Arsenal could be set to switch kit suppliers from Nike to Adidas as early as 2013, according to reports from Twitter.

adidas could become the new kit supplier to Arsenal as early as 2013-14

An adidas employee posted “#Adidas‬ to become the new kit supplier of ‪#Arsenal‬ Football Club as early as 2013/14. Partnership agreement is currently in the making.”, during the evening of July 10th, 2012, a move that would see the three stripes return to Arsenal for the first time since the 1993-94 season

Arsenal have long been rumoured to have been eyeing up more lucrative commercial deals, from both supplier and lead kit sponsors, and adidas – who have recently lost Liverpool to Warrior, but gained Sunderland from Umbro – would certainly fit the bill.

adidas made no secret that their deal with Liverpool was ended out of choice at their end, due in part to the club’s lack of league success and European exposure not making up for their hefty asking price, so a deal with Arsenal would certainly fit the bill thanks to their Champions League ever-presence.

The only party the deal wouldn’t make sense for is Nike. Despite deals with Manchester United and Aston Villa over the last term – and a new deal with current Champions Manchester City set to commence in 2013 – Arsenal have always been Nike’s ‘go-to’ club in the Premier League.

Arsenal players are always amongst the first to receive new Nike football boots for testing, and Nike have a hugely-successful campaign in place that uses their own brand to raise the profile of Arsenal, with events like last year’s 125th Anniversary celebrations being handled almost exclusively by Nike, thanks in part to their 20-year association with the North London club.

We’ve whipped up a quick mock-up of what we think an adidas Arsenal shirt might look like – what do you guys think?

Will you Gooners miss the tick, or welcome back the three stripes?

Let us know in the comments!


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  1. says: Redandwhite

    I’d rather stick with Nike. They fit better than Adidas on me and they tend to experiment more with colors and designs. Adidas has a very classic design element to all of the kits they produce but that can come off as safe and boring. I really think that Arsenal kits have always benefitted from the wild card that Nike can provide.

  2. says: Gunners4life

    Adidas makes far better kit then nike, if Arsenal really do make the switch I am buying the Home, away and alternative kit.. Arsenal are all in…!!!

  3. says: 3awad

    Nike for sure! The kit in the first image looks like a rugby kit. Adidas actually makes dull and simple designs while Nike goes far out to try new colours and designs.

  4. says: PapaSmurf

    Stick with Nike, they have maintained a steady image for Arsenal for the past years. Adidas, they’re good, but not Gooner good. People say Arsenal’s kits have been dull, but when Nike make radical kits like this years away and last years away, people criticize it. Personally, i love the jerseys Nike have made. #Gooner4Life

  5. I love Arsenal’s new away kits and for the most part have always liked the Nike kits. But I live in Vancouver and have an Adidas MLS jersey, they are the best fitting shirts I’ve ever worn. I think they should stick with Nike, but switching wouldnt be the end of the world.

  6. says: artsih

    Oh adidas yeah! Enough of that nike trying and failing. This years kits are especially awful, now the home one too… Adidas you are welcome! Arsenal are all in

  7. says: Slick like Pires

    R U kidding me, Nike looks like a sleepwear. The three stripes make the jersey sit well on the shoulders. I hate Chelsea but look at the design. Can you believe Arsenal’s Adidas winter jacket? oh shoot i’m drooling!

  8. says: Gunner4life

    if it happens then ill buy alot of men clothes from arsenal shop. i love adidas training jumper with hood, but it would be awesome with arsenal badge on it.

  9. I will miss the tick and I always thought of adidas kits being uglier simply because they have those stripes in every kit, but the design I’m seeing up there is really nice. Hope they minimize the use of the shoulder stripes and give the shirt the minimal character that suits Arsenal.

  10. says: Ashley

    Nice shirt design for Adidas but being a football club they would change it every year to a different one so it don’t matter too much. It also don’t matter too much as the extra cash would go into the Americans pocket instead of investing.

  11. says: Edward Perkins

    whoever is making the kits, let’s get a redcurrant one with white sleeves, or an all-black away kit, maybe with a little red trim.

    1. says: KyleFB

      Well, aside from the fact that this article is almost a year old and the Puma deal is still unconfirmed – you’d almost be close to being right.

      Catch up

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