We love 5-a-side here at, and as such we love to check out the best gear that goes with it – so whilst these aren’t strictly football boots, we’re hoping you’re going to love the new adidas adi5 astroturf trainers all the same!

adidas adi5. astroturf trainers

Continuing adidas’ adi5 range from it’s previous incarnation, the new adidas adi5 seems to follow adidas’ current trend of of skimming weight off just about everything, as these astroturf trainers look a little less bulky than the last adi5.

Weighing in at 295 grammes, the adidas adi5 might well be twice the weight of the new adiZero PRIME, but adidas have been sure to pack in as many features into their signature small-sided-game shoe as humanly possible.

adidas adi5. astroturf trainers

Dictated by the motto ‘Control. Don’t be Controlled’, the new adidas adi5 features a specially designed ‘Touch Compound’ that sits along the forefoot, increasing friction with the ball.

This allows the rest of the upper to remain breathable and flexible, leaving adidas to claim that the new adidas adi5 is the ultimate combination of Comfort and Functionality.

adidas adi5. astroturf trainers

adidas’ specially design XTRF sole is the main source of the adidas adi5‘s weight, but adidas claim it’s essential to the shoe’s durability – claiming that it’s every bit at home on tarmac and asphalt as it is on artificial grass.

adidas adi5. astroturf trainers

Staying on the soleplate, you might notice the ‘adiPrene’ logo on the heel – adidas say when playing football, the stress and impact of some moves can leave the heel area of the foot coping with forces equivalent to 8 times the wearers’s body weight – adiPrene in the heel makes sure that the new adidas adi5 helps distribute that force and keep the wearer as comfortable as possible.

adidas adi5. astroturf trainers

Whether you’re playing a game of 5’s on a weeknight after work or school, or quick calcetto in the summer sun, adidas say their synthetic/mesh combination upper is the perfect blend of materials for your game.

adidas adi5. astroturf trainers

Whilst the top of the foot is mostly mesh – allowing heat to escape as it rises of the foot – the newly-designed instep, toe and heel of the adidas adi5 is a lightweight synthetic, which ensures great surface-area contact with the ball when passing.

adidas adi5. astroturf trainers

Priced competitively at £40/$60, the new adidas adi5 is a serious competitor to Nike’s hugely impressive Nike5 range.

But tell us, what do you think of these astroturf shoes? Will you be picking up a pair?

Drop us a comment and tell us what you think!

NEW ADIDAS ADI5, 8.7 out of 10 based on 57 ratings

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  1. says: channo

    *ehm* first of all, i have to say that i’m quite impressed with where adidas are taking the adi5 with this range. they looked quite “technological” and more serious than previous adi5s -you know, where scientists do their thing at their lab, and then suddenly athletes got faster, stronger, and more accurate :p

    nike5 and their “the specialist” range has proven that if they give football-level attention to smaller side equipments, players will give more attention to their products.
    the elastico finale are simply genius move. the gimmicks on those are CTR360 maestri class.

    now let me spill what i don’t like…

    what is it with indoor football and mesh upper?? i hate mesh! they’re too light, they offer almost no protection whatsoever, and most importantly they’re too easy to get dirty and too hard to clean!!

    i mean, if mesh is that good of a material, then regular football should get mesh upper too -otherwise, we want leather!! k-leather!!!

    light and breathable my arse, beckham got climacool upper, why didn’t he got mesh?? just give us those climacool upper and we’ll be just fine :p

  2. says: MisterBroom12

    These don’t look to be football shoes to me. Also, I know a lot of brands piggy back each other’s ideas but come on adidas, at least name your stuff differently. Correct me if I’m wrong but the Nike5 range was coined before any of the adi5 line appeared. Also, new SL versions of adidas’ top boots are coming out after both Nike and Puma made SL boots (Pumas after Nike) Using the same concepts is fine, business is business and anyone who understands strategic management gets that, but at least name your stuff differently.

  3. says: zizou wannabe

    test them and let us know if we should buy these… I play a lot more on astroturf these days and altho the boots that keep coming out are awesome but I really dont need a new pair (my adipure II still work tho they are not the best adipures around)…

  4. says: Kate

    I love the original adi5s.Super comfortable and the touch compound is really quite sticky, unless it’s wet. If these are as good they’ll be great!

    Way more reasonably priced than Nike’s 5 range, and unlike the bomba finale, this sole can be worn on hardwood floors too.

  5. says: Clayton

    These look great for turf, but not so great for indoor. I’m always wary of raised grips on the bottom of indoor shoes. It never works well on hardwood courts.

  6. says: Adam


    nah, he is right. if you do an ebay search (i don’t know if i’m alloted to post links) for “adipure sl“, you can see some people selling the new adipures and they have “sl” on the stripes.

  7. says: CrazyDelta

    I would very much like a review of the Adizero F10+ (astro boots) to make a comparison with these. The Adizero F50 and F10s are incredibly different from one another. They cannot make the same “lightest boot” claim either. So a review of them would be nice together with a comparison with these new Adi5.

  8. says: kosmonauts

    I am huge fan of adidas boots, but as competitive futsal player can say that adidas boots does not hold candle to (hurts to say) Nike boots and Joma (which are top boots for indoor). Design wise adi5 are quite ugly as well.

  9. says: Nicoacademia

    nothing beats a leather surface – but appreciate the adiprene as i feel it helps absorb shock as well as helps toe off quicker.

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