The best thing about a new Predator release isn’t necessarily just the new Predator, as adidas have a history of delivering some great football boots in their sibling or ‘takedown’ ranges, too.

In this case, we’re looking at the new adidas adiPower Predator Absolion, and how it stacks up to the full adiPower!

adidas Predator Absolion adiPower

Starting with the upper, the first impressive feature is a full ‘ULT-K’ leather (calfskin) that blesses the' adidas adiPower Predator Absolion.

Whilst not as abrasion resistant as adidas’ Taurus leather on the full-blown adiPower, those expecting the' adidas adiPower Predator Absolion to be a compromise in the touch department will be pleasantly surprised!

Described by adidas as a serious alternative to K-Leather, the full-grain Calfskin leather on these football boots is soft and supple, with plenty of stretch for wider footed players.

adidas Predator Absolion adiPower

Another great feature of the' adidas adiPower Predator Absolion‘s upper is the lacing system, tongue and even the Predator element are the same as you would find on the adiPower!

Whilst previous Absolions compromise on the element, the' adidas adiPower Predator Absolion version uses the same dual-channel design of it’s bigger brother for control, power and swerve.

The biggest differences you’ll find to the full-price adiPower all come on the sole of the boot.

adidas Predator Absolion adiPower

Off the bat, the whole chassis is completely different. Whilst the adiPower is built on the same revolutionary SprintFrame as the adidas F50 adiZero, this version is more like that of the Predator_X.

Though, as this is a takedown model, there are some compromises. There’s no PowerSpine, no Poron-lined, contoured sockliner and no external heel counter on the' adidas adiPower Predator Absolion, making it easy to tell which version of the boot you’re looking at by the sole alone.

One thing the' adidas adiPower Predator Absolion range has been famous for is durability, and that continues here on the adiPower-based incarnation. As soon as you have a pair in your hands, you know that the Absolion is a solid boot that will give you at least a season of good service.

adidas Predator Absolion adiPower

As there’s no SprintFrame, you might expect that the' adidas adiPower Predator Absolion would be seriously jacked up in the weight stakes, however, this is just another pleasant surprise from adidas.

Weighing in at 289g/10.2 oz, the Absolion is a mere 50g heavier than the adiPower – and making them much lighter than many other full price football boots in the same category.

What do you think to the' adidas adiPower Predator Absolion?

At around £80/$109.99, is it worth your cash?

Let us know in the comments!


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  1. says: Gem

    Good to see a report on this. I’m more likely to be able to afford this, even though this is still a lot of cash. And to be honest, on a cold Sunday in winter, I won’t know if I have the proper adipower predator or this Absolion on anyway.

  2. says: Danilicius

    I’ve seen predator x absolion turf versions, does anyone know whether there will be adipower absolion turf version?

  3. says: Dale

    These boots are great. It took about a session and a half to break in but afterwards, one of the most comfortable boots I’ve worn, because of my wide foot.

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