One of our favourite things to do here on is to take a look at the more reasonably priced ‘sibling’ football boots that come out as part of a new range.

adidas F30 Football Boots

This time out, we’re taking a look at the younger brother of the adidas F50 adiZero, the adidas F30.

In terms of what this boot does the same as a standard adidas F50 adiZero, there’s actually surprisingly little outside of the main aesthetics. The overall shape of the boot and laces are the same as the fully-fledged adiZero – but that’s mostly where the similarities end.

adidas F30 Football Boots

For starters, the upper of these football boots is made from a high-density Poly-Urethane synthetic called SingMax, that’s heavier and less specialised than the revolutionary SprintSkin on it’s bigger brother, but adidas are confident that it still provides a great level of stability, comfort and, perhaps most importantly, touch on the ball.

The sole and chassis of the boot are also substituted for a slightly heavier alternative though adidas have done an exceptional job of retaining the best design queues from the adidas F50 adiZero.

adidas F30 Football Boots

Keeping the much-lauded triangular stud system and the ultra-sturdy mid-foot, adidas swap out the featherweight plastic from the F50’s for a slightly weightier substitute.

As for the big factor, the adidas F30’s weigh in at 255g, which is 90g more than the adidas F50 adiZero. Another factor to consider is that the F30’s are not available with a Leather upper like the F50.

adidas F30 Football Boots

The RRP for the F30 is set at £64.99, which is nearly half that of the adidas F50 adiZero. So tell us, do you own a pair of F30’s? Are these football boots worth the cash? Let us know in the comments!

ADIDAS F30 TRX, 8.2 out of 10 based on 63 ratings

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  1. says: Luke Brown

    Got a pair of F30 four days ago & i’m really impressed. Trained twice in them & no blisters so far. Yet to play a match in them. The F30 TRX Firm Ground studs are shorter than the F50 Firm Ground studs, though the grip is still good on the F30 (I would imagine that on wet conditions the difference will show). I have worn a F50 adizero before which made me fall in love with the boot, though the F30 is a little more comfy than the F50. Adidas well done i say.

  2. says: Ali

    I got the purple adizeros f30 and they were amazing! Actually more comfortable than any of the f50 i’ve worn who seem weak. I’ve honestly became a f30 fan because of Lionel Messi my hero as he started the whole “f30 trend” I really really love these shoes and love the fact that I get more than I want for half the price. I really recommend these boots!

  3. says: E@zy

    Hey guys, why don’t people either wait for post sales or save up a little more? I don’t thikn I can settle for second best even if it means I have to spend a bit more and wait a while.

  4. says: fido

    at E@zy

    well the F30 feels less flimsy as compared to the F50 but that’s just me. so i still wouldnt mind getting the F30 if it really did come in leather.

    also i guess some people dont really feel comfortable getting the best boot money can buy and yet their individual skills with the ball is far from what the boot can provide you =)

  5. says: seany

    ave got both f50 and f30 an i have to say i prefer the f30s alot more due the fact that i feel more protected in them than its older sibling exactly the same boot maybe differnt material but still same through out

  6. says: BR3

    I got these in a size8, I’m usually a size7 but my history with speed boots made me get a size bigger, they are pretty loose with only 1pair of socks on, so would they be a bit tighter with three or two pairs of socks on?

    and when i tighten the laces as far as I can, bits sort of poke out down the lacing.

    1. says: Giannkais_antonis

      i live in greece and i wanna  buy this shoes but i don’t  know where to buy it ….can you tell me  …or how  can i order them  pls ???????

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