adidas adiPure IV

Exactly one year after the launch of the adiPure III adidas are proud to announce the arrival of the adidas adiPure IV!

adiPure IV - adidas - football boots

Black/White/Scarlet – Launch Colourway for the adiPure IV

The new adiPure IV is a further refinement of the successful adiPure formula, keeping the traditional Leather upper and tried and tested design queues and combining them with the best new technologies.

The technology you can expect to hear the most about from the adidas camp is the fact that the adiPure IV is the lightest adiPure football boot yet.

Tipping the scales at 280g the adiPure IV isn’t going to be challenging the adiZero for the crown of'  adidas’ lightest football boots – but it is nearly 35g lighter than it’s predecessor, which is going to be a very inviting prospect for all you adiPure wearers.

If the adiPure IV is a bit ‘funny’ looking to you, we understand – there’s a few subtle design changes that you might not be able to put your finger on.

Firstly is the return to perfectly central lacing. The last time that this symmetrical design was used was on the original adiPure. This traditional design idea is sure to be a welcome addition to the boot when combined with the super-comfortable tongue.

adiPure IV - adidas - football boots

White/Black/Blue Splash – Alternative Launch Colourway for the adiPure IV

Then there’s the vamp at the toe-end of the boot. The adiPure IV has an enormous lacing area compared to most football boots. Adidas say that this gives the player total control over the fit, allowing the adiPure IV to really shape to a players foot, giving the boot the most sought after clich'© of all; the ‘glove like fit’.

Finally, if you think the adiPure IV looks ‘longer’ than usual, it’s because adidas have moved their signature 3 stripes further down the boot – this is to mimic the classic retro football boots aesthetic, where the branding was closer towards the toes. The result is a more elegant silhouette for this classy cleat.

adiPure IV - adidas - football boots

adidas’ adiPure range has been a huge success for the German brand, combining everything players love about heritage boots (materials, craftsmanship, design) with the best aspects of a modern pair of football boots (technology, ergonomics, protection). Designed for the player that demands the most from the modern game but without compromising touch, the adiPure IV is set to be the football boots of choice for Xavi Alonso, Frank Lampard, Kaká and Diego Milito.

The adiPure IV is due to hit stores on the 1st of January 2010 and is the latest adidas boot to suffer a price hike. While the adiPure III was priced at £100 for FG and £109.99 for SG, the adiPure IV will set you back a full £120 – following on from the Predator_X‘s jump to £150, we might want to prepare ourselves for a big jump in cost when the adiZero Prime eventually hits next year.

Let us know what you think of the latest adidas football boots with a comment below!

ADIPURE IV, 8.3 out of 10 based on 128 ratings

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  1. says: fido

    the stichings at the front gave it a new refreshing look.. though i was kinda hopeful they change the stud design to be more of the stud design. guess i didnt hope enough.

  2. says: Sir Prance Alot

    Nice heel detail and tongue design,

    Sole plate looks quite cheap when compared to the other boots at this price – cant see the value.

    Biggest turn off is the stitching in the forefoot, looks bulky and less tailored then the first AdiPure.

    Its a class boot but I’m not running to the checkout for a pair.

  3. says: preds7

    The boot actually looks very nice and classy!
    But I’m really dissapointed with the price, why ÂŁ120?!
    At least now adipures 3 are gonna get cheaper!

  4. says: MisterBroom12

    Looks like adidas let the laces run down too far and stitched the stripes too close to the toe. There is almost no leather there for ball feel which is the main selling point for the adiPure, classic leather boot. Will have to wait to try them on, which is when I’m hoping to also see if the heel has been raised to keep my foot more secure in the boot, a problem the IIs and IIIs had.

  5. says: iPodkiller

    Very sad, they could do so much more with the Adipure range, this is not beautiful anymore but disqusting.
    Loved the ||’s and | the most.

  6. says: CheekyMonkay!

    I like the white ones, something new from adidas in terms of the adipure 🙂

    although, i think there should have been a bit more of a gap between the last adipure III colourway release and the adipure IV release since buyers of newer colourways be be a bit ticked off to see a new model come out. at least now prices of older adipures will start to go down.

    ive noticed adidas have started to get a bit more adventureous with colourways on the adipure, i cant wait too see whats to come 🙂

  7. says: Dempsey_8_23

    I love heritage boots. So don’t think I’m some speed boot fanboy. But these look bulky and awkward. I don’t really like them. The II’s were the best, and from the looks of it, they won;t be topped.

  8. says: Rasheed

    Not liking the contrasting colour on the tongue. Not liking the new stitching around the toes. Not liking the stud configuration.

    After the glory of the adiPure IIs, I was disappointed with the IIIs, and this takes the boot down a little further.

  9. says: Clayton

    I’m pretty dissapointed in these all around. I really liked the adipure III’s and was really considering buying a pair at one point.

    The tongue looks nicer but the stitching doesn’t look as good. The stitching pattern on leather boots tends to affect the grip that the boot has on the ball. I think this is a downgrade from previous versions and certainly not as good in this department as the main competitor, the Tiempo Legends.

    Also, the price hike is completely unjustified. Granted these are lighter, but did the materials change that dramatically that they must now charge 20 quid more?

  10. says: bipo

    the stitching looks awkward, and its color looked like predators. i miss adipure II no tongue design.

    i think blackout adizeros look more classic than present adipures

  11. says: fido

    apologies.. i had a typo on my earlier post. what i meant was, i was kinda hoping the adipure IV would have adizero stud configuration =)

  12. says: J

    When did this site start having articles on rugby boots?

    Seriously though, i hope they look better in person or else i’m probably sticking with my Adipure IIs. I wanted to get the IIIs but i thought i’d just wait another year for the IVs, so now i’ll either stick with my trusty IIs or get IIIs…what do you guys think?

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