Messi’s feet.

    Love the look of the Chameleon colourway.

  16. says: Cade

    The only way that these are that light is if the upper is like paper thin. That would really suck if your new adizeros tore on the first training seasion

  17. says: hunter

    First off the studs look terrible! Second they look cheap. Third they took the best part out of the f.50 the tunit
    Is would say the vapor is a better boot even though it’d slightly heavier it has better studs fight flywiire carbon fiber nd it looks half decent

  18. says: Perry Groves

    Right while we are on the subject of weight, heres a summary:

    Adizero range:
    F50: 165g
    F30: 255g
    F10: 200g

    Mecurial range:
    Superfly 2: 210g
    Vapor 6: 230g
    Miracle: 240g
    Glide: 260g

    So for the best value for money for the lightest boot you would have to opt for the new Adizero F10 and then the Adizero F50! What is that all about!

    I have the new Mecrurial Glides TF and I must say they are heavier than my old pair of Mecrurial Veloci TFs by about 30gs and its noticeable. They may claim to be more comfortable but havent noticed that yet.

  19. says: E@zy

    I wanna see the Soft ground version. I want them for my footy season. I don’t mind not looking good on the pitch as long as I play awesome! I see the Nike fanboys in the Vapors thinking they are all quick, and I blast past them, give em a shock. πŸ˜€

    Perry, how come the F30’s are heavier?

  20. says: Connor Wallace


    From what ive gathered messi prefered either the reduced weight or the more standard stud shape of the f30s as opposed to the f50 tunits. if it was the weight that problems fixed. if its the studs either he likes the triangles fine or hell make adidas do a nike and put a different sole plate on his. either way the f30s have the same studs and are presumably heavier (perry’s info is always right from what ive seen) so messi seems to be headed towards the f50 at last. unless he pulls a fast one and switches to adipures… or decides he like likes some orange with his purple and goes to nike lol

  21. says: Connor Wallace

    @perry groves

    the cheap ones tend to be the most durable if you can manage to keep the upper and sole glued together πŸ˜‰
    less expensive+light+durable= good? sounds like advanced soccer mom logic to me. almost looks the same too

  22. says: Pratyush Patodia

    sweet boots.especially love the chameleon purple colourway.and the pricing simply seals the deal.way to go adidas!

  23. says: MW

    They look identical to the American football and lacrosse ‘speed’ boots that Adidas were putting out about 3 years ago. No joke.

  24. says: Clayton

    Adidas was able to make these boots extremely light because the upper is the thinnest ever. Should be good for touch, but I can’t imagine shooting will feel too good and I have questions about durability.

  25. says: martin

    they look good, but the stud and sole look very cheap, somebody said that the puma SL is lighter, say number my friend i want to know =)

    i look the other thay a lotto leggenda boot that weight only 7 oz. and was k leather, that make me think why superfly 2 is soo “heavy”

  26. says: CT

    The problem with all the comments I’ve seen today about these boots is the problem with most of today’s footballing society: everybody cares about the superficial aspects of the game and forgets about performance. Who cares if they aren’t drop dead sexy like the Superfly II’s? I’ve seen these in person (the black/yellow versions) and they are pretty gorgeous (much better than in pics). Furthermore, what I’ve heard from people who purchased these early on Ebay is that these AdiZeros absolutely destroy the Superfly boots in terms of weight (obviously), comfort, and support. And in the end, that’s all that matters. The old adage is “don’t judge a book by it’s cover,” and that’s exactly my piece of advice to everybody hating on these boots right now. Just wait until you slip these on your feet (trust me, I’ll be the first in line to try them on come May 24th) and I know they won’t disappoint. Do you really think Messi, Villa, Defoe, etc. would wear these shoes if they weren’t filthy comfy? I don’t think so.


  27. says: ricardo7

    adizero’s suck, they look like fricken american football boots.
    Go Vapor IV,Vapor III, Vapor V. My boots, obsidian vapor V’s rock, but my old boots adipure I’s earned my respect.

  28. says: Cameron

    i heard some people say that messi may be switchin to a different boot if he doesnt like this but u have to take into account that he helped create these boots, so y would he create boots t6hat he doesnt like? if u see this video ull see wat i meen. you also have to think, messi likes using the same boot over and over again so y would he create boots that rip the first training session and for all u who think carbon fibre is the way to go then firstly, i was playin a match and during warm up i found a superfly stud on the ground and i though ” some poor old guy payed 300 or even more for this, wow!” and secondly if these were made with carbon fibre then the $ 200/ ÂŁ125 price tag u see will sky rocket up.

  29. says: raka gemma

    i thought nike mercurial vapor superfly II’s colorways is awesome..
    but messi’s f50 colorway looks awesome!!

  30. says: nikealwayswins

    They forgot to mention in this article that, like with every Adidas boot, it is going to fall apart with 5 weeks.

    Now that theres less boot, i would guess the AdiZero rips within 3 weeks tops

  31. says: FUZZY

    Wow, I think they have just ripped the Superfly to shreds!

    No stupid, meaningless tech, just a pure, lightweight, Like-its-not-there boot!

  32. says: Adipurity

    I like the weight, but what upsets me is the studs don’t look like they are reliable, and they heel of this boot is ways to high for my liking. I mean I’m a speed player but running in these would be so awkward and uncomfortable the weight would be pointless. I’m hoping for a F50.7 comeback.

  33. says: Dan3HitU

    These aren’t “the” lightest boot, they’re “joint” lightest.
    The Puma Ferrari v1.815 weighs 165g too.

  34. says: ryan

    these boots are sick! cant wait to have one… thanks adidas for a job well done.. the worlds lightest football boot… rawr….

  35. says: Luke93

    These are THE lightest at 160g durrrr lol and I think they look amazing and if the comfort is anything like the f50 tunits than I’m gonna have to invest in a pair of these because ima very fast player so these will suit me πŸ™‚

  36. says: Richard Madley

    These boots look brilliant at 160g i will tear up pitches im a very fast rw in football and these will only improve my game thanks adidas im getting a pair on release date

  37. says: Eddy192837

    dude i want to get these so bad. i am a very fast player running a mile in 5:20 or less and im 14. my speciality is sprinting and cutting sort of like messi so these for me would be amazing. cant wait to see how these feel or if they are good or not!!!!! can anyone tell me about comfort, touch and stuff like that?

  38. says: Chris

    if they only have one, really thin layer, wont they just break at the first bad tackle you have? i think they look really good but i want to know this before i buy them.

  39. says: Ben

    referring to nikealwayswins, thats a hell of a shout, i had 2 pair of preds-both fell apart in less than a season, 4 pairs of f50’s, which obviously all fell apart, current vapors (vapor IV) had since they came out, they are still going strong, and thats after a full season of 5’s on artificial turf

  40. says: money

    finally adidas has entered the light boot market and its exactly what i expected. NO bells and whistles that don’t do anything like the vapors. And a great price for a feather of a boot. I don’t know why everybody is complaining about durability, I had f50.8s and I’m a defender. I outgrew those boots, they didn’t even show a slightest signs of breaking apart. I am probably getting these unless i get the adipures which are also sick

  41. says: omar

    i held them in my hands and theyre as light as a pencil my the way the shoes run wide a bit so get a half size smaller than what you regularly wear

  42. says: chuyELDUQUEH

    that fast vs fast comercial thats my dream final argentina vs spain for the world cup
    and yeah this boots are pretty awesome looking imma get them later on in the year some newer models will come out

  43. says: Michel Shane keh

    I can’t believe the worlds lights boots are these which is only 165g. I’m gonna get the blue ones!!!!

  44. says: freddo

    how lightweight this are is incredible. i’ve just ordered my pair of the astroturf adizero f10’s! those too are extremely light and have great feel!!

  45. says: davidscotland

    ive just got mine and played a few games already and there very comfortable great boot just hope they dont rip as i have the sprint skin ones not the leather so heres hoping they are durable

  46. says: Jam

    Great boots for speed but the lack of protection is really poor. I got fouled the other day and the fact that the sprint skin is version is sooo thin I almost broke a metatarsal.

  47. says: footballer

    i got theese boots! i want to say that they are very reliable and light/ as i’m a very fast player they suited me perfectly/ i have scored 15 goals with it! adidas is the greatest company))

  48. says: west ham fan

    hi i just got these in the astroturf version what is that difference between F10 F30 AND F50 THESE ARE SICK BOOTS THOUGH

  49. says: James dexter

    I have got theses boots they are amazing good comfort and control and sick colour purple and green amazing boots but exspentsive ÂŁ124.99 ? πŸ™‚

  50. says: adizeros

    they look sick they weigh only 5.8oz’s and all the players are switching from nike to the adizeros they are quality im sooo getting them

  51. says: merhab

    this boot is pretty good but mercurial viper is mabuy better but i like nike tiempo like ronaldinho have πŸ™‚ you gyis u dont know anything about football

    1. says: Courtzz

      f50 are why better ronaldo i crap all he can do is do step over and not get no wear the only person who i like who wear vapours that i like are walcott and neymar messi is world best all day

  52. says: WOOHOO

    IMO the yellow ones are the sickest and even have a song to em Black and Yellow Black Stripes Yellow Paint ALL THE WAY

  53. says: Mary 55

    c est la meilleur paire de chaussure qui peiut exister au monde messi les a deja utiliser il pΔ‚Β©se absolument rien is impossible

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